Cleaning Up After Irene: Seventh Generation "Sprays It Forward" with Vermont Foodbank | Seventh Generation
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Cleaning Up After Irene: Seventh Generation "Sprays It Forward" with Vermont Foodbank

Author: Seventh Generation VT

Seventh Generation and Vermont Foodbank have joined forces to aid Vermonters struggling to recover from the historic devastation caused by tropical storm Irene, which has left countless towns across the state without even the basic supplies needed to begin cleaning up flood-ravaged homes.

Together, we're assembling 1,200 "green" cleaning kits filled with the natural and non-toxic clean-up supplies residents need to safely start putting their homes and lives back together.

Each kit will consist of an essential variety of Seventh Generation's environmentally-friendly household products. Once assembled, the Vermont Foodbank will deploy its distribution network to immediately get these kits to local food shelves in the hardest hit areas.

The emergency response is being made possible by an extraordinary coalition of Seventh Generation, including Cascades, which donated and shipped the kits' recycled paper towels, and OHL, which is transporting all materials and supplying some of the help needed to put together the kits themselves.

"We're a Vermont company in every way," said Seventh Generation CEO, John Replogle. "What happens to our state happens to everyone here -- there's not a person in the building who hasn't been touched by this mind-boggling storm. None of us can believe what we're seeing in our communities. Our friends and neighbors desperately need help, and right now our company's mission is to provide as much as we can."