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You CAN count on us

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Author: SueZQ

Our consumers tell the best stories. They tell us when we do well, they tell us when we can improve, they tell us when we need to change, and they tell us that they count on us. They count on us to do the right thing, whatever the question, whatever the issue. They expect that we will ask ourselves hard questions and look at all sides of the question. They want us to be ahead of the pack, leading and not following, so when Tracy called me from Illinois about a month before Christmas, I was so happy that she was able to count on us.

Before her child was born, Tracy had switched to our Automatic Dish Powder. She found that she can purchase this at Target and is pleased that we are expanding our retail avenues. So the story goes:

One day she filled her dishwasher and turned it on…………and went about her way. Then, came the time to unload the dishwasher and the plates looked funny; not clean at all. This was a surprise to her, since she had found that the product worked just as well as any mainstream dish powder that she had previously used. She wasn’t sure what had gone wrong with this wash.

She looked down from the plate she was holding and found her 1 year old child eating the powder out of the soap dispenser. At first, her initial thought was “Oh NO!” and then realized that this product was basically safe and she didn’t have to worry. She felt that she had read enough information on the box, in the beginning of her use; with a follow up reading for this instance to feel that her child’s health was not jeopardized. So, she proceeded to wash her mouth out and felt for good measure that it wouldn’t hurt to just pay a little extra attention to her, and she was perfectly fine!!!!

And once the drama of the situation was over, she found that she hadn’t turned the machine onto wash, only rinse. This oversight lead to dirty dishes and a snack for her daughter, but no harm to anyone.

I am SO glad she could count on us!!!