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"It's too cold at your house," my mother said recently when I invited her over for dinner. We keep our heat at 66 degrees…is that too cold? I keep the thermostat low primarily to save money, but I also feel good about saving energy. What I do not feel good about is making people uncomfortable in my home. But then I remembered what my parents were wearing last time they visited. My father (from New Hampshire) was in short sleeves and my mom wore a lightweight top -- in January! If I wore short sleeves around the house I would be cold too, so no wonder! Still, my mom's comment made me think. I started to really notice the things we do in our house to compensate for the lower heat setting. We often wear double socks to keep feet warm, and sweatshirts and heavy pants are the norm. The beds are each draped with a couple of blankets. I don't think these things are extreme, just seasonally appropriate. Here's where I netted out: I am going to buy some extra sweatshirts and slippers to keep by the door for visitors. Do you turn the thermostat down in your house? photo: midnightcomm