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YoBaby Organic Cutie Photo and Video Contest

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Author: Seventh Generation

Yo Baby Organic Cutie ContestHere's an offer from our friends at Stonyfield: YoBaby is on the lookout for an Organic Cutie! Have one in your family?

Then enter the YoBaby Organic Cutie Photo and Video Contest and your cutie could be featured on stonyfield.com plus win a $2,000 savings bond and a bundle of green goodies!

Don't have a cutie? You can still participate by visiting the YoBaby Facebook page and voting for your favorite. Enter and vote now!


z0ned picture
Please read the terms of this competition VERY carefully before entering. If you submit a photo or video you grant them (a) worldwide copyright (b) use of it for eternity in whatever way they see fit ("in whatever form or media now known or hereafter developed"!) (c) the right to sell or license the image to any 3rd party they want to (how would you like to see your submitted photo on a poster for Clorox bleach?) (d) the right to modify/enhance/adapt the entry ("create derivative works") - so your baby could be photoshop-ed onto any background. These terms are disgusting. Matt.