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On Working Well

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Author: the Inkslinger

It’s with pleasure that we introduce today’s inspiring guest blogger, Alyssa Kobriger from True Botanica.

When I was in young, I went to a very unique summer camp in central Wisconsin which focused on peace making and global citizenry with an occasional opportunity to swim and make a dream catcher. The experiences I had there had a profound effect on many of my life choices that I have made, and still do. In addition to learning about different cultures, religions, and strategies for non-violence, we talked a lot about the wide ranging impact of our choices and efforts to make a difference in the world – the power of one.

One of the concepts we were presented with was Right Livelihood - doing work that promotes the ideals that you value, respects the earth and the people who live on it rather then sacrificing it for higher profits. In meeting Gregor from Seventh Generation, I felt a connection with him in that we both work for companies which uphold that concept.

I work for True Botanica, a young nutritional supplement company in Wisconsin which has established a reputation in some unique directions:

  • We make plant tinctures mostly from biodynamic herbs grown in the States, at the present principally in the Midwest.
  • We support a sustainable, organic and biodynamic agriculture both by directly purchasing healing herbs from farmers and plowing profits back into the community.
  • We produce all natural supplements, functional foods and cosmetics for a variety of conditions. These formulations contain unique ingredients such as gem stones, biodynamic preparations, specific metals in fine colloidal form and other substances.
  • We have introduced rhythmical procedures that increase the strength of the life forces in our remedies.
  • We are conducting ground breaking research into the effectiveness of anthroposophical preparations.
  • We strive to make high quality products accessible to all and track the results that people have with them through our survey program.

It is really a joy to speak with customers who share their positive experiences with True Botanica’s products and feel confident that our work is of real benefit to others. I then have the satisfaction of sharing those stories with my co-workers in production and see their faces light up with the knowledge that their work is so valued. My camp counselors would be proud.