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Win a Healthy Home Starter Kit For Voting Us the #1 Greenest Brand in the U.S.

Author: Seventh Generation

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION! Winners have been chosen and will be notified by e-mail. Comments are now closed.

THANK YOU for helping Seventh Generation be named the #1 Green Brand by the ImagePower® Global Green Brands Study, one of the largest global consumer surveys of green brands and corporate environmental responsibility.

We're celebrating by giving away Healthy Home Starter kits filled with our products. Tell us in the comments section below who you'd share a kit with and we'll pick 10 commenters at random to get a kit for themselves and one to give away.


rrblawson picture
My husband always complains about the smells of the current cleaners I use! I bought a bottle of the all purpose cleaner and I almost felt like we needed to leave the house while it aired out. I have been searching and researching for the last few weeks, and 7th gen is still in my top 3, free product trial just might push us over the edge! With the arrivial of our first grandchild in Jan2012 it would be wonderful to convert over the natural cleaning products in our house and the grandchilds home. We are also all very pet friendly families, as your products are. What a wonderful idea, to clean your home, protect your children and pets, bravo!! Now....does it work?? Hopefully we'll find out soon!
sweetpeafamily picture
I'd share the kit with my lifelong friend, Martha who is as close to me as a sibling. She runs a licensed home daycare center and is a HUGE recycler; I know she would appreciate having the Seventh Generation products as much as I do. She's a huge proponant of making our world a better place and she makes my world a better place by being in it!
theresa picture
I do my best to be green and conscious of the earth. I don't use any chemicals in my yard or gardens. However, the neighbors on both sides of me spray and fertilize their lawns. You can see the lovely green line where our property is. Every spring they're out spraying dandelions and I'm pulling them out by hand. So, I would love to give one of them a kit and show them that it is really simple and rewarding to use healthy products safe for the environment and their children.
robincarlotta picture
I would pick someone to share it with that has never used the products so that after they use them they will want to continue to use them.
ashwood84 picture
My friend is a disbeliever of Seventh Generation products. I would share with her to show the superiority of Seventh Generation and earth friendly products. :)
bell.lisa.m picture
I would share with my mother. She always calls me "the treehugger" and asks where I come from in the family. I know if she would try it, she could see a superior quality product and see that being green isn't a sacrifice!
tabathafelts picture
I would share this kit with my husband to show him that eco friendly cleaners work as well as regular cleaners. We split up the house work and my half is cleaned eco friendly, his half is not. Would love the oppprtunity to get him on board!
mellisarock picture
I am trying to teach my kids about chemicals, being green and taking care of the Earth! This would be a great way to get us started!
rtemple picture
Our friend needs to use less chemicals!!
sslutes picture
I would share the kit with my friends who just had a baby boy YESTERDAY!!! I don't know that they would buy the green products for themselves, but I would want them to be able to keep chemical based cleaners our of their house with the new boy.
aquamoonmaiden picture
I would love to share Seventh Generation with my mom and grandma. They live together and both suffer from various ailments. I know that making the switch to Seventh Generation for many of their daily-use products would make a big impact. If the economy was in a better state (more specifically MY economy), I would already be sending them monthly care packages of various Seventh Generation products. Alas, times are tough!
birchtree picture
I would share the kit with my sister. I want her to have a healthy home and to see what great products Seventh Generation makes.
cegelmj0 picture
She is always looking for more natural ways to clean her home.
Terrill picture
I would share with my daughters as they use all natural cleaning products as much as possible and always looking to find new products they are young, married and kinda broke! Plus they share things they love with their friends and people they meet.
danielle messner picture
danielle messner
i would share a kit with my kids teachers because we are so green at home but the thought of them going to a school filled with toxins scares me! i try very hard to be green eat organic and recycle but does that all go to waste when they sit at a desk cleaned with the cheapest most toxic cleaners? i think so! congrats on your big win! also i suffer from dermititus and all your cleaners are so safe and gentle they dont bother my ulta sensitive skin! no gloves needed! thank you! picture
