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It Works

Our innovative PureFit™ design offers an enhanced fit, safely trapping fluid away from the skin to always keep you dry for reliable, leak-free protection and comfort.

We Care

PureFit™ pantiliners are processed without chlorine and are always free of frangrances and dyes, to give you just what you need without exposing sensitive skin to unnecessary chemicals.

  • Reliable Protection
  • Pantiliner whitened without chemicals containing chlorine

Pantiliners whitened without chemicals containing chlorine
Pantiliners free of dyes & fragrances
Pantiliners with enhanced, leak-free protection
Pantiliners with secure, no-slip adhesive

Our pantiliners are made of a combination of absorbent chlorine free wood pulp, polyolefins, adhesives, and a silicone-coated paper.

*Process chlorine free pantiliners. Peel strip whitened with chlorine containing chemicals.

Please read the box for usage instructions.

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