Win a Healthy Home Starter Kit For Voting Us the #1 Greenest Brand in the U.S. | Seventh Generation
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Win a Healthy Home Starter Kit For Voting Us the #1 Greenest Brand in the U.S.

Author: Seventh Generation

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION! Winners have been chosen and will be notified by e-mail. Comments are now closed.

THANK YOU for helping Seventh Generation be named the #1 Green Brand by the ImagePower® Global Green Brands Study, one of the largest global consumer surveys of green brands and corporate environmental responsibility.

We're celebrating by giving away Healthy Home Starter kits filled with our products. Tell us in the comments section below who you'd share a kit with and we'll pick 10 commenters at random to get a kit for themselves and one to give away.


glaur2005 picture
I would share a kit with my younger sister Trina- she is getting married and moving into her first apartment this summer. Since she will have to equip herself with cleaning products, it would be perfect to start her out on the right track!! Once she uses 7th generation products, she won't go back- I'm confident of that.
Rosenheck picture
I would share a starter kit with my sister. When we had OUR daughter we used cloth diapers & "went green." My sister recently had her 1st baby & we are proud to say that she is using cloth diapers, too! I would especially LOVE to share your green cleaning products with her!
laurajohnson picture
All of us "kids" are getting together next weekend to help them clean up the homestead. It would be great to bring them a fabulous cleaning kit. We would definitely put it to good use!
recoverqueen picture
Hi! I love my Seventh Generation Cleaning Products! I used to be a "member" of another cleaning company, and wasn't happy with having to buy a ton of their products every month. If they are made to use less of the product, then why should I be buying MORE??!! That's why I LOVE 7th Gen., all of my products work in a way I could NEVER have imagined and they smell fantastic. Young People need to be educated and they MUST know what all the chemicals their parents used while they were growing up, have done to our earth. Lets give them the starter kits so they can see for themselves how awesome 7th Gen is! The prices are definitely reasonable, and the product is the best! Thanks 7th Generation for making my home and community a safe and clean one for MY kids!
JSMadison picture
I have the fortune of having a huge family! Ten weddings to go this year whowhoo! Giving the Home Starter Kit to the happy couple is perfect in my book. I give them something useful and unique. Plus, it works coming from me--a bona fide greenie.
Christine picture
If I had an extra 7th Generation starter kit, I would share it with my best friend, my children and their families. If they didn't know how great the 7th Generation products were before, they would after using them. All the products work very well and I don't have to worry about toxic ingredients poisoning the environment.
vhermann picture
One daughter-in-law is very respectful of the earth and other is learning. I am learning alot also. It is fun. Love God's creation.
kdymond picture
who isn't sold on the importance of green anything
katkev01 picture
If I won the Healthy Home Starter Kit, I would share with my sister, Becky. She uses harsh chemicals and she has severe asthma and allergies.
ddavis4 picture
I'd share with my mom. She helped me realize how important it is to take care of the environment and how dangerous toxic cleaning products can be.
tracikane picture
I would share with a couple who are both doctors and have a new baby. We recently ate dinner at their home and they cleaned with glass cleaner!!
cegnosak picture
I'd share with my mom! She brought me up on being conservative, healthy and she's a pro at recyling! She also is enviromentally conscious and always reminding me not to be so wasteful! She's the best mommy!
lucobry picture
The bonus prize would go to my sister who just purchased her first house and I can't think of a better house warming gift than a clean healthy home for everyone.
cph.upton picture
I would love to share a kit with my coworkers at my office. We are currently having our 50 year old building renovated - and with the new renovations I would love to get started with a new attitude for how we maintain our new space. By having one kit for my office I could potentially encourage all of my 20 coworkers to carry on this knowledge to their own households!
Bari picture
I would share my kit(even though i would want to keep it all for myself:) with some people I know who do not use eco friendly products b/c they don;t think they work as well. This would give them a chance to try before they buy!
SarahCornelia picture
I would share with my mother. I have been trying to convince her that cleaning products are dangerous to your health and the environment for awhile now. She has asthma- like symptoms and seems like she can never breathe when she starts cleaning with all the bleach and scented cleaners. It is horrible to watch but she is convinced that it is the only way to get a truly clean home. I know differently but she is not willing to give them a try in case they don't work. They keep my place completely clean without all the harmful chemicals in more "traditional" cleaners. Thanks!
seventhcat picture
My daughter-in-law, so she would try these fabulous products and make her home a healthier place for two of my grandsons. She is a wonderful mother, and I know she wants to do all she can to protect them, but I don't think she can spend the money on something unless she knows she will use it.
Amy picture
I am a mom of seven rescue dogs and cats. Their paws step on many surfaces in the house (some that they are not supposed to be on)...floors, sinks, tables, countertops, etc... As pets lick their paws, I want them to only be in contact with surfaces that have been cleaned with safe products.
amygene picture
my sister who who has always been enviormentally conscious, has to watch every penny now for her and her family and this would be a great pick me up for her:)
zullicha picture
I love 7th generation products. Although I generally prefer no scent, I am in love with the lemongrass/thyme bathroom cleaner. I would love to have a kit for my place of employment. There seems to be a disconnect as we have heirloom veggies, native plants, and organic fertilizers, but we only have a bleach based toilet cleaner, ajax and blue window cleaner, yuck!
eah184 picture
