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Seventh Generation Honored as "Leader of Change"

Author: Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is humbled to be named a 2011 Leader for Change by the United Nations and the Foundation for Social Change. The award was accepted by our CEO, John Replogle, at a special presentation at the U.N. Global Conference for Social Change in New York City.

"Seventh Generation has received an incredible number of honors in our 23-year history, but I'm not sure that we've ever received one as meaningful as this," said John. "It's a tremendous acknowledgement of the progress we've been making to pursue our company's purpose to have an impact beyond profit."

How do you lead change in your house, community, world? Tell us, and earn a few more points in our Rewards program (you must be registered and logged in to earn points).


Oceanace picture
I recycle, make compost, grow a vegetable garden, teach my kids how we can make a difference for the planet, send emails to politicians on green issues and try to buy organic or earth friendly as much as I can.
sjmb picture
Ten years ago my hubby and I decided to maintain a chemical-free household: everything from dish detergent to makeup, and Seventh Generation's been a HUGE part of that. Our daughter was born at home- creating a "smaller footprint" (no pun intended) through the miracle of life is pretty amazing. We love Sev Gen diapers! We recycle and reuse, and try to keep plastic use to a minimum. We have a spring/summer veggie and herb garden, etc. etc. We're trying to make a difference in our wonderful neighborhood and loving it! :)
queenmumh picture
I teach my toddlers about recycling, reusing, and water conservation. I purchase earth conscious products and local organic produce.
925jdub picture
As a mother of an infant, I want to do everything possible to make her life better. I am transitioning into a chemical-free life. I use 7th generation products, and that's a big step in the right direction for our family.
2011coloradoqt picture
At home, we recycle cans and plastic bags. For the community, we collect used items and give to the local zoos and animal shelters. We recyle all cell phones and eyeglasses to help out also.
Stephraff picture
We reuse as many packaging items as possible (plastic ziploc bags, plastic containers, etc) and try to reduce where possible. At Christmas time, my church actually reuses the 2 Liter soda bottles to make luminaries for our Nativity Drive Through. I also work for a company that is very concerned about the environment and makes recycling very easy for all employees. My company actually recently won an award for being so "green". Seventh Generation is truly an inspiration!
rideondebi picture
we have had a chemical free home for over a decade, recycle, do not purchase unless needed, live in a bus to leave a smaller footprint, make gifts, buy organic. :)
frugalgreenie picture
We either purchase or make our cleaning supplies. We use cloth diapers for our 12 month old.
jnxblu3 picture
I recycle all products. I eat organic foods and buy more green products to help maintain a healthy environment and household for my family. I always buy seventh generation diapers and wipes no matter it very expensive or not. it is very important to the earth and give back us keep live there. please tell people wake up and change to seventh generation or earth friendly product than other product.
aimee.corlissa picture
Small steps can bring about big change. In our family we do small simple things like recycle, grow a garden, compost, and make informed choices about the products we bring into our home. I believe this has an influence on our family and friends around us, hopefully encouraging them to make some of these changes as well.
malo8935 picture
I recycle as many things as I can. I love going to antique stores instead of buying brand new items.
123lucy picture
Like jecoffey, I try to be really deliberate about just buying less stuff. And I try to repurpose things as toys for my toddler. He loves the cardboard box I brought home yesterday!
organicmamadonna picture
I recycle, eat only organic and local foods, use natural cleaning products like Seventh Generation!
taffbabers picture
I recycle all products, I eat organic foods and buy more green products to help maintain a healthly environment and household for my family.
ashley_wenderott picture
I eat all organic produce, and only buy food free of artificial flavors and colors. picture
I live in a household that recycles every week. We always try to put plastics in the recycling. I love recycling because I feel as if I am helping the environment
A holistic healthcare facility, we feel it is imperative that we add eco-friendly products to our clinic. Little by little when we reorder the necessities, we change over to those products that leave less carbon imprint.
alxsss picture
we recycle, we dont use paper towels to clean- we use reusable rags, and we use seventh generation products
merchant ship picture
merchant ship
Our family has recently learned about different forms of recycling and we no longer single-stream recycle, but sort our recyclables & now compost :)
kristahunt55 picture
I try to teach my kids the importance of recycling. We reuse items and try to cut down on packaging.
emjaynes picture
We do our part by recycling paper and plastics; we try to conserve water by placing bricks in our toilet tanks and installed special shower sets and we use organic and local produce.
VegMomNetowrk picture
We eat a vegetarian diet in our house (5 people). We purchase almost exclusively organic products. We purchase only natural cleaning products like Seventh Generation. I blog and tweet about vegetarian eating and other ways we can make small changes to keep ourselves educated about our affect on the world. Thank you for the changes you stimulate. @VegMomNetwork
oldcrowe06 picture
We have started using your products for a more efficient environment. We wash our laundry in cold water and we recycle as much as we can for our area!
peaceablepie picture
I cook tasty local, sustainable vegan for friends and share my recipes.
Scoutz picture
I started to recycle and got my husband involved - we started to recycle so much (it's amazing) we had to order a 2nd recycle trash can - now our recycle out does the garbage 2 to 1.
hotguy46 picture
At our house, we have bricks in our toilet bowls to reduce water consumption. Our toilet still flushes and we use a lot less water
