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Father and Daughter Playing

For many dads, the best gift isn't one that comes tied with a ribbon. It's the chance to spend some fun, TV-, video-game- and phone-free time with the kids. And one of the best ways to make that happen is with a project dads and kids can do together. The three projects here not only give dad a chance to act like a kids with his kids, they also create some great memories in the process.

Rocket-Propelled Toy Car

Made with LEGOS and propelled by a blown-up balloon, this project will bring out the kid in any dad. It’s super simply to make, just as fun to play with, and for those dads determined to find the lesson in everything, it also serves as a basic science lesson in rocket propulsion. You’ll find easy instructions here so you can gather the simple supplies ahead of time.  Make sure to get plenty of everything so dad and the kids can have some fun racing the tiny "jet-propelled" autos!

Upcycled Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

A walk in the woods to find "roofing" material on the ground, and one less bottle to take to the recycling center. View instructions and a supply list and you can create a DIY “kit” with everything Dad needs to create this charming birdfeeder with the kids.



For Dads for Love to Cook

Maybe Dad loves to cook, but he's never experienced the fun (and mayhem) of letting the kids get in on the experience. You can reduce the anxiety by presenting him with his very own pizza stone (a must for crispy crust) and this incredibly easy recipe. Have all the supplies ready beforehand and you could help make this the best Father’s Day ever!

How does your family celebrate Father’s Day?

Photo: Chroe Zoe

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