Tall Kitchen Trash Bags

Made with recycled content

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It Works

Our convenient drawstring or twist tie bags use repurposed plastic to help you keep trash in its place.

We Care

Recycled Kitchen Tall Trash Bags are made with 16% post-consumer recycled plastic and 39% repurposed industrial plastic to give you a more sustainable choice for your home and the planet.

  • More Sustainable Choice than trash bags from 100% virgin plastic
  • 55% Repurposed Plastic
  • Convenient Flap Tie or Drawstring

Trash Bags made from 16% post consumer recycled plastic
Tall Kitchen Bags with 39% repurposed industrial plastic
Trash Bags with a convenient drawstring closure
Trash bags with a flap tie closure

Did You Know?

If every household in the U.S. replaced just one package of 30 count trash bags made from virgin plastic with 55% repurposed ones, we could save: 920,000 cubic feet of landfill space, equal to 1,400 garbage trucks, and avoid 19,000 tons of air pollution!

55% recycled plastic (16% post-consumer, 39% pre-consumer)

Please recycle the box when empty.

learn more at how2recycle.info