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Win a Healthy Home Starter Kit For Voting Us the #1 Greenest Brand in the U.S.

Author: Seventh Generation

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION! Winners have been chosen and will be notified by e-mail. Comments are now closed.

THANK YOU for helping Seventh Generation be named the #1 Green Brand by the ImagePower® Global Green Brands Study, one of the largest global consumer surveys of green brands and corporate environmental responsibility.

We're celebrating by giving away Healthy Home Starter kits filled with our products. Tell us in the comments section below who you'd share a kit with and we'll pick 10 commenters at random to get a kit for themselves and one to give away.


rgbowen picture
I help friends clean every so often so I would definitely help them switch over to be more green and enable me to use the product as well when I help out.
meginn1126 picture
If I won the starter kit I would give it to my sons Pre-school. it is CO-OP so it gets most of it's money from fund raising and donations. Since this school does not have a janitor the parents and children do the cleaning.I think that it is important that both parents and children alike know the benefits both health and on the enviornment when we use green products.
ClownMommy picture
I am one of those curious shoppers who is for conserving the earth and using products that won't be harmful to us or the environment. I was so skeptical at first but when I saw the email about winning a starter kit for FREE, I was so EXCITED! I would love to share the other starter kit with a friend of mine who also has a son who's close to my son's age and are toddlers. She can't afford the products like I can. It seems like it would be fun to share with her and try the products at the same time! Thank you for this awesome opportunity to try a product that I was once askeptical of using!
Marty Gallagher picture
Marty Gallagher
My sister and I are both fair-skinned, redheads and she has three beautiful, little, fair-skinned, redheaded daughters. One of "the girls" even has severe eczema and constantly battles itchy, irritated skin. In addition to all of this they struggle with allergies and congestion. Of course, with three kids my sister just sees the (sometimes) higher price tag on organic products. I'd like to give her one of these kits to show her that using ecofriendly products that work without the use of chemicals, irritants and other toxic ingredients is so great you won't even worry about the price tag! Plus, you can always find great coupons and savings by joining sites like this one!
margery picture
I would share it with my cleaning lady - I use 7th Generation and have them available for her to use when she cleans my house. I would like to give her a kit for her own use!
heatherm35 picture
I love the 7th Generation cleaning products. I use the dish soap, laundry detergent and I used the carpet stain cleaner (which was fantastic) until it was discontinued. One of my friends is pregnant and I think she would benefit greatly from using your products. She uses conventional products that are harmful for not only her and the environment but also her unborn child because she thinks that "green" cleaners can't be nearly as good. I'd like to prove her wrong by winning this kit to share.
vlprint picture
I would share this kit with a friend of mine who lives with her husband who has CPOD, which is a serious lung disorder. She is of the old school products, but I think she would be open to trying good quality safe products. Thanks for this opportunity to help someone else stay healthy.
cubancuervo picture
I have lots of friends who we have made aware of their actions on the earth mostly through diet. However, I would love to share these products with those people already making the steps towards a more green life! Most people are so unaware of the green options out there!
nsweetser picture
When I found out I was pregnant with my first child in 2010, my husband and I became much more focused on an organic and green household. We still strive to cut out strong chemicals and toxins from our house. I have a personal blog with readers around the country and I know a number of them could benefit from a greener house.
jodyk picture
I would share a Seventh Generation starter kit with the managers of my local gym at the YMCA. They are a great organization who would benefit from switching to Seventh Generation for all of their laundry and cleaning needs.
cindyvoda picture
Everyone should try these wonderful products!
christinaj29 picture
I have a friend who does not understand her impact on the enviromnet. She uses whatever cleaning products she thinks cleans better. She wastes so much food and doesnt use normal dishes, and uses paper plates! She needs a kick in the bottom to get her thinking of her footprint!
karob picture
I would share with my Mom because she still buys those Clorox wipes in bulk and it drives me crazy that she's putting all those chemicals on her countertops! Maybe we can get her to see the light (or the green as it were)!
