Chlorine Free Maxi Pads


Available in
  • 14 ct.
  • 24 ct.

It Works

Featuring a naturally absorbent material derived from wheat, these pads offer the protection you need for moderate-heavy flow. Contoured for a comfortable fit.

We Care

Free of fragrances and dyes and whitened without chemicals containing chlorine.

  • Feminine pad whitened without chemicals containing chlorine
  • Free of Dyes & Fragrances
  • Individually Wrapped

Feminine pads whitened without chemicals containing chlorine
Feminine protection free of dyes and fragrances
Protection with secure, no-slip adhesive
Contoured wings for best fit (overnight only)
Soft, cloth-like cover PureFit™

Did You Know?

By replacing conventional pads with our process chlorine-free pads, you can help prevent chlorinated hydrocarbons from polluting our waterways.

Ingredients: Our pads are made of a combination of absorbent materials, polyolefins, adhesives, and a silicone-coated paper. The top layer is a non-woven polyolefin cover sheet. The absorbent materials consist of chlorine free wood pulp, and Lysorb, an absorbent gel. Lysorb, also known as SNAP (super absorbent natural polymer), is a polysaccharide derived from wheat. Polysaccharides are complex sugars found in many natural substances, like the fibers of cotton, wood, and wheat. The removable peel strip is whitened with a chlorine-containing substance.

How to recycle plastic wrap packaging from Seventh Generation maxi pads

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