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Yesterday’s News

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Author: the Inkslinger

And now as public service of the Inspired Protagonist, we bring you yesterday’s news today. Because, well… I’m so completely behind the curve that from where I sit the curve appears on the very distant horizon only as the faintest suggestion of something not flat. And really, from here, even that could be an atmospheric trick. The reason for my lateness, as everyone who knows me knows, is a recent relocation to a new abode that has reduced my home office to rubble and triggered a week’s worth of connectivity problems that have left me wandering alone in the terrifying e-darkness. Still, better late than never with these tidbits I’ve been meaning to share…

US News and World Report had a good article earlier this month about avoiding bisphenol-A, the toxin currently number one with a bullet at the top of the toxicological charts. Good advice about keeping this bad boy out of your bloodstream.

A new study says that emerging “carbon markets” are unwittingly encouraging the clearcutting of virgin forests, an act which would release one official massive ton ‘o carbon into our beleagured atmosphere. Oops. Maybe we better rethink this one. (I still don’t get the whole let’s-trade-carbon-pollution credits thing. How about we just all agree not to make anymore rather than just treat what is a rather pressing situation like it was a couple of packs of baseball cards in a schoolyard?)

This great chart from the Alternative Energy Action Network outlines the leading Democratic candidates proposed energy policies. Very helpful as we head into days of decision in which (hopefully) energy will be a key issue. I’d offer up some equal time to the opposition on the right, but frankly it’s just more of the same ol’ profiteering planet-killing fun with oil and coal over there as far as I can see. Anyone who knows anything about any Republican candidate with anything resembling a decent energy strategy that doesn’t genuflect before the Altar of Exxon-Mobil is welcome to correct me…

Finally, Rachel’s Democracy & Health News has some interesting observations about what appears to be a philosphical economic crossroads the world is fast approaching. One way to go is to keep going with the school of thought that says in economic growth we trust. But the other half of the world (that would be the half that’s actually paying attention…) thinks we should turn off that path and take off down the road to Precaution. Here’s a fun game: See if you can guess which direction our own nation is heading.