She is very interested in using natural products in her home. She has a two-year old and two dogs,so she's cleaning often!
Rachel picture
I'd share with my mom and dad because she talks the talk about environmentally clean cleaners, but doesn't walk the walk yet.
onlybyfate picture
I work with children and we are constantly battling the overwhelming smell and toxicity of typical cleaners. My director does not understand the green movement or that these cleaners are just as effective and less chemically damaging as the ones she is loading us up on. We have a small building and the smell of cleaning products is only masked when a kid burns their popcorn!!
amandarw01 picture
I would share with my Sister in Law because she also has two young children and another on the way and safer, greener products would be a big help in her family!
Mirage5 picture
My Mother always tried to use natural cleaning methods while she raised my Sister and I. That helped me see the importance of natural cleaning and translated into healthy habits for me as an Adult. I'd love to "give back" to the person who helped me realize the importance of a healthy life.
noyes.diane picture
I would share this with my skeptical Mother, she does not believe that these products clean as well as they do. Then I could move on to her recycling habits, or lack there of.... My fiance was unsure of going green with all of our cleaning products, but now that we have he can see that they really do work!
susanmaj67 picture
I would share the cleaning products with my friend Jodi. She has pets and kids like me and we like to keep our houses clean using green products that are safe to use!
apriljo picture
I would share it with my reader over at The Organic Mom on Face Book.
kimbelystodder picture
I would share one with my friend who believes in using harsh chemicals to clean her home. Though she has never tried 7th generation she believes "those products" could never really clean like the chemical stuff. However she loves freebies and is a coupon fanatic and I know she would try them just because they were free. Then she would see that they work great and smell amazing too. I am completely convinced that with one try she can be completely converted LOL. picture
Just moved into new house.
caaharri picture
This weekend my friend will be moving into her own apartment with her toddler son, the first time they've been on their own, and I would like to be able to set her up with cleaners that will be safe for both of them.
sonja picture
I'd share my winnings with my mother, as she has a pet and can always use extra cleaning products that are safe for the home.
shannonmckenzie picture
My mother passed away and my dad is using all the unsafe cleaning products that my mother had used. I would share them with him, hoping to switch him over to products that wouldn't harm him.
quarrie77 picture
I would share with my good friend and former roommate, in hopes that she would get hooked on the products and see that these products are affordable and better for everyone...
couponing1991 picture
My mother in law tries to go green but often fails by not spending the few extra dollars to by the Eco friendly cleaners. She refuses to use coupons that would make the price pretty much the same so I would love to share a kit with her and show her how good this stuff works!
shorehorses picture
My husband many years ago began itching when putting on fresh laundered clothing which led me to search for a more natural alternative. Eventually I latched on to 7th Generation and love the dish and laundry products. I have two friends that are also skin sensitive, one uses 7th Generation and loves it the other is struggling financially and know she'd appreciate a surprise like a starter set.
moose5173 picture
I would love to share these supplies with my church and convince them to stop using products with bleach in them to clean/disinfect the nursery where we take care of everyonen's precious little ones!
jade1977 picture
My mother loves doing her part by recycling, but tends to use whatever she can get for cleaners. I would love to share a clean and non-toxic home with her.
ShannonMFoster picture
I would share it with my friend bc she thinks that cleaning everything with just bleach is ok. I understand when you don't have many $ to spend you can't always buy the best but really...BLEACH!
cgough picture
They don't see the need to go green... and I would love to persuade them to try harder with your products. We love 7th Gen in our home!
cpress picture
One has a year old toddler and the other has a baby on the way. I think cleaning with green products is important for a healthy home, especially with little ones running around putting everything in their mouths.
CHARDY picture