kellerrae picture
I do my best to make conscious decisions about products I buy; reusing and recycling; buying 2nd hand; cloth diapers with my little one, etc. There's always more to do and improve upon!
C_lynne picture
My son use to make fun of me for all my recycling... :) I catch him doing the same now !!! :D
blaubeere picture
We like all the natural products. Thanks!
kyraluzia picture
We love 7th Generation! We use your dish and laundry soap all the time. We also recycle everything, and I am trying to be better about not forgetting my reuseable bags at home. Thanks for a great product!
ashley89 picture
We use all natural products as far as our cleaning and body care as concerned. We also recycle everything we possibly can and we've started using re-usable bags with us shopping. We will continue to do these things as well as look for new ways to do our part.
riquell picture
I have started teaching my daughter about recycling (she is 5 now) we have always recycled but now she is really understanding it. I took her on a trip to the local Alter company when we were selling a load of scrap iron from our farm. She thought it was the neatest place in the world. We ended up staying there an extra hour just so she could watch all the goings on. And every spring and fall we pick up the ditches by my parents farm. She gets so mad when she sees all the trash after the snow melts/or grass dies down. Last fall she said she hopes she finds someone's mail so she can go to their house and put them in time out and tell them how yucky and mean it is to be a litter bug and how it is bad for everyone. I was fortunate to grow up on a farm where everything got used till it was falling apart then if it had zero for a purpose it was disposed of. Machinery (scrapped) buildings (taken down and anything good used somewhere else) my parents believed anything and everything can be reused and that is what I am passing on to my daughter.
kgordon004 picture
My family and friends are awesome! We keep each other inspired by sharing our knowledge that we learn and encourage each other by making those changes in our daily lives. We are striving to be an eco-friendly family by making changes one step at a time and encouraging others to be conscious to the choices they make.
monicamelnick picture
We recycle most of everything we can to limit our garbage. For a family of 5 we can go about 3 weeks without putting our can on the curb. We are working towards going a month!!
kremme picture
Our family loves Seventh Generation. We buy as much of our food locally and we tell everyone we know why it is important to recycle, be wise consumers and what an impact one small change like buying Seventh Generation products can have on our environment and our lives!
jkalnaus picture
We do try to recycle, though I wish it would be encouraged by the government (like in Germany) to do so. 7th Generation Laundry detergent is great
DSexton33 picture
I am leading change in my community by fostering community support for and designing a bike route in my town.
erinwsg picture
Love the fact that your products are available at this mass merchandiser - the more people see these products the better! Especially when people can compare the prices and find it is so easy and painless to make the right choices.
pamwakeford picture
we love your product
adamsai picture
As an environmentally conscious vegan, I appreciate 7 generation's clear labeling - makes buying their products so much easier!
akgymnast picture
I'm lucky to live in a community with curbside recycling and composting. We also have a garden, chickens, and get most produce at the farmers market. This is all easy and common sense to me. I teach high school chemistry and we do a unit around environmental topics, education is key moving our youth forward.
Starting using Seventh Generation products last year - and haven't looked back. Wonderful products!
lmling picture
I always take reusable grocery bags when shopping, or refuse the plastic bag offered when only buying a few items. We are now fortunate that our community recycling program accepts all 7 numbered plastics and I remind my family members to recycle all items.
beckyclough65 picture
I purchase only plant based organic cleaning products and am always shopping for post consumer made products.
GrandmaIrene picture
I own a residential cleaning company. I made the switch from poisonous traditional cleaners to eco-friendly green products. In addition, I switched out paper towels for reusable cloths. I also add tips and tricks for greening up a household in my monthly newspaper. My clients love the new ideas and I love helping people make healthy, earth-conscious decisions!
Jessicaminbiole picture
My children take reusable sandwich bags to school. Our trash hauler uses single stream recycling. We have a large garden, compost our food waste, and have chickens! And of course we use 7th generation products in our home. I believe the little things we do can add up and make a big impact.
maryann thornton picture
maryann thornton
I buy only eco friendly, plant based cleaning products for my family; 80-90% of the foods we buy are organic foods;we buy locally when organic is not feasible; we limit the use of paper products we use each day; recycle everything we can, and try to influence others to do their part to make our world a healthier place to live.
mcgeoninja picture
I started by eliminating paper products and plastic bags wherever I could. I bring my own shopping bags and produce bags to the grocery store. I have completely stopped using paper napkins and paper towels - we use cloth napkins and we use old tshirts for cleaning. I make most of my own cleaning products, but for laundry soap, dish soap and dishwasher soap, I use products like Seventh Generation. We recycle all plastics, paper and metal - even though we have to drive our recycling to a center ourselves. We don't have access to glass recycling, so I reuse as many glass containers as I can. I use glass storage containers, such as canning jars and Pyrex containers and reused food jars. Finally, I wrap gifts using shopping bags, fabric remnants or second hand tablecloths and napkins.
nhatcher01 picture
Love the products! Looking forward to trying more.
kinyo picture
thankfully my garbage company does recycling too. when we first moved here they didn't, but they don't take eveything. they don't take glass and butter and yogurt continers so i collect them and take them to the recycling center myself.