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Seventh Generation Honored as "Leader of Change"

Author: Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is humbled to be named a 2011 Leader for Change by the United Nations and the Foundation for Social Change. The award was accepted by our CEO, John Replogle, at a special presentation at the U.N. Global Conference for Social Change in New York City.

"Seventh Generation has received an incredible number of honors in our 23-year history, but I'm not sure that we've ever received one as meaningful as this," said John. "It's a tremendous acknowledgement of the progress we've been making to pursue our company's purpose to have an impact beyond profit."

How do you lead change in your house, community, world? Tell us, and earn a few more points in our Rewards program (you must be registered and logged in to earn points).


oleta neith picture
oleta neith
I am a vegetarian and promote recycling in all aspects of my life. I made sure that recycling was easy to participate in where I work. I do my best to educate others about the importance of taking care of ourselves and the planet by purchasing earth friendly products and organic local foods to help sustain local community organic farmers.
dammermann picture
We as a family do not use paper napkins, but cloth napkins. We recycle. We do not use paper products, we use plates and cups we wash and reuse. We use our own bags. We do not use papertowels. We use earth friendly cleaning products or make our own. We conserve water, gas and electricity. We do not waste. We recycle what we can and throw our very little. We are making a difference.
zoesdare picture
I work really hard at changing my life to improve both my health and the environment through my New Year's resolution every year. I educate myself about something that I want to change in my life, and then change that thing. I always make sure that I share my change with all of my friends. Whether that change is buying my milk from a local dairy who recycles their own glass bottles, or giving up lipsticks that have lead in them, I get educated and share my knowledge with friends!
PTaskey picture
Wow, I've read some amazing comments above! I publish a blog, called Pagan by Design, and have implemented a 13-week long campaign, called "Earth Day ~ Every Day". As I go through each week, I'm learning (more) right along with my readers and those participating. My hope is that this will grow into a "year-long" and then "lifelong" event. I intend to repeat this campaign each year.
lrw0716 picture
I absolutely love the open nature of all of 7th generation product labeling. Most others hide behind comments like "natural additives". What does that even mean?!
2061 picture
we moved to another state, beautiful and green, but our neighbor hood was full of junk, we started walking around the block and picking up garbage, then expanded it to ponds, then the preserve. In the last three years we have improved our community, encouraged others to not litter and take care of our natural beauty land and water. Our kids and grandkids love to go on garbage walks, we talk about plants that are now thriving and fish and birds at our local watering spots now
cerspamer picture
We recycle anything we can and I make sure the kids are involved.
Alena1960 picture
These are some great ideas. We need to get creative and innovation and implement some of these. Way to go y'all. A :)
Herbavorasaurus picture
I am a vegan, and I buy local products and natural cleaners (like Seventh Generation). I also recycle nearly all of my "trash" and urge others to do the same.
kathydavis001 picture
Our trash bins used to be so full every week and now they is 3/4 less trash in them than before. It makes me kind of sick to think how much I used to throw away that could have been recycled. My daughter's school is very big on recycling and operates a student run recycling center every Friday and Saturday. I hope to eventually be buying all Seventh Generation products.
slverenigma picture
Our family tries to live as natural as possible. We recycle everything we can, use reusable shopping bags, and compost. I've made the switch to using eco friendly, all natural cleaning products. We're also slowly working towards a paperless kitchen. Our family strives to continue walking our green path.
anm1285 picture
Great ideas and tips, I really need to do more reusing and recycling
tinyant picture
We have started composting and resusing products which may otherwise end up in the trash. I use large detergent bottles as watering cans, glass jars for storage, butter tubs to plant seeds and plantlings, tree branches as garden posts and trellises. It is fund to find new uses for all these items.
lspikula picture
I am a teacher at a charter school that did not recycle. I led a group of students in starting a recycling program, as well as a recycling education program that teaches students, parents and community members how to protect the environment through various events throughout the school year. The program has been going strong for six years!
rhodesbri picture
"Green" living is a religion in our household. We recylce, buy organic, buy local and shop at farmer's markets. I use cloth diapers at home and Seventh Generation diapers when I send my daughter to daycare.
rhodesbri picture
"Green" living is a religion in our household. We recylce, buy organic, buy local and shop at farmer's markets. I use cloth diapers at home and Seventh Generation diapers when I send my daughter to daycare.
hstockwel picture
We take our own bags everywhere and try to buy produce and other products with as little packaging as possible. We also try to grow as much of our own food as possible- which means it doesn't have to be shipped across the ocean to our tiny island!
mochs picture
We recycle and compost everything we can, our garbage is very minimal
hillaryburkhart picture
i recycle all that i can, i cant wait to get all the seventh generation products.
Rbgerman picture
We recycle everything that we can and use green cleaning products. We also buy local and organic whenever possible.
dharmabum05 picture
I compost & recycle at work and home
steeno picture
I shop at our local co-op for in season produce provided by local farms. I also commute by bike and bring reusable bags to every trip!
ecbransc picture
We recycle, use reusable bags, "green" cleaning products and shop at local farmers markets.
erickadisaster picture
we shop at the local farmers market to get healthier options and recycle at home
meshellmybell85 picture
We recycle as much as possible, take our own reusable bags to the stores, recycle old cell phones, batteries, etc. We also use organic/green products in our home.
elspin13 picture
We recycle as much as often!
Tgilson picture
We have been trying to choose local produce, eggs, cheeses and meat products at the store, even if it means costing a little more.
katyrose9 picture
