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You've Got to be Kidding Me!

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Cross-posted on on 10.18.06:

Clearly, I knew it was coming. My body's been saying "all systems go" for about 4 days now. I've been just miserable with the bloating, sleeplessness, aching, and puffy eyes. So why on earth was I not prepared? And while on tour with tampons no less.

Nevertheless, I wasn't prepared. While walking back to the hotel from Whole Foods today, the flood gates opened up. GRRRR!!! #$#@!!! When am I going to learn? I didn't bring enough clothes for this!

The good thing, though, is that I am now the proud owner of a regular absorbency, organic cotton, chlorine-free tampon from Seventh Generation. A non-applicator tampon, to be exact.

I know. Scandalous, right? Well, the statistics back me up, as it seems that 92% of American tampon users use the applicator version. More details on that somewhere down the road...

This is my first experience with a non-applicator tampon. You tend go with what you know when it comes to the period, so, until now, all I knew were the applicator kind. I did switch to natural several years ago, but the non-applicator is definitely the next evolution. I have to say, it's not as scary or weird as one might think. And, although some may take issue with the insertion process, that too was uneventful. :) Bummer.

Here are some tips I discovered along the way (not intended to replace the advice of a medical doctor, who might be a man, but apparently has more credibility than me):

1. Of course, wash your hands before beginning.
2. Spread the cotton at the string end apart a bit so that you make a divot to put the tip of your finger in. This will cover the tip of your finger.
3. When inserting, make sure you insert to the point where you cannot feel the tampon pushing against anything. There's a sweet spot and you'll know it when you get there.
4. Don't worry about going too deep, because you simply can't. The average vaginal canal is only 3-4 inches deep (when not aroused) and you will never be able to push further than where your cervix starts.

Voila! Mission accomplished.

If I can try it, you can too, when you're ready of course. Think- "less packaging", "more effective", "chlorine-free", "organic"... It's an unbeatable combination if you still want to use tampons vs. products like the Keeper, etc.

Hopefully, my boobs will stop hurting and I can get back to being more emotionally stable. It does feel good to know everything's working. It always makes me feel sexy to have my period- like I'm the goddess of fertility or something. HA! Bet she doesn't have a bloated tummy - no congrats in order here. this is no baby belly, I can assure you,

or puffy eyes - madam puffalump at your service

Well, she should if she's really a 'she' and not a man's vision of what she should be.

Peace out sistas!