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Win a Healthy Home Starter Kit For Voting Us the #1 Greenest Brand in the U.S.

Author: Seventh Generation

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION! Winners have been chosen and will be notified by e-mail. Comments are now closed.

THANK YOU for helping Seventh Generation be named the #1 Green Brand by the ImagePower® Global Green Brands Study, one of the largest global consumer surveys of green brands and corporate environmental responsibility.

We're celebrating by giving away Healthy Home Starter kits filled with our products. Tell us in the comments section below who you'd share a kit with and we'll pick 10 commenters at random to get a kit for themselves and one to give away.


jessw0129 picture
My mother in-law... she is a true blessing to our life and we want her happy and healthy! So she would definitely be getting one of these kits to help her keep herself, her grandchildren and her environment healthy!
lisa_percy picture
I would share it with my mom who is striving to make small changes.
jkbhudda picture
I would donate both kits to the local Humane Society. I am not really sure what they currently use but it certainly does not provide a clean, environment for the animals or their care givers. It doesn't present an inviting atmosphere for those looking to adopt a pet when they visit the facility either so the poor orphans don't get much of a chance at putting on a good first impression. I think that they need the same advantage that I give my adorable little Pug. He is happy, healthy, and peaceful in his clean, safe and organic environment. He knows that he is well cared for and has no doubt that his home is full of love and security. I want those poor creatures to feel the same until they find a permanent home and I am sure God would want them to be cared for this way as well. Thank you for your care in making such a wonderful product line.
vlharwell picture
I would share this with my oldest son that is married now and has 3 children of his own. I want them to be safe and chemical free too!
koli picture
i would share this kit with assabile academy in greenville sc it new school and i would the students use it too and know the benifit of this product to elp our earth
Andrea Christian Parks picture
Andrea Christian Parks
I'd share this kit with my family first. I am a doctor and mother with twin two year olds and a four year old, and want to limit their exposure to noxious chemicals. Also, I'd use the kit to share with my patients and friends to explain how important it is to "clean green"!
Blugirl66 picture
I would love to share a Healthy Home Kit with my friend Sarah. We could make our homes safer for our children by using fewer chemicals.
lpnlotus picture
I would share it with my mom. She was Dx with breast cancer and for the first time in her life is starting to worry about her health. Me to to be honest. I started eating clean and now I am in the process of cleaning up my home. I am attempting to be as cheamical free as I possible can. Thanks for helping me achive this:)
roseangel462 picture
I would share the starter kit of Seventh Generation products with Cindy. She is the lady that I clean house for. She has four daughters from ages 3 to 14. I read an article that said that being exposed to toxins and chemicals could cause girls to start their menstral cycles at an early age. I have a ten year old daughter and that is one reason I use Seventh Generation too.
cam3003 picture
I'd share with my friend who is about to have a sweet baby girl! She will want to clean with the all natural green Seventh Generation products once the baby is here!
Karli picture
a starter kit with my lovely sister!
ssmichelless picture
i would share one with my friend nancy. she is a breast cancer survivor and i would like to share pure products with her to help keep her free of toxins.
nicolecolli picture
I would share one with my awesome mom!!
marissaseder picture
I would share with those I work with and my parents. Education about what is around us, including what our cleaning products put into our environment, is so important. Offices can be dirty places that need some healthy cleaning. My parent deserve to share in this kit, as they have taught me so much over the years!
pcalli picture
I am learning more and more about all the toxins in our every day lives. It is so SCARY!!! I would like to share the kit and experience with my family and friends. I believe everyone should provide their families with non-toxic, environmentally friendly products to clean everything from our kitchen counters, to laundry, to our bathrooms. Our society has become so chemically dependent, we need a safer alternative!
msmandi04 picture
As much as I'd want to share w/ everyone I know, I'd probably share w/ my parents. They've taught me so much and they also appreciate what I've taught them. In the last year alone, they have changed so many habits and household items just from the information that I've given them. They mean the world to me and have given me everything - I'd love to do the same for them!
danadecker picture
I use Seventh Generation in my classroom and have turned my students and staff members onto cleaning with environmental and health conscientious products. I am a Special Educator for a high school Intensive Needs program, and we are constantly helping our students with their Life Skills Post High School... what better way to send them out in to the real world with their very own Seventh Generation Products!
creativealexis picture
Every week the nursery is filled with brand new little ones. I'd love to see their play place cleaned with environmentally/personally friendly a hope that the whole building would be :)
globalgal picture
We are on a quest to cure my daughter of Asthma. My chiropractor did a class on the effects of toxins in household cleaning products and personal care products. I had no clue they were so detrimental to our health. Green is my new favorite color!! picture
I work hard to keep things safe and green for my children and I would like to pass my passion on.
CWAP picture
I would share it with my children-there is no better way to teach them about their environmental impact than to use these products together and share why we use them. Chores are educational in more ways than one!
cneiding picture
my mom loves green cleaning as much as I do! We would both love a kit
auchman picture
We are both conscious of our impact on the environment. Supporting a green company is important. Buying local on top of this we get healthier fresher food. Why then poison ourselves with cleaners.
Jennifer picture
My sister cleans houses and has decided to make the switch to natural products. She's been sharing what works and new things she has discovered. She cares about people and wants the environment to be as healthy as possible.
jennh4 picture
I would share this with her because she is taking steps to "naturalize" her home for her son's health. This would help her get started!
Seventh Generation VT picture
Seventh Generation VT
Shawn is the one that opened my eyes to being green and using healthy products and organic food. I would share with her for sharing with me a new way of life that is so much better for my family.
kak022809 picture
