Chlorine Free Bleach

Color-safe stain remover

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  • 64 oz. (1.89 L)
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It Works

No "bleachy" smell here! Our color-loving, chlorine-free formula treats fabrics gently while lifting tough stains.

We Care

Our biodegradable formula uses hydrogen peroxide—one of nature's best stain fightersto lift stains.

  • Safe for Colors
  • Lifts Tough Stains
  • No "bleachy" smell

Non Chlorine Bleach designed for standard and HE machines
Removes stains and whitens without chlorine
Non Chlorine Bleach that's safe for colors
VOC-free clothes stain removal

Did You Know?

You may use Liquid Laundry Detergent and Chlorine-free Bleach together as a pre-soak. You can also rub a bit of our detergent into the stain as a pre-soak. The hotter the water and the longer that the item soaks, the more bleaching action there will be.

Ingredients: Water, hydrogen peroxide (mineral-based active stain removal agent).

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In wash: Pour 3 oz. into washing machine as it fills with water, or use bleach dispenser. Add laundry and continue to wash clothes as usual with Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent.

To Pre-Treat Stains: Soak stained clothing for 30 minutes, using 1 oz. Chlorine Free Bleach per 2 gallons of water. Use pre-soak setting on washing machine if possible.


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This bottle is made from minimum 25% post-consumer recycled plastic (excluding colorant).

Please recycle this bottle when empty.

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