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Women Helping Women

Author: sheila.B

Organic Cotton TamponsIn the last few months it has become painfully apparent to me that the primary job I held for the last 17 years -- mothering my children -- has come to an end. Two of our three children have left the nest, and with only a very self-sufficient 15-year-old at home, I realized that it was time to exit what I have come to call the "mommy coma." I don't mean to imply that the amazing work of childrearing was less than fulfilling -- it was a great job -- but now it's time to marshal my talents and energy and set to work doing something to help others.

By training I am an attorney. After practicing real estate litigation for a dozen years, I set aside my work to help raise three children and to support my husband, Jeffrey, in starting Seventh Generation. I was involved in the business as a member of the board of directors, but was otherwise engaged in car pooling, baking cakes, and making sure that all my family's needs were met.

As I entered into a new chapter of my life, I searched for a cause that needed some attention. It turns out that an opportunity to do some real good was right under my nose. I got jolted when my youngest daughter got her period for the first time at a friend's house a year ago. When she came home, I handed her a box of the organic cotton tampons that we make at Seventh Generation, and was promptly informed that she liked the ones made by a conventional brand that her friend was using. That's when it hit me -- the same women who eat organic foods and use organic cleaning products aren't paying attention to the ingredients in their tampons and pads.

So I have set out to educate women on the existence of tampons that are made with organic cotton. This cotton hasn't been sprayed with chemical pesticides, and it is whitened with hydrogen peroxide. Organic cotton tampons are a great green alternative, and I want to spread that word to the average woman, who uses an estimated 11,000 tampons in her lifetime.

By making a simple switch to our monthly routines, women can help reduce the amount of harmful pesticides and chemicals polluting our streams, rivers, and lakes. Women are a powerful group, especially when we take matters into our own hands.

Nation members: Please let me know your feelings about organic feminine care by posting back to this space.