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A Brighter Way to Care for Baby

Author: Seventh Generation VT

Times change. And so do ideas about what's good for kids. Check out these bright (and not-so-bright) ideas about baby care! 


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JJJess picture
WOW the stuff they dont tell you! The hidden truths. Thanks for sharing!
sbelviso picture
(I realized that Chris is the author of this article. My comment was referring to the org comment from 10/2012. Sorry for the confusion.)
sbelviso picture
I agree with the comment from Chris. When I saw the link for the video I was excited to be able to share information on optical brighteners. Especially considering I had just spend a better part of my Saturday trying to explain why they are bad to some very skeptical family members. I definitely expected a plug for seventh gen, but I was hoping for something educational. If I wasn't already a user, this video would not convince me I needed to be. Part of the problem is that many people are not educated on these chemicals and what they do, and they'll need more then a "they glow in the dark" to get them to move away from their trusty Tide.
mbilotti picture
I thought the video was going to be a bit more educational, but it really was just an advertisement. I appreciate the message not to take things at face value when it comes to safety, but to really think about it and how one day things that were not even considered are now considered huge dangers. However, beyond pointing out that chemicals being used were brighteners that show up under black lights, what else is the "commercial" doing beyond selling Seventh Generation products. Perhaps the brighteners also act as sunscreens and could be an actual benefit? Who knows---point being that Seventh Generation should come from a point of education and fact, rather than scare tactics. I am disappointed in SG.