tlcslp picture
My husband's BFF, our best man, is moving this weekend. He was engaged and living with his fiancee, but they mutually split. He's going to be moving into a studio in Harlem, NY and is hoping to undo some of the environmental wrongs previously wrought in that apt. What better way to get a new start than with a healthy clean?!
hanna0226 picture
I would share this with my mom! She completely understands and accepts my reasoning for wanting to use natural products in every aspect of my life despite the others who think that it doesn't matter!
mammy1 picture
I'd 'share' (the entire thing), with my daughter who is knee deep in college debt, but in the middle of a dual masters program in Boston and working two, part-time jobs to do it. At age 33 she's an intrepid woman in my mind - just took on a roommate she doesn't know to pay the rent..not an easy thing when you're in your mid 30's. 7th Generation is an intrepid company, in a time when we need to all me a bit more intrepid and do the hard things if we plan to save this very, small ball that we ALL share.
leannesnyder picture
I share it with everyone I care about, the harsh chemicals of "other brands" are not something I want my children and grandchildren, or my pets breathing, so i tell everyone I love about your product line, with all the cares of this world, I know I can have some relief knowing that your products are not causing my loved ones harm.
robin picture
I would share with my cousin who just had her first child. I can't think of anything better to learn to clean with than seventh generation. A safe clean green cleaning product,especially with a child.I know these products work because i use them but would like to show sara just how effective thay are. thank you for the offer.
Michelle picture
I would share the Home Starter Kit with my sister. Although she is aware of the dangers of using traditional cleansers she just hasn't made the transition. And with a new baby there is no time like the present!
sharkgirlsheena picture
I would share one of the kits with my Mother-in-Law. She keeps my son during the week while my husband and I work and it would be great for her to have some safer cleaners to use in her house! We appreciate her so much and would love to share this kit with her!
keisha420 picture
My stepmom and the animal shelters. My stepmoms dog if fighting for his life due to liver failure. His liver failure is caused by inhaling toxins. People can aquire liver failure the same way. Cleaning supplies that are not green have a lot of toxins that fly through the air that our pets inhale more than we do. Sharing with the shelter that I volunteer at would do good by educating new adopters about the dangers of toxic cleaners. As well as giving the shelter a new way to clean the kennels and help prolong a healthy life for the animals.
Ivory picture
Our community is still under construction, and as a member of the Welcoming Committee I make sure that each new neighbor gets a reusable shopping bag full of eco-friendly cleaning supplies, from dish soap to bathroom cleaner to non-chlorine bleached toilet paper. So, if I had the opportunity to receive a free kit, I'd pass it along to our newest community member and his or her family. Now, if I could only get everyone to recycle! picture
I was just at a babyshower for a new friend and was trying to explain the importance of using "cleaner" products to clean her home. So I would share with her, so she and her baby can get a greener start at cleaning
pkdonn picture
My friend Mary, recently got engaged and then they found out her fiance has cancer. He is dealing with a lot of medical issues right now. Mary is a very giving person. She really likes things to be clean. She is also open to learning about new concepts and products, and I think she would appreciate a safer way to clean. Thanks!
mrtoppi picture
I'd love to share a kit with my Mom. She cleans the old fashion way with harsh chemicals. If she could try them for free I know she would love them. I know I do.
pkdonn picture
My friend Mary, recently got engaged and then they found out her fiance has cancer. He is dealing with a lot of medical issues right now. Mary is a very giving person. She really likes ice cream. She is also open to learning about new concepts and products, and I think she would appreciate a safer way to clean. Thanks!
ruffoja picture
...and throw in a package of your diapers and wipes because they're gentle, a great value and so much better for the environment than the standard baby fare!
justmine picture
I'm due Dec 30, and I know my child would appreciate the chemical free environment.
jdavison picture
I work at a child development center and recently attended a workshop on how to be green in our center. Switching to green cleaning products is a big way to change and it's also expensive for such a large center. I would share with my boss to help get change started and have less chemicals around the children.
aftertherain1 picture
