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The Word of the Lorax Seems Perfectly Clear -- And Now Once Again It's One We'll All Hear

Author: the Inkslinger

Who was the Lorax and what did he say?
Too many people can't tell you today
His is a message that's largely forgotten
And that's a fact that's largely rotten
So we're bringing him back for a happy reprise
And once more letting him speak for the trees

For reasons that will be clear in a moment, we've been talking a lot about The Lorax lately, and a good number of people have told us they've never heard his story. That's not surprising -- the classic environmental kids book by the great Dr. Seuss is, after all, over 40 years old. But its message is still fresh, still perfect, and needed more than ever.

All of which is why we've decided to help introduce the Lorax and his message of environmental truth and ecological hope to a whole new generation of kids and parents, too. You may have already seen his bushy orange image adorning our stuff, and there's a lot more on the way, all marking the Lorax's debut on the silver screen.

Yes, The Lorax is soon to be a movie, and the few of us who have seen it say it's a marvel. There are Swomee Swans and Brown Bar-ba-loots in Bar-ba-loo suits. And, of course, Truffula Trees with Truffula Fruits. Until, that is, they're all chopped down by greed to make lots of Thneeds, which actually no one at all really needs.

And then Lorax leaves his final message. A single word: "UNLESS." Which we come to understand means "UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." We didn't write those words, and we don't use them, but they give a timeless voice to the thought at the very heart of our mission and the idea that lives inside everything we do. That one person can make a difference. That person is me and that person is you. And that if we both do a little we can all do a lot. We don't have to live with the world that we've got. We can save the Truffula Trees and a whole lot more. It is, don't forget, what we get out of bed for.

That's a powerful message whose time has come. It reminds us why we all do what we do, and speaks so simply yet so eloquently to our shared cause that we feel compelled to shout it to the world. So we're partnering with Universal Studios to spread the legacy of The Lorax as far and wide as we can.

Celebrating The Lorax is a way to inject some much-needed joy into what is often a less than happy conversation. It's time to have a little fun with this thing called environmentalism, and that's something that's perhaps overdue.

So we'll be rolling out more than products with a little Dr. Seuss lightening up their labels. We'll be hosting Lorax screenings with discussions and family story hours. There'll be special Lorax scrapbooks and contests to green-up your town and take trips to see trees. And we'll be taking our new 4X laundry detergent nationwide, which comes (wait 'til you see it!) in a fully recyclable bottle made from (seriously) recycled cardboard and newspapers to save energy, resources, and the planet they come from.

Best of all, inspired by the tale of The Lorax, we're launching a new partnership to help protect some of the most threatened tropical rainforests on the planet, and the orangutan (which actually looks a bit like the Lorax) which calls these forests its home.

All that aside, we think the new movie offers a real chance to get people to live like the Lorax. People we might not otherwise reach or otherwise teach. People who don't know how simple it can be and why it's so important to do. That's what matters to us, and what's important will be measured by the number of people who hear the message of The Lorax and take it to heart. We hope that number is huge. Because if it is, the world's Truffula Trees might just wave in the breeze forever.

The movie Dr. Seuss' The Lorax © 2012 Universal Studios. Based on The Lorax book and characters ™ & © 1971 Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P.  All Rights Reserved.


