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Mom Holding Sleeping Baby

Becoming a new mom can be as intimidating as it is exciting. As you start to settle in with your new baby, finding time to do little, everyday tasks can be a challenge – and more often than not, asking for help is just as hard. 

Want to help your new-mom or soon-to-be-mama friends?

  • Offer to run some errands: Leaving your house with a new baby in tow is hard. Whether you’re checking off a grocery list, picking up a meal or swinging by the pharmacy – any little bit helps.
  • Let her relax: Offering to babysit – even if it’s only during a quick nap or shower – can make all of the difference. Older siblings in the house? Offer to take them to a movie or to the park for the afternoon.
  • Bring a meal (to two!): Keeping the fridge and freezer stocked means less time worrying about cooking or running out for a meal. Our friends at Cabot Creamery share their top recipe picks for new moms
    • Apple-Cranberry Cheddar Muffins: These muffins are perfect for late night snacks while feeding baby or bleary-eyed early morning breakfasts when all mom feels like doing is opening up a box of homemade muffins.
    • Pumpkin Mac and Cheese: One of the important considerations to dropping off a meal to a new mom who is nursing is avoiding overly spicy dishes - but that doesn't mean bland! This dish has the comfort food appeal we all crave, with a new twist.
    • Green Bean, Cherry Tomato and Cheddar Salad: Many new moms find some of their favorite vegetables (like broccoli, cauliflower, peppers) don't agree with baby in the first days of nursing, but that doesn't mean she doesn't want a veggie with dinner. Pair this side dish with a rotisserie chicken and you've served an entire meal for the family to enjoy.
  • Be there to listen. Instead of offering advice (which she’s sure to be getting a lot of!), sit back and let her process her time as a new mother. Be in the moment and let her know that you not only hear her, but that you understand. Sometimes a little company is the best remedy.
  • Come over to help her clean: Let’s face it – when it comes to cleaning, we all can use some help around the house. Getting to things like laundry and dishes becomes that much harder when you have a little one taking up most of your time and energy. Give the gift of cleaning!
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