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I've always been good at doing laundry, but since becoming a mom, I've become a master. Notoriously adorable, babies are also notoriously messy. And my daughter is no exception. So I do a lot of laundry. A LOT of laundry. I knew from the start that I wanted to get her things as clean as possible while avoiding chemicals that might irritate her skin. So I've devised a method that is both baby- and eco-friendly. For starters, I opt for a detergent that is safe for infants and the environment. The one I use is biodegradable and doesn't include dyes, perfumes, phosphates, or optical brighteners: Seventh Generation 2X Concentrated Baby Laundry Liquid. Next, I launder her items separately from the rest of the household wash, and unless otherwise instructed by the label, I wash them in cold water. Often, it's recommended that you wash baby items in cold water anyway so that stains aren't cooked in, which is perfectly aligned with my energy-saving, use-cold-water-only strategy for laundry. After said cold washing, I line-dry everything (weather permitting) to save even more energy. An added bonus of line-drying: for whites, the natural bleaching power of sunshine can't be beat. And there you have it! Baby clothes, squeaky green. Your messy baby will thank you for your efforts. How? By producing more laundry. Do you have green laundry tips of your own to share? Please do! photo: jhecking

Family Photo Bomb!

RealMom is married to RealDad, a super-buff and handsome red-headed fella, and they have two super-cute and reasonable children, RealGirl (3.5) and RealBoy (1). They were all born and bred in – you guessed it – New Jersey.