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Kitchen sink with Water Flow

I spend a considerable amount of my time multitasking. It is a continuous balancing act, as I go a million miles an hour in 10 different directions. There are days when I would give anything for 5 minutes -- just 5 minutes! -- of peace to collect my thoughts and catch my breath.

Well, I'm a homeowner, wife, mother, and I work full-time, so peaceful opportunities don't come along all that often. Thus, I have gotten good at finding those necessary 5 minutes of downtime somewhere in my crazy-busy days. I call them my "Moments of Zen."

For example, one of my favorite Moments of Zen comes when I'm washing dishes. Instead of considering it a chore, I savor the time it takes to wash the dishes because it provides me with the chance to get lost in thought without the distractions of my work, my husband, or my toddler. I bask in the single, repetitive action and I use the time to contemplate the rest of my day.

It works with other household tasks, too. Instead of rushing through folding laundry or cleaning the bathtub, I take my time, turn off my brain, and take advantage of the chance to think quietly. I have really come to value these little instances of pure concentration and complete focus. They truly help me get through my days.

Where do you find your moments of Zen?

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