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Win a Healthy Home Starter Kit For Voting Us the #1 Greenest Brand in the U.S.

Author: Seventh Generation

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION! Winners have been chosen and will be notified by e-mail. Comments are now closed.

THANK YOU for helping Seventh Generation be named the #1 Green Brand by the ImagePower® Global Green Brands Study, one of the largest global consumer surveys of green brands and corporate environmental responsibility.

We're celebrating by giving away Healthy Home Starter kits filled with our products. Tell us in the comments section below who you'd share a kit with and we'll pick 10 commenters at random to get a kit for themselves and one to give away.


TripleMama picture
Having infant triplets is kind of messy, but with the correct products it makes the work less hard. So, I'll share them with my friends.
shearene88 picture
I would give a kit to my mother! I personally love the bathroom cleaner gets rid of soap scum easily and it actually smells good!
katbrink picture
I would share with co-workers & neighbors. As fun as it is to get something for free it is also alot of fun to give to others. I live in NC where there is not alot of interest from others in regard to being eco-friendly or alot of the green movement going on. I think if I can show others how great these products work & when they notice the lack of toxic fumes that are used to with other products that they might just change their ways and be more open to making some changes in their lives that will better the environment.
zarinaraquel picture
I'd send the extra starter kit with grandmother when she visits the Philippines aka the motherland. Big US name brands (P&G, Ariel, Tide, etc) are the marketing darlings for all home cleaning products in this country. I've personally seen the "goopy" run-off from laundry washing into the streets. There is an intensive movement to "green" up with locally produced products (mostly coconut based), but the allure of US products is really strong. It'd be fantastic to share 7th Generation.
dooleyme picture
I grew up in a household where clean meant cleaning with bleach. As a child, I was diagnosed with asthma and now have adult asthma that is finally under control. I already use your products in my bathroom as that is the worst area for me to clean (small space + asthma = not good!) I would like to share these products with my mom and grandma who still to this day clean with harsh chemicals. I want them to know that natural products clean just as well, if not better, than regular bleach! Love your products and would love to share them with my bleach loving family! :)
lauramarie36 picture
Kimmy has had headaches and dizziness for months. Doctors have not been able to pinpoint the problem. I think cleaning with green 7th generation products can be of some help.
sshtg5 picture
I've been working on converting her to green cleaning products. She's stubborn... and the kit contains a great variety of your products for her to try.
angela picture
Those near and dear to me, my sisters and brothers, and my friends will all enjoy trying out these products. I have a few friends who are moving, so eco-cleaning products will be much appreciated!
lori_b picture
I'd share my starter kit with my husband and we'd have a cleaner, greener house.
sdix picture
I would love to win the Healthy Home Starter Kit for my Mummy who is a amazing recycler. She is a skilled at the practice of conserving gas and energy. Best yet, you would never know it as she has a generous heart, is thoughtful toward all, and active in her community. Thank you for recognizing her by awarding her. She will appreciate it and I will too!
nuttymama picture
I love Seventh Generation! Saving our planet and keeping us healthier at the same time! I would love my kit and share one with my sister who is equally excited about Seventh Generation.
Cyndi B picture
Cyndi B
I absolutely LOVE Seventh Generation Products! I love the way they clean, and at the same time they help me make a positive difference by helping me be more natural! I would want to send a kit to my friend Tiffany who loves to try new products, but has not tried these products yet. Her husband is allergic to harsh chemicals, pets, and dander, and tends to get sick often, and I feel that this would help her to keep their home naturally cleaner and help him breathe easier!
colleenwhalen picture
My mother was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. Her entire life she used conventional home cleansers and I know that there is an accumulative affect using petrochemical based house hold cleansers. I tried to convince her to stop using microwave and to quit eating processed foods. The next step would be to have her elminate supermarket type petrochemical home cleansers. I've been using 7th Generation products for many years and had great results!
reynolds370 picture
I volunteer at a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation center and we do cleaning all day from dishes to cages and mopping up messes. The traditional chemical cleaners are irritating to the wildlife and we try to find unscented products. I think that Seventh Generation products would be perfect to use since they are natural and non-toxic as well as environmentally friendly so we are protecting the environment while helping animals when we clean. Since we operate on donations we can't always chose what cleaning products we use, so winning the gift pack would mean more to me since it would be benefitting the organization and helping save lives of injured wildlife!
kyrakpf picture
I would share with my sister because she has been a huge help to me! I have a seven month old baby and we recently moved into the studio below my sisters house. She has been doing so much for us and we would love to get this kit and share it!
carmen54 picture
I'd share with my sister. She is not just my sister, she's also my best friend!
shadkat picture
I would share with Jeannie and her husband because they have three boys and what a way to teach their boys how to be healthier growing up and not use toxic products in their lives, and they could be learning about natural products while helping their mom clean house!!! :)
MJ Toepfer picture
MJ Toepfer
My brother has MS and I believe he would benefit from having fewer toxins in his home. My sister-in-law has a tremendous amount of responsibility and I know that "green" just seems like more work to her, but I'd love to have her give Seventh Generation a try and find out how much simpler (not to mention healthier!) it can make cleaning their home.
Rochelle picture
I've purchased the bathroom cleaner as I have two small children. I want to use products that are safer for them to be around. And I love that Seventh Generation makes products such as these. And as for my parents, they would also like to keep with using products that are safe for animals and their grand children! What better product than Seventh Generation!!!! Thanks for all the good work that you do!
midsummermuse picture
Who else but my mom would I give this to? She taught me how to clean, and I know she has tried eco-friendly products in the past, but I don't think she uses them consistently. It's a great way to get us both used to using all natural cleaning products all the time. Thanks so much!
pjsally picture
