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Fresh Vegetables on Kitchen Counter

When shopping, I love the thrill of discovering little orange clearance stickers or BOGO deals. Like the majority of us Everyday-Me's, I'm always on the hunt for ways to stretch my purchasing dollars. When I find good deals, (Organic toothpaste for $1.99? Grass-fed ground beef for $3.99 a pound?) I stock up for later. Sure, I may have had to find additional storage for my sale surplus, but it's been well worth it. In my heart, I'm a penny-pinching, coupon-clipping, budget-focused shopper and proud of it.

When I transitioned from a mainstream consumer to intentionally bringing home better-for-us products or healthier or organic food, I was concerned that I would have to cave to the looming assumption that everything was going to be more expensive.

But honestly, it's not in my nature to accept the status quo. I refuse to believe that I can't find great deals on the products and food I want to purchase. So I went on a shopping safari to see if could combine the best of both worlds. What I discovered, is that I could contribute to my family's bottom line not just with the push of a shopping cart, but also a shift in my mindset.

Because I know you are all probably wanting to make tacos now after watching the video, here is the Taco Seasoning recipe I use.

For additional ways to save on your organic or better-for-you purchases, make sure to check out the online links below. I frequently share these resources with my girlfriends and have used each of these sites to save money on my grocery bill.

  • Target's Cartwheel App:  Buy from Target's ever growing selection of reasonably priced own private line of organic food and always check your Cartwheel app.  Cartwheel deals even work in addition to coupons, in-store sales, and your REDcard discount. Leaving you doing a little jig as you push your cart out of the store!
  • Whole Foods:  The Whole Deal offers coupons and recipes, all with a budget-friendly focus, allowing you to justify eating in over eating out any day.
  • Whether you're going for the Greek Yogurt, Yo'baby or YoKids, sign up to receive coupons, discounts, recipes, and special offers.
  • Vitacost offers many different sales, BOGO deals, and free shipping on orders over $49. The best part is that you can go in with a friend (or just stock up), score free shipping, receive your items, and never have to leave your house!

If you enjoyed these money-saving gems, you need to check out my four tried-and-true tips on Eating Healthy while Traveling with Kids. Or, watch this ragtime oldy-but-goody video clip of my son, Kyle, as he demonstrates popping-corn-on-the-cob!

Your turn! How have you saved a dime here and there while still bringing home the better-for-you products? The more we show the world that this is what we want by voting with our pocketbook, the more companies provide us affordable and healthier choices. Comment and share this article and save on!

Author: Kristi Marsh

Kristi Marsh is the founder and force behind Choose Wiser and a passionate speaker. Born and raised as a mainstream Pacific Coast soul, she now advocates for women's eco-health while raising her children in New England. Kristi delivers bite size doable changes for Everyday-Me's, creating healthier homes and bodies one little change at a time.