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Halloween Candy Bowl

Halloween – a night filled with excitement, costumes that range from cute to spooky, and a huge amount of candy. When your kids finish trick-or-treating and come home with an overflowing bag of sweets, how do you handle balancing their excitement with your desire to minimize their sugar intake? Consider a candy swap!

Offering to exchange your little one’s candy for something equally as special can help avoid the sugar overdose, while still keeping the thrill of trick-or-treating intact.

Swap candy with:

  • Small toys – Help your child understand why too much candy can be harmful, and offer to replace what they choose to give up with a new toy!
  • Books – Pick out a few new reads in exchange for handfuls of mini chocolate bars - with a special Halloween bedtime story to wind them down.
  • Stickers, crayons + craft supplies – Craft supplies and some imagination can create hours of fun. From coloring books to colored pencils, there’s always a new variety to explore.
  • Healthier treats – Not all Halloween treats have to be sugar-packed! If there’s a favorite snack in your household, offer to swap in place of sweets.

A Halloween swap isn’t about taking the joy out of the holiday – it’s about helping children understand the concept of moderation. A bucket of candy is much more fun to look at than it is to eat! And make sure to hide leftovers somewhere up high - out of sight, out of mind!

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