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Win a Healthy Home Starter Kit For Voting Us the #1 Greenest Brand in the U.S.

Author: Seventh Generation

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION! Winners have been chosen and will be notified by e-mail. Comments are now closed.

THANK YOU for helping Seventh Generation be named the #1 Green Brand by the ImagePower® Global Green Brands Study, one of the largest global consumer surveys of green brands and corporate environmental responsibility.

We're celebrating by giving away Healthy Home Starter kits filled with our products. Tell us in the comments section below who you'd share a kit with and we'll pick 10 commenters at random to get a kit for themselves and one to give away.


rainaz picture
I would share a kit with my mom. I already got her to start recycling and she actually continued to do so after we moved out. I love your products and would really like for her to love them as well.
slanka70 picture
Who is one of the least green people I know, but I am working on her! I am pretty sure the reason she's reluctant to try green cleaning products is that she's afraid that they won't clean as well as her stinky chemical products. I am certain she would be sold on 7th Generation if she tried them!
mcfoote picture
My stay at home daughter, along with her husband, are raising my two beautiful grandsons, ages 5 and 16 months. She is a very busy mom, who takes the time to shop smartly, with coupons, store sales, etc. She also is realizing the importance of being green, and using products that are good for her family, as well as the environment. She lives in a rural area, and it's not always easy for her to get to the store when she needs something. She is a loving, hardworking mom for whom I would most definitely share the Seventh Generation kit! Thank you, Seventh Generation, for the opportunity!
chakes picture
I am a mom and a aerobics instructor I have about 50 other mom's that take my classes I would share with them we are always trying to keep our kids safe and out homes clean!!!!!
Carrie picture
I love your products and would share the kit with my family!
jkessen picture
If I win, I'd love to try out some new products and share them with my sister, who lives and works on an organic farm!
Radha picture
I am the Fitness Specialist at Ft. Huachuca, AZ. So I would probably share it with my instructors and trainers! We are constantly cleaning our stuff and of course that takes it's toll not just on us (dry itchy hands, irritated sinuses, allergic reactions, bleach marks on clothing, and on occasion chemical burns), it breaks down our equipment, and the sheer amount of use we need a better option. So I would probably start with the spin classes. Since we have 4 a day and they are dripping with sweat and the bike, seats, heart rate monitors- they all have to be disinfected ASAP after a class. That would probably be a biggest impact room. After them- my trainers cause they work in the weight rooms the most and while THEY are conscious to wipe down equipment, other people aren't which amounts to- they wipe it down for a demo, wipe it for the client and one more time because they are courteous like that! So that's my story!
adeana picture
I recently spent a couple weeks with my grandparents 8 hrs away. My grandmother is very ill, and as I cleaned her house and cooked for them, I noticed a lot of chemicals around the house that could be harmful to her health if used. I want her (well my grandpa-he's doing all the cleaning these days) to use products that are better for them and the environment.
Michelle picture
I would share the kit with my mother. I think the only green thing in her arsenal of cleaning products is the green top to her bottle of Scrubbing Bubbles®. She drives a hybrid (Lexus SUV) & loves Sarah Palin & "drill, baby, drill." She is an enigma & completely baffles me. Anyway, I'd love for her to try Seventh Generation products! Thank you!
leinell picture
I just had a son two weeks ago and I would share the kit with my neighbor. She has been over daily to help us out with our newborn and has been interested in the products we have at our house.
franklinstetler picture
I would share the kit with my sister because she has allergic reactions to other, chemical-laden cleaners. Besides that, we both love being green!
mackmamma picture
I'd share with my mom. Ever since she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer we've been more conscious on what we eat or touch. We've turned MORE green if that was possible! She watches my 2 year old a few days a week and we want the BEST for him as he begins his life. That's why natural products are a must in both our houses!
scully1110 picture
I love Seventh Generation products, and I would love to give a starter kit to my good friend who is a Mom to 5 kids, 3 of them are 8 month old triplets. Green products in her home with many babies would be so amazing!
almeters picture
Both my Mom and I love using Seventh Generation products. I know she'd love to get a house cleaning kit.
coolerdawg picture
I would give one to my best friend Jenny. She has 2 little boys and needs all the help she can get with cleaning, especially the green, non-toxic kind! Since she has known me, I have helped her to become more aware of green products and conservation in general. She still has a ways to go but we can get her there!
kat6483 picture
I would share this with my Husband for use in his classroom at school. He teaches 6th grade and works very hard to keep his classroom neat and tidy but at the age 6th graders are, they are not the cleanest! This would really help keep things clean and safe for the kids and the environment!
Rachel picture
As I'm working on going green, I'm passing along everything I find to my sister. 2 households going green, great!
JNSablan picture
I would give a kit to my mother-in-law who has specific conventional brands she just can't do without and who cannot believe that natural products can clean just as well. However after using Seventh Generation products for nearly 9 years, I know that natural products CAN perform as well or better than cleaning products filled with toxic chemicals!
Cristinaritz picture
i am currently in the process of replacing all of my old harmful products with seventh generation. A gift kit would surely help!!
leslieann picture
My baby sister has 4 kids from 8 months to 12 years old!Every chance I get I enlighten her to be more "green" and often bring her SG cleaners to keep all those "kids" germs at bay!!!
stephanie c picture
stephanie c
I would share with my mother. My 3 children love to spend time with Grandma and I would like to know that her house is as healthy as possible.
amyrode picture
She is fully committed to the environment and buys 7th gen products even though she lives paycheck to paycheck.
mygeneration7 picture
I would share the kit with my very best friend. She is really making an effort to change her eating habits, her thoughts and ideas regarding the world in general, and this would be a blessing for her to start using a variety of products that are better for the environment. She struggles financially so making some of these changes are a little tough on her. She would receive this as a true blessing and I believe she would see it as a sign to continue her journey for a better world for all.
blessicasara picture
Since we both now have our first babes, we gotta keep them and their planet clean and healthy!
