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Seventh Generation Honored as "Leader of Change"

Author: Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is humbled to be named a 2011 Leader for Change by the United Nations and the Foundation for Social Change. The award was accepted by our CEO, John Replogle, at a special presentation at the U.N. Global Conference for Social Change in New York City.

"Seventh Generation has received an incredible number of honors in our 23-year history, but I'm not sure that we've ever received one as meaningful as this," said John. "It's a tremendous acknowledgement of the progress we've been making to pursue our company's purpose to have an impact beyond profit."

How do you lead change in your house, community, world? Tell us, and earn a few more points in our Rewards program (you must be registered and logged in to earn points).


crrunch picture
It's amazing how much one can recycle every week. 25 years ago, we'd have 3-4 bags of garbage a week. Now it's less than one. The village, one day a month, has a facility to recycle electronics, batteries, and the like. We use vinegar and baking soda for most cleaning. I'm feelin' pretty good about the whole thing :o)
Gwen Burnell picture
Gwen Burnell
Over the years we have been edcated and we have made changes in all areas. We live as chemical free as possible, we got rid of all plastics in the kitchen and microwave due to the toxic transfer of petroleum products into the food. No more parabens in our skin care products, no perfumes. Cleaning with all your products are so easy today as they are so affordable along with vinegar, baking soda and water. We recycle everything! When I learned that baby diapers had chlorine in them I was dumbfounded but was thrille to see how free of rashes a baby will have when they use your diapers. We have no control over so many things according to where we live but there are soooo many we can do. These changes compound and they lower your risk for illness and the pay off is a healthy and happy life!
shorestar picture
Very Informative!
dechava1 picture
I take the lead in having coworkers recycle things like pens, plastic packaging, cardboard boxes, paper products and more.
Bissa picture
We recycle as much as we can, and avoid buying products we can't recycle as much as possible. We also avoid using things that can't be reused. No plastic sandwich bags for us! We use glass Tupperware, it lasts a lot longer! We are also very careful with water consumption.
mamajill picture
I have always involved the boys in recycling. Their school recycles everything including the food scraps. We go to the recycling center together as well.
smm429 picture
I try to recycle everything that I can. From used Print Cartridges to metal cans, and so on.
misty323 picture
I go green as much as possible and buy organic.
I was raised in a household back in the 60's & 70's that recycled before all the media hype and such. I've continued on that journey and so have my children (3 adult & 1 still home). We clean with lots of baking soda and vinegar. We check labels and do our best to used recycled materials as well as biodegradable ones. We conserve water and electricity and keep all electronics plugged into power strips that are shut down when not in use. My water company told me recently that for a family of 2, my son and I use about 2/3 LESS water than the average 2 person household!! We keep the heat at 66 during the winter and the a/c at 76. We prefer the scent of "fresh air" and bring nature scents indoors such as fresh flowers and pine cones as well as burning natural beeswax candles. I encourage my friends to think "green" before they purchase and encourage recycling and energy conservation. I also have had all old electronics recycled through BestBuy, they make sure electronics are not "dumped" but rather rebuilt and donated or recyled responsibly.
bratcat05 picture
i use everything in green. saving and helping is better then wasting.
Jensovo picture
I think just becoming aware of what you are doing is a great first step. I've been challenging myself to find better ways to do things and to utilize more of what I already have. And I think it can snowball from there.
kaymay picture
We garden and have a water filter. So no plastic bottles here :)
tinyant picture
We recycle everything at work: paper, soda cans, soda can tabs, printer cartridges. There is a lights off patrol after work, whoever is last turns off all lights. At home, we have been buying, including Seventh Generation. Planted a veggie and herb garden. Recycle plastic, paper, batteries. Reuse glass jars, plastic bottles, even some sink water to water the garden.
aprilstar76 picture
We have changed to buying all organic, growing an organic garden and have joined the local coop. We also do our best to support earth conscious companies such as SG.
