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Hand Cleaning Oven

Spring cleaning is officially in full swing! One area that should never be overlooked is the oven, but many people struggle with finding a way to remove the grease & food debris without reaching for a harsh cleaner. 

Here’s our step-by-step solution for a sparking-clean oven so you can check it off of your list:

  • Remove all metal trays in oven, put them in sink and spray them with our Seventh Generation All Purpose Cleaner 
  • Clean/sweep all of the crumbs or debris in the oven
  • Spray All Purpose Cleaner directly on a cloth and start cleaning from top, walls, bottom
  • Directly spray All Purpose Cleaner on burned spots left in oven; leave it there for 3 minutes
  • As you return to the burn spots, take a metal spatula or a razor blade and move it one direction to the other, lifting up the spot directly
  • Clean the inside of the glass door (you can directly spray All Purpose Cleaner on the door and use a sponge if needed!)
  • Don't forget to clean corners of oven! Use a spatula covered with microfiber towel 
  • Clean exterior of oven with All Purpose Cleaner applied to a microfiber towel, cleaning in a top to bottom motion
  • Return to the sink & wash the trays with a sponge or steel wool
  • Let the trays dry before returning to oven

Your oven will be clean and ready for roasting spring veggies in no time – and your nose will thank you! Happy spring cleaning!

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