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This is Your Pet. This is Pet on Pet Food…

Author: the Inkslinger

Dog and cat food is in the news. Bad gluten. Dead pets. Too many tainted brands to count. No doubt you’ve seen at least the headlines. Pet people and animal lovers are up in arms, but here’s the thing (and the dirty secret)… Contaminated ingredients or not, most if not all commercial mass-market pet food is utter crap. Even on a good production day, I’m firmly convinced that it’s just about the worst thing for our animal co-conspirators. You don’t want to know what it’s made from. And you sure don’t want to be feeding it to Fido. (Say… what exactly is in that “meat by-product” anyway?)

My recommendation? Make your own. Really. It’s easy. It’s cheap. It’s guaranteed safe and healthy. And pets love it. I have a 13-year old Australian shepard

who has eaten nothing but handmade chow for the last 12 years. And of all the dogs that I know that were born around the same time, she’s the only one left. Anecdotal, yes. But all the others didn’t die of happy old age. They went early. And cancer was just about the universal cause. My pup was the only one eating a homemade diet of human-grade food. She’s still spry as you could hope for. Evidence enough for me.

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