Eliza Engle picture
Eliza Engle
We have an organic garden, are memeber of a local CSA, shop at the local farmer's market, and at a local organic store. We eat mainly a plant based diet and when we do eat meat is it mainly bison or venison. We recycle everything and we have led the recycling efforts at our places of work. We use green cleaning products (yeah! 7G - thanks for making it easy!!). My son has an organic mattress and I try and buy used clothing and used toys!! We painted our house with zero V.O.C. paint and added an environmentally friendly insulation to our roof when it was replaced to save energy. Love the earth, respect it and take care of it!!
rebeccadidelot picture
We started with Seventh generation products 6 years ago when our oldest son kept getting diaper rash. You helped our child not need steroid medication for his skin, thank you! And now we use your products all over our house. And, we started our youngest son on your diapers-and he never got diaper rash!
Nilda Gallagher picture
Nilda Gallagher
I use only natural products and eat organic foods.
bubbagrub picture
We recycle everything we can at our house & have our children help so they are in the habit & continue to recycle on their own as they grow up. We also bring our own reusable shopping bags whenever possible to the stores & bring our plastic bags back to stores for them to recycle.
Danesmom2011 picture
We recycle as much as possible, and going to use seventh generation
Danesmom2011 picture
We rcycle as much as possible
alightshow picture
America needs ALOT of change, but one area we can all help in is the recycling and learning more about what we can do as individuals and communities to help out.
emilydenic picture
We are a full-time cloth diapering family. This means cloth diapers, wipes and reusable diaper pail liners. By the time my daughter is two years old, we will have spared our local landfills more than one ton in diaper related waste. We also try to limit our water and energy usage by doing only one load of laundry each day and then line drying. And of course we use Seventh Generation Free & Clear Detergent all of our baby's clothes, diapers and accessories.
kkroyse picture
Within the last few months, I became aware of many different things in regards to the health of our family and the planet. Learning about one thing opened up a can of worms so to speak from GMO's, to cruelty factory farming to the impact that this is causing our planet. We have converted our household into vegan, now we are recycling, eating all organic fruits and veggies, using glass storage containers, using all natural products (shampoo, conditioners, lotions, soap and 7th generation products). It's been quite overwhelming, but I feel better about doing my part. I just wish I had learned and contributed years ago. But better late than never!
terri5 picture
We use only green cleaning products which are mostly 7th Generation. Also consume mostly organic foods and practice conscious consumerism.
babywattson1 picture
I compost almost all organic material and use it for my vegetable garden. I also use green cleaning products
jhoggard22 picture
Try to make a great effort to use only green cleaning products.
nsveale picture
we live as green as possible.
dee1414 picture
We just got on board with recycling. I never really thought I Would have time or patience to recycle, but I read how and we now have a compost pile we use for gardening, and we have three separate bins on trash night papers, plastics, and cans so we are trying to do our part. and the kids love to help.
LW88 picture
We recycle everything possible from yard debris to plastic. We also purchase from eco-responsible companies such as 7th Generation.
christycrider picture
We live in a community that uses Recyclebank. We get to recycle all our items and they come by and pick it up. We bought that thing that goes on the shower head to turn off the water while we shampoo our hair or shave and installed a thingy to the toilet to reduce water waste. I have started buying all organic foods and using Seventh Generation cleaning products.I will use those until I learn to make my own..which I am working on.
nobodysgoddess picture
We recycle glass, cans, plastic bottles, plastic bags and newspapers, compost, and will be attempting to make our own cleaning products over the winter. We also try not to accumulate plastic bags and take our own reusable bags and we try to use as many natural cleaning products as we can as well as natural body care products. There are a lot of little produce shops that are privately owned so we try to buy from them as much as possible. Yummy organic food stuffs!
boogiedoo picture
We have cans crushed and bagged and we also turn in heavy aluminum when we find it. It's amazing what people put out on the side of the road for trash day. We also take in find and take in scrap metal. When we lived in town we had belonged to the recycling program. Where we are at now we take the plastic and all to town ourselves.
bouldinsanchez picture
We don't own a dryer! All our clothes go on the line to dry. We only buy organic foods! (It's for the workers, y'all!) Consumer activism: We buy organic cotton and biodegradable household goods whenever possible--from bed linens to scrub brushes. We compost. Two black bins in the backyard. Even our son's diapers, gdiapers, are compostable! Cheers, everyone. Keep up the good work. Do MORE.