Being a military family expecting our first baby has been a challenge, being stationed overseas during this adventure has been an even bigger challenge. My neighbor and I both love Seventh Generation products but they are very hard to come by here. I would love to be able to give her the products we have been wishing for as she is also expecting a baby this year and you can never be to careful about what is used around baby.
Ashley picture
From the military wife stand point its hard to afford eco friendly cleaners when your trying to hold down a home with a deployed husband. Food, diapers and bills come first....I most definitely share with my other military moms so that they can have safe, healthy homes without worries of chemical exposer :)
kandradesmith picture
I would share the extra kit with my parents because I believe they could lessen their bad health if they made the choice of a more natural life. Raised in the consumer culture they do not see the importance of living simply and chemical free. This could be the opportunity I have been waiting for to help make them believers in environmentally friendly products but even more importantly, I could have a chance at making them healthier so they could finally live peacefully.
dagny22 picture
She runs a small animal rescue and goes through a lot of cleaning supplies. She works hard to be environmentally friendly so this kit would be a huge help to her.
lorilevy picture
I would love to be able to give a kit to my best friend who is expecting her first child. What a privledge it would be to start her child's life without dangerous chemicals!
Laura picture
I would share my starter kit with my mom because she is allergic to a lot of chemicals. It would be nice to get her products that would not make her sick! Please give us a starter kit to help her get switched over to more earth friendly products that won't make her sick.
I would share a starter kit with my Mom. She taught me almost everything I know about running a happy and healthy house. She has her ways of doing things, she likes them, and she sticks with them. Unfortunately her wasy of cleaning do not currently include Seventh Generation. I want to show her that Seventh Generation is worth the couple extra cents becuase the products are GREAT! I firmly believe that if she tries the products, she will be coverted!!
npowell picture
I would share the kit with the Women's Shelter that my church's Women's Ministry deal with. The joy of sharing all things that we can gather helps them out tremendously.
AMB91 picture
I'd share with my friend Pam. I'm slowly converting her to the "green" and organic life...this could give her the kick she needs to really "cross-over" :-)
french2000 picture
I'd share with my local food pantry. Those without food are probably without cleaning products as well.
angela picture
I would share the kit with my sister-in-law who is about to have her very first baby! I think this starter kit would be a wonderful transition from harsh cleaning products to a more healthy home fit for a new baby!
angelgalwendy picture
I can't get her a maid service... but I *can* help her have a clean and green home! I'm a big fan of ALL of your cleaning products -- especially the dish soap.
rssmilner picture
I would love to share a kit with my parents - they've been on the fence for a considerable amount of time, perhaps not quite believing that 'green' can mean 'clean'. They've bought a few products here and there, but haven't fully committed to using greener products that don't give off harmful fumes or cause damage to the environment. They've heard me preach; now, they need to see that it really can work!
gracieuk picture
I would share a kit with my mum who is as like minded as I am with regard to 'greening our cleaning'! As we currently live together, it's fun to share our ideas and methods on the subject. Together we can get this place clean!!!
lexan picture
My mom is the best cleaner on earth. I know she uses some green products, but I think she can use more. Using this kit will be just what she needs to be introduced to all of the 7th gen products that will make her life easier and greener.
ashley84shoes picture
i would share with my parents to help them go green!!!!!
laraiezzi picture
I would love to share a Seventh Generation with my parents. My 6 year old daughter had a heart transplant 4 years ago, and because of her medicines has a very compromised immune system. Since her transplant I have been learning about everything I can do to make our home a greener place for her to be. Seventh Generation is one of the brands we have come to trust to be in our home, and I would like to have my parents have that same chemical free atmosphere in their home, both for when my daughter is over there, and also for their own health. I am so thankful there are companies like you that exist. Thank you!
dressedtokill1821 picture
I'd share it with my mom since she loves cleaning!
rhansen101 picture
I'd share it with other new moms and let them know how important it is to think green for our future and our children's futures.
ecochristian picture
My daughter-in-law is not environmentally conscious but I know that she would want the safest products to use around my grandson. I would like to educate her without alienating her and I think giving her your products would be a great way to do this.
ksteele picture
I would share this with my parents in the hopes that they would continue to buy these products on their own once they had good results from using the starter kit. They complain that green products cost more and don't work as well as the conventional brands. I hope that Seventh Generation products would help shift their opinion of earth friendly products.
swallow picture
I am very happy that the "Seventh Generation" has been chosen to bear that distiction!I would share the kit with the wonderfull crew of our local public library staff, that me and my family attend to the library regularly to check books, magazines, etc., especially that we live directly across from the building! The library staff members are wonderful, helpful, knowleageable and friendly to their patrons, and we enjoy our visits to this library every time. I am a mamber of the "Friends of the Library Group" and helped over three years through donations and magazine purchases, to raise $1 mln. towards the new library building. I am sure the team members of our library staff will appreciate it very much if they could also contribute to their environment by trying products by the "Seventh Generation". Thank you. Swallow.
migcouponer picture
Julia, my BFF's daughter, is heading off to college this fall. There she'll jump through the normal freshman hoops, with the additional challenge of living with fibromyalgia. I have it too, and I know that healthy living is the key to managing symptoms. A bucket of easy ways to keep your dorm room and bath naturally clean would be a great fly-the-nest gift for this kid I've known since she was three.
smlafitte picture
My sister has children and pets yet uses toxic soaps and cleaners. She thinks the eco-friendly cleaners are too expensive and would never buy them for herself, so I'd like to give her the chance to try them out. She thinks I'm a crazy tree-hugger but I love her anyway!