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Image of person sitting on bench, waiting for bus, while reading book. Overlaid copy: For Climate, For Communities, For New York.

Support the Climate & Communities Investment Act (CCIA)

Across the state, New Yorkers are advocating for the Climate and Community Investment Act (CCIA)!

Passing the CCIA would raise $15 billion per year from corporate polluters and use it to create green jobs, invest in frontline communities, and build a renewable economy for New York State. 

New Yorkers can set an example of a just transition that the entire nation can follow. More than ever, we need to tell our elected officials what we need.

Seventh Generation supports the CCIA because we are committed to fighting for this and future generations. The CCIA will create a better New York for all.

Contact your representatives and state leadership today, and ask them to act for Climate, for Communities, for New York.  Tell them to #PassTheCCIA.

Graphic - 150,000 jobs over the next 10 years
35%+ NY State funds invested in disadvantaged communities
Graphic - 100% emissions free electricity by 2040
Person looks at the camera from a crowd of protesters - NYRenews and Seventh Generation Logo
Seventh Generation is proud to work with NY Renews

Seventh Generation is proud to work with NY Renews to build support for visionary, equitable policy for climate justice, safe communities, and a thriving economy for all New Yorkers. The force behind the nation’s most progressive climate law, NY Renews is a coalition of over 200 environmental, justice, faith, labor, and community groups.