Consumer Insights Team picture
Consumer Insights Team
@TheDiaperDad- We respect your opinion and thank you for sharing. While you may not agree with our decision to partner around the message of the Lorax, the fact remains that we were not compensated by Universal for the use of the Lorax graphics/images. Thank you for taking the time to let us know your thoughts.
Consumer Insights Team picture
Consumer Insights Team
@ryankopet, @TheDiaperDad- Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. We would like to address your concerns about our partnership with Universal Studios. Universal Studios has not compensated us, nor have they required us to include The Lorax images on our diapers. We made the decision to print the Lorax on our diapers in hopes to bring his message to a larger adult audience of parents and caretakers. While we are excited for the movie to hit the theaters, our goal is to remind parents of the teachings of the Lorax, be it through the book, the new movie, or the original movie. We apologize for any miscommunication throughout this change. Your feedback is helpful so we can continue to grow with our consumers.
TheDiaperDad picture
While the message of the Lorax is all well and good, it's completely disingenuous of 7th Generation to claim that the Lorax printing is entirely out of respect for that message. Answer this simple question: was 7th Generation paid to put the characters on the diaper? The answer is quite obviously "yes." Please do not insult us by pretending otherwise or by claiming that motivation was anything other than primary.
ryankopet picture
In our home, we try our best to keep our child's exposure to commercialism to a minimum. She doesn't see tv shows, look at magazines, etc. I initially had issues with the diaper because of the kid brainwashing I try to avoid, now realizing it was really me who was seeing the advertisements and not my daughter. The ads are more annoying than a problem. This company was doing great championing causes before adopting a mascot to help... Or so you say thats why theres a new image printed on everything. Because you like the message of the lorax.... You are in it for the money- and there just aren't too many ways to tell the consumer otherwise. When I look at photos of my child I enjoy not having Winnie the poo or piglet looking back at me. I loved that your diapers did not show through her clothes. I loved that other people couldn't identify branding on my child. I loved being able to take pictures of her in her diaper only and it looking classic. Please let us know when these diapers will return to normal.
JennaCowanWhite picture
The design changes in the diaper are one thing, but it is really disappointing to go from having 35 diapers in a package down to 31 without also seeing a reduction in the price. Many of us resign ourselves to paying more for products that we know are better for the environment because it's an important value to live out. I've supported 7G for many many years buying all sorts of products. But when I see Earth's Best diapers right next to to 7G on the shelf now and they are 50 cents cheaper and now have more diapers, that extra 50 cents is looking pretty important. I hope the change wasn't to make up for the cost of advertising the cartoon character.
Consumer Insights Team picture
Consumer Insights Team
@susannahva- Thank you for your feedback. The Lorax print is a limited time offer. You may have already seen this blog post of ours, but just in case you haven't, here is a short explanation of our printing of the Lorax on our diapers. If you have already seen this, sorry for any redundacy. Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us.
Consumer Insights Team picture
Consumer Insights Team
@Pbertini- This is great feedback, Thanks!
Consumer Insights Team picture
Consumer Insights Team
@amikolaycik- Thanks for your feedback on our new diapers and for letting us know your experience. It is great to hear everyone's experiences so that we can continue to grow and change with our consumers. We are not happy to hear that you are having leaking issues, and hope that we can offer a resolution for you. When we hear of issues like this, we want customers experiencing any form of malfunction with any of our products to get in touch with our Customer Service team. They are well trained in problem solving and trouble-shooting with our products (as they know them through and through), and can usually find a helpful solution. We want them to work for you as they are designed to work, and hope that you take the time to shoot us and email,, or give us a call at 1-800-456-1191 (Monday-Friday, 8:30-5:00 EST) so that we can help to solve any issues that you may be experiencing!
Pbertini picture
I love the Lorax prints on your diapers. I especially love that if I do a middle of the night diaper change, it's easy to see which side is the front side inside of fussing with a diaper at odd hours. I'd love to see more front band prints; however, please do something different for the overnight diapers. I threw away the packaging and now I get confused which is the daytime diaper and which is the overnight diaper. picture
We were absolutely delighted to open our Lorax Seventh Generation Diapers and put them on our 17 month old daughter. I have long adored the Lorax book and have recently been delighting in reading it to my 4 1/2 year old daughter who has been asking endless questions about the environment and sustainability as a result. She has never been to a movie theater or seen a movie or tv in our home, but the Lorax Movie might just be her first exposure! That said, I am dismayed by all the contempt for the temporary placement of the Lorax on your diapers. The Lorax has one of the most meaningful messages in a children's book and the Lorax himself symbolized concern and care for or environment. In a world where our children are bombarded with characters who bring undesirable messages, it is welcome to see this little guy with such a righteous message on your diapers. I in no way saw it as a promotion of the movie, but rather the embodiment of a message. And, as concerned parents who put our children in Seventh Generation diapers, I am sure we are all equipped to handle any other message or expectation you fear it might bring to your children. I will continue to delight in your Lorax diapers for the short time that they are available - THANK YOU!!
hedgewitch3 picture
Judging by your photo, I am considerably older than you : ) Having the advantage of time, I have not only read the book but seen the animated movie produced some years ago of the Lorax. The one part that really stayed with me was "thneeds"... And as I've aged, relocated dwellings too many times in short time frames, previously worked in retail, am now part of the unemployed ranks, and much MUCH more conscienous about ecology I realize just how advanced that publication truly was. Our society has too long been driven by consumerism - not actual need. We are surrounded by "thneeds". Sad. I'm glad to see the Lorax's story reborn and hope the message comes home to the many!!
amikolaycik picture
I agree with "susannahva". I really dislike the new design/fit/style. My daughter now leaks through these training pants and she never did with the old ones. We miss the "tree" design. I hope this isn't a permanent change -- if it is, I will probably switch brands:(
susannahva picture
I love the story & the message of the Lorax... but hate seeing this merchandising appear on your products... One of the things I had enjoyed previously about your diapers was that they were free of cartoon characters. It is hard to find much of anything for children these days that does not bear some cross-promotional movie or television tie-in. I am sorry to see 7th Generation's merchandising-free days go the way of the Truffula trees. I think it's safe to say that your customers are already well-informed regarding the need to care for the environment and don't need cartoon characters printed on your products to get the message. I hope this will be a brief and one-time experiment!
dorothyp picture
I still have a copy of the Lorax torn from a woman's magazine, probably the first place it was published. I read it to my classmates when I made a presentation toward my MEd at McGill University in 1976. I quote it often but perhaps not often enough. Maybe we each need to make more of an effort to get this better known. I hope the movie is true to the story, to the intent of the wonderful Dr. Seuss.