Organic Cotton Tampons


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  • 20 ct.
  • 20 ct.
Super Plus
  • 20 ct.

It Works

Peace-of-mind protection. Our no-applicator tampons offer comfort and reliable protection with 100% organic cotton.

We Care

Our tampons are made with certified organic cotton, whitened without chemicals containing chlorine, and free of added fragrances and dyes.

  • Free of Fragrance & Dyes
  • Comfortable & Reliable
  • Whitened without Chlorine

Tampons whitened without chemicals containing chlorine

Tampons made with certified organic cotton

Tampons free of fragrance and dyes

Gynecologist tested

Comfortable and reliable protection


Did You Know?

Our tampons are made with certified organic cotton, which helps keep petroleum-based pesticides out of the environment

Certified organic cotton (absorbent material and string), water repellent wax (string). *Processing 100% totally chlorine free (hydrogen peroxide).

Please see package insert for usage instructions.

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