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Eye Contact with Dad

The Peace Corps claims to offer “the toughest job you’ll ever love,” and they’ve been doing incredible work since they day they were founded. But we’d like to suggest that another job also that fits that description perfectly – parenthood. The hours are never-ending and the pay is non-existent, but oh the rewards!  We came across these parenting tips that are great reminders to slow down on we just had to share:

(1) Children need a minimum of 8 touches during a day to feel connected to a parent.

If they’re going through a particularly challenging time, it’s a minimum of 12 a day. This doesn’t have to be a big deal–it could be the straightening of a collar, a pat on the shoulder, or a simple hug.

(2) Each day, children need one meaningful eye-to-eye conversation with a parent.

It is especially important for babies to have that eye contact, but children of all ages need us to slow down and look them in the eyes.

(3) There are nine minutes during the day that can have the greatest impact on a child.

• the first 3 minutes right after they wake up
• the 3 minutes after they come home from school
• the last 3 three minutes of the day–before they go to bed.

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