I've switched companies with almost all products that we use in our home and even some in my office building to products that recycle their packaging and promote a greener lifestyle. I also was on the team at my school to start recycling.
gmcassanova picture
We are a family of six and we recycle as much as we can! We fill up our recycle barrel and our yard debri/organics cart weekly and rarely have more than one bag of garbage to throw out. We also use 7th generation products and other products that are safe for our family and environment. Thank you 7th Generation for your AWESOME products!!!
gmcassanova picture
We are a family of six and we recycle as much as we can! We fill up our recycle barrel and our yard debri/organics cart weekly. We also use 7th generation products!
ellebelle7 picture
My husband is not interested in recycling or "going green". I am. I set up clear, color coded recycling bins, a composting system, efficient light bulbs and a digital, programmable thermostat. I recycle and compost everything we can, encourage my husband to do so, and pick things out of the garbage that don't belong there. We programed our thermostat to reduce energy when we're gone, and we try to make sure the lights, tv, computers, etc. are turned off when we don't need them!
katiakt picture
My office did not have a recycling program, so I put out some bins and now take the office recycling home with me every week.
Nanys45 picture
I recicle as much as posible
sarahzdroik picture
Compost, collect unused sink and shower water and R,R&R
mjocarter picture
My household gets very close to zero-waste by backyard composting, recycling everything we can, and also using commercial composting for what we can't fit in our backyard bin. We look for products that have less packaging and prefer products that have compostable packaging over plastic packaging, as we know plastic degrades in the recycling process and eventually gets down-cycled into plastic products that are not recyclable (plastic lumber, etc). Waste is preventable, not inevitable.
jcalder picture
We recycle everything we possibly can!
MaureenE picture
I make sure everyone recycles anything that we can.
jwilsnack picture
I refuse to use anything but natural cleaning products in my home!
nicolemmc picture
we use cloth diapers, use biodegradable cleaning products, grow our own veg + fruit, compost, up-cycle, recycle and eat organic.
tobychat picture
I have my college students calculate their ecological footprint, then have them write down 5 ways they can reduce their footprint. It is an eye-opening experience where they learn that what they eat, how many products they purchase, their mode of transportation, and their household use can all contribute to their footprint. Most of the students take a pledge to reduce their footprint.
gsc418 picture
I am teaching my boys the importance of thinking before throwing anything out - can we recycle it? re-use it? What can we do besides just throwing it out?
jessicamarie12 picture
I have lead in change in my household, family, community, and world by recycling and prmoting recycling in my household, familym and community. This is helping the world be a better place free of more pollution and making our landfills less filled and the remaking of products with out having to use more causing more pollution and filling our landfills. Recycling is kind of like a life cycle if you recycle just one piece of paper it will save so much more than you think in the long run.
Laura Villareal picture
Laura Villareal
As parents encourage our families to make a conscientious effort when going shopping to buy only products like Seventh Generation which are made to preserve our beautiful planet for billion years to come. Maintain the vision by practicing what we preach.
AWNRDC picture
We had a terrible multi-year drought. Most of the lawns (where the homeowners followed the water ration rules) died. What came up this year was mostly meadow type plants (not sure where the seeds came from). I did not replace this growth with St Augustine in January, wanting to enjoy the blooming of the flowering plants. There are basically 3 sections of my lawn. One between my neighbor and the drive, one between drive & front walk, and one between front walk and side walk/street (on a corner). The first section I will not be replanting in St. Augustine. We also had pines die, and when they were cut down, I kept the mulch. It was dumped in a pile in this section, and I have gradually been using it to lay out proposed beds. The bed near the ditch and street has pansies (edible flowers) along the front edge. Behind them is a row of onions & row of spinach, with daylilies (edible) behind it. I will also be transplanting some roses (edible) to this area next week. By the end of the spring, I will have a lovely edible garden planted with herbs, foods, edible flowers, and the path will consist of a low growing thyme. I hope my neighbors will all look at it and say WOW! I could do this, and it's SO pretty! Our porch and front flower bed in the third section already consist of tomato & perpper plants, lettuce, mezclun, pomegranate tree, fig tree,& herbs. The planter box at the back of the middle section is providing carrots beets, & green bunching onions. :)
Tanasnana picture
We flush with gray water, meaning that the slightly used, water used in bathing, can certainly be used for flushing toilets, watering plants, filling my water vaccuum cleaner tank. It takes a bit of effort, but there is no need to use clean city treated water for these types of cleaning or water uses.
Bobbiehome picture
I recycled when my children were growing up and now they are adults with children and teaching them to recycle. We make it a family project.
cewtypye picture
by setting your family as a role model and showing others in you family and social net all the benifits you can really make a differance. one bottle at a time!
njhall picture
I have taught my boys that recycleing is important. My 10 year old is part of his green team in school. We dont allow the water to run while brushing our teeth. If they turn off their games, laptops and other products they unplug them as well to save power. We fill up a barrel with rain water to water the plants instead of running water. We use the reuseable bags at the stores.I can only say is teach, teach and express.
suzhappy picture
I ended up in the hospital lately feeling deathly sick but leaving all the doctors scratching their heads because they had no idea what was wrong with me. So they discharged me. The second I set foot back in my home I knew!!! My house was toxic! Over-loaded with candles and air fresheners and perfumes and soaps so we've gone unscented and I'm a new person!!
mburger718 picture
We recycle everything that our local community recycling facility will accept. We try to use natural toiletries, deodorant, soap, etc. I also try to purchase products that are made or packaged in recycled packing. Hanging my laundry outside is one of my favorite ways to make a difference and use less electricity. :)