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Seventh Generation Honored as "Leader of Change"

Author: Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is humbled to be named a 2011 Leader for Change by the United Nations and the Foundation for Social Change. The award was accepted by our CEO, John Replogle, at a special presentation at the U.N. Global Conference for Social Change in New York City.

"Seventh Generation has received an incredible number of honors in our 23-year history, but I'm not sure that we've ever received one as meaningful as this," said John. "It's a tremendous acknowledgement of the progress we've been making to pursue our company's purpose to have an impact beyond profit."

How do you lead change in your house, community, world? Tell us, and earn a few more points in our Rewards program (you must be registered and logged in to earn points).


Zarabella79 picture
You have restored my faith in the abilty to clean everything in my house wothout having to use harsh chemicals that will endanger my family!!
ginger thompson picture
ginger thompson
Started using a year ago. Telling all my friends.
mojinch picture
Love the product ingredient disclosure. Hurray for you
judytufts picture
As I approach my late 40's I am more and more concerned over the safety of my products and how that affects my children and my grandchildren. I love your products for the comfort they give my family and protecting the future of our Earth.
delano11 picture
I love the products and there safe for the enviroment and for my whole family.I use the laundry soap because my son and husband has a skin condition and they are able to use this laundry soap and They all love just Like I do.
marta_ina picture
I moved few years ago here in the States, the Us regulation is very different from the European one, I was looking at the laundry detergent... they all have chemicals that were forbidden years ago in Europe. Products clean and disinfect and are full of chemicals... not good ones the bad ones... that are dangerous for the hearth and also for ourselves. After reading and reading and reading again I started understanding how your company works and looks like you are one of the best choice consumers have. For this reason starting from today I m trying your products... for now I bought the laundry detergent...I m about to use it and I hope in a good experience. And then I m gonna try all your other products.
rfriedman19 picture
Now that I have a child I am concerned even more about what he is exposed to. That's why I try to use products in the house that are good for the environment!
allisonandjulio picture
We try to clip coupons giving us free items at the super market that we donate to our local food pantry.
JessZ picture
I've been gradually switching from standard practices and products to more healthy and environmentally sound ones. I got on the wagon in high school (2003) with recycling at home in an area where curbside recycling pick-up wasn't offered. I continue to do so, and am glad to see Seventh Generation uses recycled plastic in their bottles, as well as concentrating their formulas so less packaging is bought less often for the same amount of cleaning. I wonder if Seventh Generation is going to concentrate their formula even more, from 2X concentrated, to say, 4X concentrated. I have wondered for awhile, why don't companies, especially environmentally conscientious ones, have customers bring their empty bottles back to the store, like laundry detergent bottle, to be turned in and reused by the company. Isn't straight reuse less wasteful then the recycling process for plastics?
1Cor10-26 picture
Thank you for creating safe produts for us and our environment! I suffer with allergic rhinitis, and migraine headaches and petrochemicals/fragrances are the great triggers for misery. What a Godsend to find your products! Please continue to press forward toward the goal.THANK YOU!
anlandon picture
Seventh Generation has given me hope knowing there is a growing influence trying to better the future for my child.
mrspatrick11111 picture
By buying US made products and lots of other little things :)
Laurr24 picture
I'm thankful for a company that actually has my child's best interests in mind!
Greenietwoshoes picture
I completely agree with what was said and hope that in the future other companies will see the benefits and grow a conscience as well.
Kristen Villers picture
Kristen Villers
I agree with marieh! Give me a shirt and I would also wear it! I started to use your products when I researched diapers while I was pregnant. I found that most diapers had the same toxins in them as tampons (the same chemicals that cause TSS). I learned that the chemicals were what could easily cause diaper rash and many other skin irritations. Reading up on you diapers and wipes was quite a relief knowing that there was a company that truly cared about the babies of this generation and eliminating the terrible toxins that are truly not needed on my childs skin. Thank you for all you do to make a good safe product!
pattinicholas picture
It doesn't take much effort on an individual's part to accomplish huge results. I often drive my friends and family crazy with insisting that everything is done in the greenest way possible and I own my own cleaning business and only use safe, green products. I also insist that my clients all recycle and if they don't have curbside pick-up I take it and recycle for them. I really wish that more people knew about your products and I'm sure that if they understood the dangers of what they are now using they would switch to safe products without hesitation.
Toomuch4u122 picture
I love your products and absolutely hope more people seek out information about what is in the products they buy!!
chaumania picture
keep it up!
jimmylee312 picture
We really appreciate that you list all of your ingredients and there are no secrets on your laundry detergent. This became very important to me while pregnant.
hegburbs picture
Great Job! Thank you so much for caring about consumers. We need more companies like you!
marieh picture
I don't quite know how I stumbled upon the topic of dioxins, but I did. 5 internet searches, like a thought process with an ah-ha moment discovered that bleaching toilet paper is bad so I ended up buying cloth wipes( sorry tmi) Then thought..hey what am I washing with? I've got chlorine bleach in my washroom. What am I contributing to? I don't want to sound pretentious but I don't think people have enough time to sit around and surf the internet reading PDF's from the EPA and other reporting agencies. I had no idea how bad my Finish tabs were or my Clorox was or any of the other A company items. I post on my Facebook page what I like and promote, but I think that might not be enough. What if there were large billboards that had facts about dioxins? Showed literally a picture of bleach being put in the wash, a bug, a cow and then us and then the Seventh Generation leaf? Where are your commercials? Does the government regulate what you can report and say? Don't mean to be rude, -Is it money that makes your product "seem" not as marketed and quiet? Would you give me a shirt(like the billboard idea), bumper sticker, coupons for my neighbors? I'd wear it, stick it and give 'em away? Concerned and cares, Marie Hoffman Rockaway NJ
ademir1 picture
always good to know you are doing better and as well leading by example