Ddsj3 picture
We have several familes at my church that have hit extremely hard economic times and along with the stress of that, they don't feel good about themselves or their living environment at times. I would like to donate a kit to one of these families at our church, so they can experience what it feels like to use something that is good for the body, mind, and soul from Seventh Generation. :)
gvarney picture
Just another way to keep it green!
tmls19 picture
I particiapte in an active environmentally conscience and organic preferred moms group. We try to the best for our families at anaffordable price. I would share my kit with this group - they would love it!
Chickpea118 picture
I would love to share this with my friends and family. I love 7th generation products. They are safe & effective and I feel good about using them. Thanks!
jade521 picture
I just bought my first house and would use some of the projects there but I would also share with my mom. She raised me to be good to the environment and use safe products. The toxic fumes from other products make everyone sick and my family has severe allergies. Thanks
TuffToodle picture
As a brand new mommy (2 weeks and counting...) I am desperately running around trying to "green up" our living space. Not only would the kit help me and our family - but I would love to share one with the in-laws who have built the baby a new nursery chock full of chemicals! eeks!
adamsai picture
My grandmother is the person who initially inspired me to go green. She has been doing so for a lifetime - well before it was trendy! When I was younger, I thought she was a little strange for the products she used, but now I know she was just ahead of her time in understanding the impact of our product choices on our environment. We both use Seventh Generation products and I would love to share my winnings with her!
jessica picture
My Mom and I have both been started to make the change to a healthier way of life. I currently use your cleaning products and I know that she would love them as much as I do.
ashleynewmom picture
I would give a kit to my new neighbor to help her get her "starter" home clean the healthy way!!
amethystrose picture
My sister and I are alike in some ways, and so very different in others. I am trying to teach her to care for her health in a holistic way; that perhaps she wouldn't have so many issues if she took care of her home environment. I am appalled at the products (poisons) she uses in the home, and allows her children to use! If I won the kit, I would most definitely share it with her. If I left it in her house, and removed the other items she usually uses, she'd have to try the products. I know she would love them, and would love how she can breathe easier! I love my sister, and just want her to be as healthy as she can be. Theresa
ssnicol picture
Thank you for healthy products. If I won, I would share it with my younger sister. She has two kids that are being treated for allergies and asthma. I avoid medicines, if possible and love the natural meds better. I have observed a big improvement in myself and in my son, who also has allergies, when natural products are used.
EcoConvert picture
I want to share a kit with my favorite local coffee shop. They have a wonderful, cozy environment and stellar employees, but I see the girls using industrial chemicals to clean with. I'd like to give the kit to the owner of the coffee shop and let him know that all of us, him, his employees, and his customers, could benefit from green products. (as well as the environment!)
dsrammer picture
There has never been a direct link between chemicals and autism but I personally feel that there is. I would share the supplies with my son's classroom where there are several children on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. I try to always use green products at home as well. Thank you!
natashajones picture
I would share my stater kit with my sister. I lover her but she thinks taking care of the planet is a large chore and she really needs something that will give her an easy start. She can use the starter kit in place of what she currently uses to clean. I think it will make an easy first step in getting her to help save the planet.
hsuchard picture
My best friend is still using products with harsh chemicals and toxins mostly out of routine. I'd love to be able to gift her with a whole basket of Seventh Generation products so that she can start cleaning safer.
susandp picture
I love Seventh Generation products and use them all the time. If I won this, I would give one to my friend Wendy, who recently developed a rash she thinks is related to cleaning products or detergents. I hope I am chosen!
andriesj picture
I love seventh generation products and us them all!! I would share this kit with my sister in law because she does lots of cleaning with two young boys running around the house and I think it's important to use eco products to help the environment but also to help our health. If a product is so harmful that it can't touch your skin or is harmful just to breath then it shouldn't be used, so I want to teach her that these eco products do make a difference and that they are affordable on a limited budget!
micheleburk picture
I'd share a kit with my friend who also has a lot of animals. We need to keep chemicals away from our fur friends as much as us!
ellebyam picture
Thanks for your great products! I can think of numerous friends and family who I would love to include in your offer. You are most generous!! I believe though I would share with my friend Sue. She has autoimmune illness and would certainly benefit from your line of products for a healthier life. Out with nasty chemistry, in with healthy cleaning products! Thanks for this great offer!
Loralee Clark picture
Loralee Clark
I would share my kit with my child's co-operative preschool.
awgreens picture
I would share it with my friend who has allergies. The 7th Generation products have made a huge difference in my own health and dealing with allergies. I think these products would really help my friend as well.
jnatelle picture
I have got her into healthy and environmentally conscious choices at the supermarket and this would be a great gift to share with her!
drstadum picture
I'd share this kit with my aunt who has a severe sensitivity to chemical cleaners.
tepsi picture
I would share with a good friend of mine. She is trying to be more green but doesn't have the time to research products and get started. It would really help her out. Thanks
saphillips picture
I would love to share one with our area Family Literacy Center - which works with pregnant and parenting teens where young moms and moms-to-be work towards their GED/HS diploma, learn parenting and life skills, and engage in early literacy/learning activities with their kids. The Family Literacy Center weaves real life learning into academic programming to support the development of young families - what a great chemistry "unit" they could have!
sunchik33 picture
It's been a joy to go through the first stages of motherhood with a friend who has a little guy who's just a few months older than our own little bundle of joy. As stay-at-home moms, we're always looking for ways to save money, while still providing the best for our families. Seventh Generation products make that possible. I'd definitely share the Seventh Generation kit with her!