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Seventh Generation and Target Commercial

Author: Seventh Generation VT

Seventh Generation 2X Laundry Detergent stars in a great new TV commercial from Target! Visit a Target store to buy our 2x Laundry Detergent and other Seventh Generation products. Then wash your laundry in cold water to save energy and the planet!


peterthomoss picture
Very nice TV commercial on Laundry Detergent….and very nice way to present it. I will sure it help up to keep our environment clean.
crhett1201 picture
Im loving the fact the a new target is being built by me. I already buy my 7th Gen. prodicts at the grocery store, but its nice to know that its everywhere.
laura_ward picture
Michelle, Do you have articles or websites you could link us to? I shop at Target all the time. I don't support hate groups. Which politicians?
foster10 picture
WOW that is deep but I am not sure something like this should be posted especially if there are not solid facts.
MichellePar picture
Um, if the point of your company is care about people (which, from the name I assume it is), and you really mean ALL people, you'll stop partnering with Target, because Target donates large sums of money to political candidates and hate groups that are doing their best to deny basic rights to the LGBT community, even going so far as to donate to a "ministry" that claims that it is OK to murder gay people because they are gay. This doesn't even get into the fact that the politicians they donate to are leading the charge to remove all regulatory ability from the EPA. That is surely contrary to your vision.