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Seventh Generation_Climate Actions We Want to See

Just hours after being inaugurated last week, President Biden signed executive actions directing the US to rejoin the Paris climate accord, canceling the Keystone XL pipeline, and directing agencies to review and reverse more than 100 regressive environmental actions taken by the previous administration.  

At Seventh Generation, we welcome and celebrate these actions, and take them as an important signal that the new administration embraces the scientific consensus around the climate crisis, and the need for urgent and bold action.   

Even more so, we celebrate the decades of hard work, organizing, strategy, and heart from the climate justice movement, Indigenous communities, Black leaders, and other leaders of color at the forefront of the environmental justice movement.  Because of their work, President Biden was elected to office on the strongest climate platform in history. 

The work is far from over.  President Biden has before him the chance to be a Climate President – to step into the leadership required to ensure a just and sustainable future for this and future generations.   

We stand with the hundreds of organizations calling on President Biden to do everything in his power to meet the scale of the climate crisis and transform this country by investing in our communities and the planet.  Here are ten executive actions we want to see: 

  1. Declare a national climate emergency under the National Emergencies Act. 

  1. Keep fossil fuels in the ground. 

  1. Stop fossil fuel exports and infrastructure approvals. 

  1. Shift financial flows from fossil fuels to climate solutions. 

  1. Use the Clean Air Act to set a science- based national pollution cap for greenhouse pollutants. 

  1. Power the electricity sector with 100% clean and renewable energy by 2030 and promote energy democracy. 

  1. Launch a just transition to protect our communities, workers, and economy. 

  1. Advance Climate Justice: Direct federal agencies to assess and mitigate environmental harms to disproportionately impacted Indigenous Peoples, People and Communities of Color, and low-wealth communities. 

  1. Make polluters pay: Investigate and prosecute fossil fuel polluters for the damages they have caused. Commit to veto all legislation that grants legal immunity for polluters, undermines existing environmental laws, or advances false solutions. 

  1. Rejoin the Paris Agreement (done!) and lead with science-based commitments that ensure that the United States, as the world’s largest cumulative historical emitter, contributes its fair share and advances climate justice. 

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