I come from a family of asthmatics and I have been trying to convince the next generation of our family to all use better safer, gentle products. Sharing products is fun & if you can win them all the better!!!!!!
kermitaO picture
I would give a green starter kit to a good friend! She is in the process of cleaning up her diet and I would love to help her green up her clean as well!
moodeeblues picture
I'm trying to make changes to improve my health; well-being, and enviorment. Introducing these wonderful products to my parents would be a pleasure
mystic1016 picture
She taught me from an early age about recycling, reusing, reducing and using eco-friendly products. We went every Saturday morning to the dump to drop off the recyling. Thanks Mom!
cdavis.pharmd picture
My family is a baby making machine this year! I have already helped them decorate with green friendly materials and non-toxic paints, so now I would love to share this with them :)
bellapookmom picture
I would give the starter kit to my sister. My nephew has severe allergic reactions/eczema that becomes inflamed without warning or known reason. She still uses non-green products around the home, even though she tries to buy organic food when possible. This could be her NEXT green step!
snoox76 picture
I would share this kit with my parents, to show them that they can go green and still get great cleaning products!
lkaras picture
I would share this with my family so they can try using safer products in their homes too.
organic chic fanatic picture
organic chic fanatic
My sister uses toxic I could give the starter kit to her and her housemate to clean with green stuff. I want to fully convert them into a green machine with 7th G! I can't go to her house without smelling some horrible chemical cleaner or kitty cat smell....
Joy picture
I know my mom has been trying to cut down on the amount of nasty chemicals she uses around the house as well, and is on a tight budget. It would be great to have these to use and share with her!
greenjilly picture
My sister and brother-in-law have a two and four year old (girl and boy, respectively) and they've all had allergy issues or been diagnosed with asthma lately and I'd love to take the chemicals out of their home.
nancy picture
I have a good friend who is a young single mom trying to support her son on her own and still keep safe products in her home. She is a good person and has had so many struggles that I would really like for her to have something to smile about. She lives in an older home and could really use these products to help get out some of the toxins. She knows the importance of having safe products in her home but really struggles with her choices based on her income, I would love to share this with her!
kristindholliday picture
I would give a kit to my parents because they are always saying that green cleaning products don't work as well as the ones they use. This would show them and the rest of the family that they definitely do!
Whitney picture
I would share with my mom because she owns her own cleaning business and uses all earth friendly products.
organic101 picture
I would share my starter kit with my sister because she got me started eating organic foods, and I would like to get her started using seventh generation products. She hasn't switched over to seventh generation products yet, and I know she would love them :)
erinski222 picture
She is an amazing dancer, physically active and health conscious. She also has a beautiful long haired cat so there is plenty of cleaning to do! I know she would appreciate and use these products.
earoche78 picture
I would give this kit to ANYONE who doesn't think using Seventh Generation Products can clean as well as the harsh, toxin-ridden, chemical-based cleaners they are currently using. I LOVE Seventh Generation Products and find they clean just as well, if not BETTER, than the other name-brand products out there that are filled with unhealthy ingredients. We started using Seventh Generation Products (dish detergent, laundry detergent, dish washer soap, all-purpose cleaner, etc.!) when I became pregnant with our 1st child 4 years ago, and have never gone back to those other chemical-ridden products. Thank you for making safer alternatives for my family, and caring about the environment!
Parmie picture
I would share this with my sister inlaw as she is very concerned about the environment and keeps me on track when it comes to being eco/green.
sandyleew picture
I would share it with my parents who I have been trying to convince that green products are actually better than the chemical-laden ones they currently use.
kacyf2 picture
I would share one with the school I teach at. Family and friends already get many green products from me as gifts. A school seems to be the best place to make a good impression on the next generation.
tanna220 picture
I would share with my mom who is a cancer survivor. She is a survivor for several years and is very sensitive to strong chemicals. The kit would really benefit her and my entire family as a whole.
ladybugg325 picture
I love Seventh Generation products - cleaning and baby products. I share this with friends, family, coworkers, everyone! I would share the Health Home Starter Kit with my daughter's daycare. I'm sure they would be amazed at the cleaning ability of Seventh Generation products. It would be a nice thought that the products that they use are safe for our children and available at affordable prices.
alysonfro picture
I would share a kit with my best friend who is having a baby in October. It would be a great start to a greener home for the new little tike!
akfurlong picture
I would share with my son and his girls. They need help!
mstella picture
My mom is 78 and had 2/3rd's of her right lung removed in 2010 due to cancer. I want to keep her around for as long as I can and using these producs will eliminate the carcinogens she inhales with the products she currently uses.
Shawkins930 picture
I would give the Seventh Generation Starter Kit to my parents. My father worked with hazardous chemicals his whole life and now his body is suffering the consequences, he has upper respiratory health problems. My mother has always been a hard worker and she deserves to relax and know she is taking care of her family and the environment.
Twinkle014 picture
My friends and family have already heard all that I have to say about the environment and the dangers of house-hold chemicals. However, many people at work have still not experienced how fresh and healthy our workplace could be if we were using environmentally friendly cleaning agents. It doesn't have to be toxic to clean germs! (It just has to be toxic to the germs) :) I know that they would really enjoy having a teacher's lounge that smells like fresh plants instead of factory perfumes. I know I would!
sampanes picture
I would share this kit with my sister. She just had a new baby two weeks ago. I think a new baby is a perfect reason to start cleaning with environmentally responsible products. And I love the idea of my new baby niece living in a home that doesn't have toxic chemicals.
marinat32 picture
My mother uses any and all cleaning products that she can find at discount stores and the dollar store. Most of them have all sorts of chemicals in them and smell awful. I would love to get rid of all her old stuff and replace it with green cleaners!
Kristen picture
My mom, She doesnt like to try new things unless it is free, so this would force her to try something new that is also better for the enviroment.