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Desk Dump

Author: the Inkslinger

Continuing the round-up of round-ups here. Clearing the table for the holidays, so to speak. Here’s what spilled onto my virtual desk when I upended my digital box of electronic news and related clippings.

I Am An Activist has a nice slide show from the October 23rd tribute to Anita Roddick. Not quite sure where this site is from or what it’s all about, but it’s got some worthwhile features in addition to the photos. It’s a nice tribute to Anita and, more importantly, it keeps her flame burning by helping us all continue her work on those causes she believed in so strongly.

Another interesting site recently stumbled upon is Playgreen, which purports to be a green wiki. The wiki thing can be a bit dangerous depending on how responsible it’s users choose (or not) to be, but in general I would have to say it’s a great idea that’s proving it’s worth. This wiki seeks to create the “biggest book on green living.” Opening that process to a nation of both formal and informal green experts could yield a powerful tool. Stay tuned…

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Farewell to a Friend


Anita Roddick, the crusading entrepreneur who used the Body Shop chain of cosmetics stores she founded to promote causes like ending animal testing and supporting the environment, died in Chichester, England, on Monday. She was 64. The cause was a brain hemorrhage, her family said.

–The New York Times, September 12, 2007

That sucks. Goodbye, Anita.

I remember sitting with her in San Francisco at the Co-Op America Green Festival, they were raising money to add a Chicago location to the event schedule. She jumped up and said, “I’ll contribute $10,000 if Jeffrey will.” What was I supposed to say?

Her passion new no bounds and she was willing to do what ever it took to support what she believed in. Twisting arms was always OK as long as it was in the pursuit of a greater good. Anita was a mentor, advisor, role model and source of great inspiration. Our shared beliefs created a bond that withstood the test of time. It was almost 20 years ago when I first visited her and Gordon at their home in England. When a nasty reporter named John Entine attacked her in the early 90s I helped organize her defense. The world will miss her, I will miss her. We need many more Anita Roddicks. Unfortunately they are far and few between.

With great love,


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