Organic Cotton Tampons - with applicator


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It Works

Peace-of-mind protection. Our tampons offer comfort and reliable protection with 100% organic cotton.

We Care

Our tampons are made with certified organic cotton, whitened without chemicals containing chlorine, and free of added fragrances and dyes.

  • Free of Fragrance & Dyes
  • Comfortable & Reliable
  • Whitened without Chlorine

Tampons whitened without chemicals containing chlorine

Tampons made with certified organic cotton

Tampons free of fragrance and dyes

Gynecologist tested Comfortable and reliable protection PureFitâ„¢

Did You Know?

Our tampons are made with certified organic cotton, which help keep petroleum-based pesticides out of the environment

Certified organic cotton (absorbent material, cover and string), water repellent wax (string), cotton (sewing thread), *Processing 100% totally chlorine free (hydrogen peroxide).

Please see package insert for usage instructions.

Please recycle the box when empty.

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