My wife who is very health conscious would love this starter kit. She has been after me for a long time to be more concern about health issues, as well as the environment. So needless to say, I would have to share this kit with my loving wife. And who knows maybe then I can become more aware I what I need to do to help with the environment, espcially she when I will have to do the laundry and dishes and..... What I must do to win a starter kit.
trancekimba picture
I have started to use 7th generation to clean with and do not have to worry about all the bad stuff that I would breath in with other cleaners. I have lost a brother and sister in the last three years to cancer and really watch everything now. Something has happened in this world to make cancer so agressive. We were three years apart with me being in the middle. I am doing everything now I can to not use anything in my life that may hurt me or my family. Thank you for bringing out safe things for us
lynbam picture
I would share the kit with my youngest daughter. She doesn't like harsh cleaners, but also doesn't want to spend very much for cleaning products. I think, if she tries this, she will realize how much she likes it and how much better it will be for her babies. Congratulations on being the #1 green brand!!
Beth picture
I'd share with my roommate so the whole house would sparkle!
a4tunegon picture
Congratulations Seventh Gen for being the #1 Green Brand! I'm a mom of 3 young kids, so it's the best time for me & hubby to lead green examples & I'd be sharing with my loving, caring, young-at-heart 80+ MIL! She deserves it!
Tammy Baugh picture
Tammy Baugh
When I win a starter kit, I will share it with my whole family.This includes yet isn't limited to: Mom, Both daughters and my son.Keeping in mind everyone listed is in their own home, this allows quite a few people to sample your wonderful products.Thanks for being the best "green" product line on the market today!!Tammy
iwondogs2 picture
I would definitely share with my girlfried, Carmen, who has an autoimmune disease. I think if she would use these products she would see a HUGE difference in the cleaning and smell. I, also, think it would be beneficial to her health and to her family. I've tried to convince her, but she doesn't have a lot of money because of health costs, but I'm sure once she tried these products she would never go back to her old cleaning products. Please help me to convince her and to save her health in her home.
coolcat923 picture
My friend has a her own small cleaning business and is mindful about her health so I know she would appreciate me sharing Seventh Generation products with her. My sister would also enjoy trying out the products. In fact, a couple months ago, there were some Seventh Generation laundry samples at one of the co-ops I shop at and I shared some samples with them! Seventh Generation products are very effective, high quality and healthy. I currently use the dish liquid, laundry detergent, fabric softener, dishwasher gel, and disinfecting multi-purpose cleaner. I need to pick up a couple items at my local Target store while they're on sale, and use my coupons! Would like to try the toilet cleaner, dishwasher rinse aid, bathroom disinfecting cleaner, and disinfecting wipes. I'm thinking about starting my own small cleaning business and buying a bucket full of Seventh Generation products!
librarymimi picture
My mom has COPD from smoking for 45 years. Thank goodness she no longer smokes but her quality of life is not what it use to be. She has always used name brand cleaners but now is so sensitive to chemicals and odors that my dad must do the cleaning. Using greener cleaners will help her breathe easier, and love the planet at the same time.
steplyk picture
I would share with my neighbor. They believe that everything requires a drastic approach to get results. We all know someone that would use or suggest using diesel to kill weeds, gasoline to clean your hands/brushes of paint, power wash with bleach the deck or siding, etc. They usually are skeptical but always are surprised to see a real sensible approach actually performs as well or better. And doesn't require additional cleanup or washing to remove all the petroleum/chemical residue.
jlake1129 picture
My mom swears by products she's been using her whole life, the only weakness she has is that she loves a good deal. So if I had a starter kit for her it could be my one chance to infiltrate her cupboards ;) picture
I would share the kit with my daughter, who has 3 little ones, a baby girl, the crawler; a 4 year old little boy, who is into everything, and the oldest, who is 8 years old. They keep her on her toes, and she is very eco-conscious, since the children like to play on the floor a lot, and, well, you know how little boys are! :-)
jmoore39 picture
I have been trying to get my parents to gradually go more and more green over the years. I got them to recycle, reduce their plastic use, and compost. I would certainly share these products with them to prove that green products work just as well as their traditional environmentally unfriendly products.
Phoenix picture
Like me, she prefers non-toxic cleaners.