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Our cleaning expert walks you through the steps for cleaning your oven.

  • Remove all metal trays in oven, put them in sink and spray with Seventh Generation All Purpose Cleaner
  • Clean/sweep all of the crumbs or debris in the oven
  • Don't spray All Purpose Cleaner in oven, spray on cloth
  • Start cleaning from top, walls, bottom
  • With the wet towel, clean from the inside out
  • Directly spray All Purpose Cleaner on burned spots left in oven; leave it there for 3 minutes
  • While spots are soaking, continue to clean grease spots in oven (circular motion with really wet towel with All Purpose Cleaner)
  • Return to burn spots, take a metal spatula or a razor blade and move it one direction to the other lifting up the spot directly
  • Clean the inside of the glass door (you can directly spray All Purpose Cleaner on the door )
  • If door continues to be dirty, you can use a razor or spatula when it's really wet
  • You can also scrub the door with a sponge if needed
  • Don't forget to clean corners of oven really well, use a spatula covered with microfiber
  • Clean exterior of oven with All Purpose Cleaner applied to microfiber, cleaning in a top to bottom motion
  • Return to the sink, wash the trays (All Purpose Cleaner should have removed 60% of food/dirt) wash with sponge or steel wool
  • Dry trays and return to oven
  • If you have a gas oven, make sure your cleaning efforts haven't blown out the pilot light

Ivette is a trainer at Women's Action to Gain Economic Security (WAGES), a non-profit organization helping low-income women in the San Francisco Bay Area establish cleaning service cooperatives that use environmentally-safe methods to protect everyone's health.

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