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Seventh Generation Laundry Challenge

Author: lwoodburne

Did you know...roughly 35 billion loads of laundry are washed each year in the United States, with 90% of the energy used going toward heating the water? Earlier this summer, Seventh Generation challenged moms across the country to wash their laundry in cold water with Seventh Generation laundry detergent and line dry for 30 days. The moms were given Seventh Generation laundry detergent, portable line dryers, clothes pins, jute hampers and Flip cameras to record their experience. Watch the video to hear what they had to say. Interested in giving the laundry challenge a try? Seventh Generation is asking you to take a seven-day challenge:

According to a Seventh Generation laundry survey, currently one third (27%) of people never line dry and only 22% currently wash all of their clothes in cold water.


viusa8 picture
I have always felt that washing certain items in hot water made them cleaner; however, I am willing to try washing my laundry in cold water using 7th Generation Laundry Detergent. I live in a very small one-bedroom apartment so line drying will not be possible, but when feasible I do enjoy hanging my laundry outside to dry. Peace & Blessings!
Brenda Sinder picture
Brenda Sinder
Nothing makes doing laundry more relaxing than hanging them outside. It was the best thing I ever bought.
tinaking61 picture
I love using environmentally friendly products like Seventh Generation. We recently moved into a house with a yard and one of the first things we did was put up a clothesline. I use it almost every day. I LOVE it! Now I wonder what I'll do in the winter??? I haven't gotten in the habit of using cold water, but, having read this article and watching the video, I will certainly get in the habit. Thanks everyone who's trying to keep this earth a better place for our children and the Seventh Generation.
ongmingh picture
with the non toxic laundry detergent and softener i use, i can hang dry all my laundry inside my home, so no problem with pollens outside or leaves or dust or HOA or even rain. Just find a spot with good sun and windows and leave it a day or 2.
jens0619 picture
I have been using cold water for all my loads of laundry for years. I have also been exclusively line-drying clothes also. We don't have a dryer so the reason for doing it is mainly out of necessity. However, I am now in the habit of line-drying and will continue to do so now and in the future. I find the act of line-drying somewhat relaxing, especially when I am hanging clothes outside!
Danielmaynard picture
I just recently started recycling, composting, and looking into environmentally safer products. It never even occurred to me to wash cold. My allergies are too sever to line dry, and frankly, I don't have the time for it, but I definitely will try seventh gen products and use cold water from now on!
Rita Hartman picture
Rita Hartman
My husband is alergic to the pollins in his clothes when line drying, so I had to give that up years ago. I will switch to cold water washing.
Hannah Naito picture
Hannah Naito
We always wash in cold water.
seventhgenfan123 picture
I always wash clothes in cold water, and line dry many items.