Fire_Meg picture
We are planning on redoing the gardens and green house this spring/summer. We have chickens and try to reuse all that we can. Making biodiesel out of old used cooking oils. Using the left overs that can't be made into fuel to make soap. Their are lots of things that everyone can do, no matter where they live.
dlautenschlager picture
I'd love to learn to compost.
froggirlruns picture
I host crafting project workshops that utilize materials that would normally be thrown away.
doglover1726 picture
I recycle all products. I eat organic foods
ruby5556 picture
We recycle in our community and I am planning on planting a garden this year. I would also like to learn how to compost.
wizardwoman picture
We try to recycle as much as possible. I have also started composting. I am starting an organic garden this spring.
LadyAce picture
I do my best to research frequently used household products so that I can be an informed consumer. I try to balance value with quality with enviornmentally friendly. In addition, when I come across information that I feel creates this balance, i share it with my family, friends, coworkers, and my patients.
Ali84 picture
Our county finally started a home recycling program that I participate in every week, and I'm getting all my family to do the same!
shaediaz picture
Last year we as a family made the commitment to significantly minimize our waste and build an eco conscious home. We have n organic vegetable garden and compost all organic waste. We recycle and reuse as much as we can (even turning old beer caps into trivets). We only purchase socially conscious products (like Seventh Generation) and consolidated travel to cut back on emissions. In addition I started an agency that works specifically with socially conscious companies. I teach workshops on building socially conscious for-profits and work with several area incubators. I finally have the opportunity to reach my biggest audience this year at SXSW and look forward to educating more people on how to be change leaders by building companies that are making the world a better place.
paigetalley picture
I try to cut down by waste by recycling anything that can be recycled. I also email recipes I want to try to my email that goes to my iphone. This allows me to pull up recipes when I am at the grocery store instead of printing them off and trying to keep up with them! I do something similiar to articles I want to read. When I find something I would normally print (and eventually lose), I print it to ADOBE PDF instead. Then, I can save it in a folder where I can read it later, or I send it to my iPhone so I can pull it up when I need it. I also try to buy "truly" green products whenever I can. As soon as I find out there is a product available that is greener than the one I currently use, I switch to it! (As long as it isn't double the price or something like that, which is why I LOVE 7th Generation products! They are normally cheaper or comparable to the non-green brands!)
badjujukitty picture
It is one thing to tell my kids not to be wasteful, but actually getting with them and doing it together works better.
andreaaa_dr picture
We recycle everythgin possible. Also, we try to buy all of your products.
stacey horne harper picture
stacey horne harper
My husband and I recycle like crazy. We composte and have our own veggy garden though we still go to the local farmers market to supplement what is to difficult for us to grow.
meowcarrot picture
I would have to say that the biggest thing we do in my household is limit our water use. Though we live in the NW, which has plenty of precipitation, 1st world citizens take clean water for granted. We have a 5 minute shower limit, using a low-flow shower head, we drip water our garden and we use barrel collected rain water to water indoor plants like herbs and starts.
renita13 picture
I teach my kids to recycle, turn off the lights and water to conserve and we grow our own vegetable garden.
darville picture
By teaching my kids to reuse and recycle.
ethanzimm picture
I'm lucky enough to have ample recycling available for my condo complex and so far I've not come across any exclusions. We have Waste Management here (Northeastern Illinois) and they are great about it. I'm asthmatic with a ton of allergies so using Seventh Generation products isn't just a choice for the planet, it's self-preservation too. Bottom line is that chemicals are bad for every living thing on this earth in some way. I'm glad there is a company that not only understands that but acts on it.