I would love to surprise my friend who cleans houses with this wonderful gift!She already tries to use eco-friendly products, so i know that she would really value and appreciate your cleaning suplies! I can't wait to see the look on her face when I present her with the gift!
kilau75 picture
who is pregnant and would love Seventh Generation!
lorala picture
I'd share them with my best friend - I don't think she's tried any of these products.
zoranian picture
I would share with my neighbor. She has done so much for me, watched my infant when my husband had to go to the ER in the middle of the night. She is a great friend and neighbor, but doesn't see the benefit of green cleaning yet.
corie30290 picture
I would share the starter kit with my mother. She has taught me every thing she knows about cleaning, and much more. Now she has leukemia, copd, and other complications. I would share this with her because I think your products would be gentler and more effective for her situation.
ladytachina picture
At first because I'm italian and here we haven't got your great products and it's very difficult to have (shipping cost), so if I win I could show the products to my family and friends and maybe we will buy a lot of products. At second for my little girl, to teach her how important is be green before at home and after outside!. thank you!
BOOBER77 picture
I would share this with my parents. My mom is 61 and my dad is 69 and they started recycling last year. Next step is to get them to use "greener" products.
jackimg16 picture
I would love to give the kit to my best friend who is currently pregnant. She is in need of some green supplies! picture
This would give her the opportunity to see that the products work as well (better, actually) than what she currently uses. She bought another brand, was disappointed and so won't try anything else. Congrats on #1!
cherie picture
my mother because I hope to help her lead a greener life too.
AshleyBrooke1983 picture
I would love to share these products from my mother. She's a "cleaning enthusiast," but hasn't switched from the old-fashioned, harsher cleaning products. I think she's skeptical of the eco-friendly products and scared to spend the money on the "unknown" (to her, at least). This would be a great way to break her in and dissolve the fear of being green!
motherofthhouse picture
Of course I would share it with the world and maybe myself if I have some left , after all that is how number one should be treated , right? Thank you for sharing this number one green with whoever is the lucky one. I guess just sharing is best when shared with as many as possible.Thank you.
denisemarlowe picture
I would share the prize with my mother.
knoblitt picture
I'd share it with my sister in law. She's very careful about what she cleans with, and I know she'd love these products. I would too. =) We both have allergies/ families with allergies, so this would be great to have. Thanks!
Dawn picture
If I win, I will share it with my family! I am so excited for these wonderful products!!!
nynekats picture
I have this friend. I will call him B. LOL He is the cheapest person I know but is a total name brand freak. His deal is though, that he only buys stuff when its really really cheap. That said, he refuses to spend any money on cleaning/household stuffs. He gets most of his stuffs at places like the Dollar Tree where its all chemicals and nasty ingredients! I would love to give him this set so that he can see its WORTH the extra money to have a clean home and a non-toxic home that smells great and is safe!!!
brockdas3 picture
I would like to share with Debbie Langdon, she is always thinking of things to share with me,this is one of the few ways I could offer her something, thanks!
one4earth picture
I would love to win this and share a kit with my mom. She is fighting me tooth and nail on going green in any fashion. She doesn't recycle and she has tried some green cleaners (not yours) and was not happy with their performance and went back to traditional toxic cleaners. If I could give her a cleaning kit like this, maybe she would stick with it!!! Makes me nuts! LOL
sunshine_grasshopper picture
I love your products, and have shared them as part of gifts in the past. This starter kit I would share with my friend that does childcare. She is always looking for safer products to use around the children she cares for and I do the same with my own children! We both take steps to make our homes healthier for the people who enter them and we both want to help spread the word about healthier options!
I love 7th Generation Products they have a great fragrance and are safe for the environment. I have been using your product for a couple of months now and I am HOOKED! I wont buy any other product plus it is safe for my 16 month old to be around. If I won the starter kit I would give it to my sister in law. She is also a young mother just starting out. I know being a first time mom how nerve racking it can be to not know what products to and not use. I would like to familiarize her with your product line and I know after she uses them she will love them too, No doubt. Lynda Leigh
whitej1 picture
I would give the starter kit to my best friend.