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The Debate Over Organic

Author: sheila hollender

Ever found yourself in a debate over whether organically-grown foods are better than their conventional counterparts?

A schoolgirl turns the question into a science project in this video, which is attracting a lot of attention.

Let us know what you think.


idunno picture
I do wonder why some think it is okay to saturate our foods with chemicals. Then others wonder why there are so many learning disabilities and cancers etc.
joymam picture
Very interesting. An eye-opener Thank you
rdlinda picture
I am a Registered Dietitian at a Destination Health Spa. I discuss choosing organic foods every day. Thank you for such a wonderful demonstration and explaining the difference in the sweet potato and what Bud Nip does to the produce. Great job!
cherihoward picture
I don't think many people think too much about what goes into their bodies. My parents and granny always had a huge garden when I was growing up. We always saved part of the crops as seed/starts for the next year's garden, and I remember being baffled as to why produce I bought in the store wouldn't sprout and the seeds wouldn't germinate. I asked Mom why that was, and she said it was the pesticides. That was a decade ago, and the beginning of my organic journey! I wish everyone could see this video; maybe more people would finally understand why organic is really the ONLY way to go!
Pamela picture
If an organic potato will grow roots and vines in a week, be sure to eat your organic produce promptly, and don't over-purchase or you'll have your own sprouts. Sacrificing shelf-life for healthy and chemical free.
Holly picture
Great video. Thanks for sharing.
tanyabee picture
What this girl did is so simple yet very profound. Choose life over mutation and chemicals. I'd rather eat a food that can sustain itself versus what almost appears to be a dead food. Good for her and thank you to her for making this very clear to the world.
Sara Oaks picture
Sara Oaks
I hadn't realized that plants couldn't reproduce after being sprayed with this chemical, nor did I know which plants it was sprayed on, or that it penetrated the entire vegetable! Thank you, young girl..hoorah to you!!!!! You should feel very proud of yourself for your ingenuity & for doing something so helpful to us all. I am big on organic, but these are new reasons to be aware of. Thanks again. Natural Food Lover
naturelady10 picture
This girl's curiousity has taught me something I didn't know and I will only buy organic sweet potatoes from a reputable seller. Thank you for doing that experiment and sharing your knowledge! Your future looks bright.
VivaldiCO picture
She's a charmer. Of course, some idiots don't want vines to grow. Then they wonder why they get sick. And I will hate to see the day when Monsanto (or whoever makes the bug spray) decides to sue her. In the mean time, BRAVO!!
Melissa picture
This is just amazingly easy to watch and understand. If you aren't convinced by watching this, then you are a moron. Right on girlfriend and your grandma! Great stuff.
missyfit138 picture
I thought this video was so great! What an intelligent girl, she knows her facts and can carry that on with her and teach her children about a more healthy lifestyle. Now that's what i call making a difference through the generations!
rhodesdi picture
Great video. She was so cute and had a great point. My girls watched this with me. They said it makes since so why do they sell stuff sprayed with those chemicals? Even a kd can figure it out .... go figure
Suzanne16 picture
This is great! Teach the children & change the future. :0)
beccadog picture
This is terrific! It is a pretty remarkable difference between organic and conventional crops sprayed with economic poisons. If a child can do the experiment and learn this, one would think that the President of the USA who graduated from Harvard Law would know the difference. It's not enough to recommend Community Sustainable Agriculture when the biotech pesticide industry is poisoning agriculture everywhere. Replace the USDA Secretary with Kathleen Merrigan, the current Deputy Secretary of the USDA and make this cute little girl the next Deputy Secretary of the USDA before she is brainwashed by the agrochem industry.
Penny picture
If a little girl can figure it out, possibly there is hope that adults will eventually understand that knowing who grows your food and how, really does matter!
d4daly picture
Oh my gosh, this is so stinking cute! That is pretty remarkable about the diff. between organic & conventional. That's backwards.
Colleen picture
The music in the video drowns out the girls voice.