I would share the kit with my mother in law. She is always helping us out and our daughter spends a lot of time at her home. She already has caught the green bug, but what parent wouldn't get piece of mind knowing a home their child plays in is cleaned with seventh generation!
Dawn picture
She does house cleaning so these products would really come in handy and help her save a lot of money. She gets the added benefit of trying out your products and how great they work.
alisilly picture
They are about to have a new baby and know they would use and love the products!!! Here's hoping to help them become more environmentally aware with Seventh Generation.
onehundredtimes picture
I am bringing my father kicking and screaming to the reality that toxic chemicals doesnt equal the only way to get something "clean". This kit is the perfect example for him of all the great products i have been telling him about!
lindslovesbird picture
I would share a Healthy Home Starter Kit with my brother and sister-in-law. They just recently had a bouncing baby girl, Charlotte, and she is PRESH! I wouldn't want her getting sick or having an adverse reaction to a chemical laden cleaning product. They would be the perfect option.
jepage2008 picture
My mom just had hip surgery- and I try to help clean the house. From personal experience, I know these products would be better for her. I also know it would be better for the 12 grandkids that come around and play!
ClaraMay picture
I've always admired her, and I want her beautiful home to also be a healthy one.
CAzadi picture
I would love to share this with my best friend! We share everything but our interest in "green" Living. I am a firm believer a healthy lifestyle Starts at home, she needs to experience The quality of the products and see how much A green lifestyle can improve the lives of her Son and baby #2 on the way. Pluss the disinfecting Wipes are a must have for anyone with small children They can clean ANYTHING, which she could Really use being an army wife to a deployed soldier. Thanks!
kbunting picture
my mother to Seventh Generation products!
steffyt picture
I have a 21 year old daughter with cancer that is raising her 3 year old son. This wuld be a great way to reduce chemicals in their home!
ruliano picture
I try to use products that are safest for my family and the environment. My newest kick is Seventh Gen dishawasher detergant. My mom tries to buy the healthiest thinkgs, but if I don't give her a sample 1st she doesn't feel confident about it.
robin picture
I'd share with my mom. She appreciates eco-friendly living but seems sort of stuck in a rut, using the same cleaning products she's always used. I think she'd welcome the opportunity to try out these products!
Judy picture
I'd share with my daughter who has a 2 year old and is into everything. Seventh Generation is great when there are kids around because there are no chemicals for them to get into. Thanks for a great product!
moweno2 picture
I would share this bounty with my staff. I manage an Eco Friendly all Organic Salon and Spa in Largo, Fl and we strive to better then environment and reduce the hazards of chemicals that touch our bodies. This would be beneficial to the staff and clients we serve. I hope we win!!! Erin
shanemery picture
I would definitely share the kit with my parents as they are the King and Queen of using chemical products simply because they are not aware of other options or fully understand the impact that toxic cleaning products can have on their well-being.
electrohead picture
She is gradually switching to a greener lifestyle and this would be a big help!
jphansey picture
I would share this kit with my brother's family. He has a 3 year old, a 15 month old and 2 cats so the kit would come in handy. The 3 year old loves to help his mom and dad with the house chores like dusting, folding socks and even planted bushes with his dad last weekend so I know he would just squeal over the prize.
jason picture
I'd share a kit with my sister since she just bought a home, and could use help cleaning it up. I know Seventh Generation products would do a great job!
rspeth picture
I think I'd share a kit with my close friend Miranda. She has been such a help and support to me during our husbands deployment this year and I would love to give her such a great gift in appreciation of her gift of friendship
larsenault picture
I would love to give one to my mom who is still using tons of chemical products. Just to prove how great they can clean without them. And one to my mother-in-law who wouldn't touch a chemical if one was hurled in her face!
jaolson picture
I would share with my Mom as I know she has been trying to make a change over the years to use safer cleaners versus the chemicals she has used for decades!
jaygee picture
I'd share the kit with my sister who like myself has a newborn and loves to clean the house :)
ampink1226 picture
I'd share the kit with my Mom who also likes to use healthy products in her home : )
amyk6229 picture
My parents have always used heavily chemical-based cleaners, even though I long ago switched to organic cleaners like 7th Generation and have talked to them about the benefits of it. As they get older, I believe it's even more important to help keep them healty by giving them these sorts of cleaners. once they try them and see that they're just as effective, but healthier for them, I think they'll make the switch themselves!
redcntry88 picture
I'd share with my mom, she is the queen of clean. She really likes healthier cleaning options instead of all the chemicals in most brands.
dawnlee1220 picture
My roommates. We all have to clean house, and we take turns scrubbing the place so every two weeks out of three my house smells like chemicals because they refuse to buy eco-friendly! I know I can convince them to switch over if they will just give it a chance!
mhmerrick picture
I'd share this kit with my sister who is expecting her first child in a few weeks! picture
I try to share my love of being healthy and saving the environemnt with everyone I know. I would love to pass along a kit to my mother in law. My niece lives with her and my daughtere visits a lot and it would make me feel so much better to know that they are breathing cleaner air.
kbrink picture
I would share the kit with my office, so we can start using more environmentally friendly products at work and then hopefully some people will start to buy them for their homes. :)
ribosox picture
7th Generation cares about the earth and they have the products to prove it! I wish I could share them with everyone I know. My sister and her family have been using 7th Generation products for years and she introduced them to me. I would love to share the green with my sister, my mom, and neighbors! Go Green, Lynn