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Valentine Heart Cutouts

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Instead of heading to your local grocery store for a pack of cards and candy, add a personal touch with these simple, homemade crafts. Kids will love making them, and their classmates will love receiving them even more!

1. Friendship Bracelet Valentines 

Friendship bracelets are great gifts for any occasion! This version keeps it simple by using a basic braid and small card. Go crazy with color combinations and have your little one hand-sign them all for a personal touch.

2. Recycled Paper Valentine Hearts 

This handmade craft is perfect for putting scrap paper to use. With the help of a blender and window screen, old newspapers and leftover craft supplies get a new life in the form of adorable Valentine’s Day hearts.  
3. Heart-Shaped Crayons 

Broken pieces of crayons laying around? Repurpose them! Using a silicone mold, mix pieces of broken crayons together and bake until blended – around 15-20 minutes at 250 degrees. Attach your new heart-shaped crayons to a Valentine’s Day card using a hot glue gun. (This tutorial even includes card printouts!)

4. Valentines Noodle Necklace 

These adorable noodle necklaces are made with just a little paint, string and a whole lot of fun. Let your little ones paint and string the noodles together, add a Valentines Day note and you’re ready to go. 

5.  Wax Paper + Crayon Hearts

Another great way to use leftover crayon pieces – these translucent hearts are simple, yet stunning. While this craft tutorial suggests hanging them in front of a window – we think they’re too pretty to not share with friends and family! Write your Valentine’s Day message directly on them using a black Sharpie marker.

6. Watercolor Heart Garland

Keep kids busy while they create the watercolors needed for this project, or turn the art projects or paintings they've already done into these adorable heart garlands.

Sending love from our family to yours this Valentine’s Day!

Image credit: The Crafted Life

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