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Win a Healthy Home Starter Kit For Voting Us the #1 Greenest Brand in the U.S.

Author: Seventh Generation

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION! Winners have been chosen and will be notified by e-mail. Comments are now closed.

THANK YOU for helping Seventh Generation be named the #1 Green Brand by the ImagePower® Global Green Brands Study, one of the largest global consumer surveys of green brands and corporate environmental responsibility.

We're celebrating by giving away Healthy Home Starter kits filled with our products. Tell us in the comments section below who you'd share a kit with and we'll pick 10 commenters at random to get a kit for themselves and one to give away.


thisisfarrah picture
I just moved in with my boyfriend in Boston and he thinks being "green" is mostly just for hippies. I'm adamant about proving to him that going eco-friendly can be just as effective as all the cheap chemical products and we can breathe easier! My parents are also skeptics about the effectiveness of environmentally friendly products, so it would be nice to give them the chance to learn otherwise! :)
teach03 picture
She is a customer service rep for a natural food store, and she LOVES Senventh Generation products! She is getting married, and I think it would be wonderful for her to be able to stock up on her favorite items to begin her new and healthy life with her husband!
mollygav picture
because she is currently pregnant and could use a break from chemicals.
IheartPHX picture
I would share it with my mother-in-law who currently is of the school of thought that cleaners have to be caustic and involve rubber gloves, watery eyes, and coughing in order to be effective!
patrainier picture
my office... Not everyone there understands the value of using natural product. While, in general, they may be a bit more expensive. Isn't the environment worth it. If everyone does a small part, a big job gets done. Thanks for caring for our environment and making your earth loving products.
cmlauraerwin picture
I would give him a starter kit as he starts his new life on his own. He's environmentally conscious, and would love the products.
kmarie picture
I would share the kit with my daughter. She has worked consistently toward a healthier lifestyle, removing toxic substances of all sorts from her food, home, yard, medical care and work practices. She just graduated with a degree in healing arts and is starting her own business - so she can help others. P.S. She loves 7G products!
theblacksheep picture
.. my sister Angela. She has multiple health issues and would benefit from safer cleaners.
ereid picture
I would share it with my mother and father-in-law who are trying to "clean up" their house and lifestyle after being diagnosed with heart failure 6 months ago. They are on their way to chemical free living!
Susan picture
My daughter's dad and my sister live with me. Every month I eliminate something environmentally harmful and incorporate something good into our lives. The complaining is legion. They believe that bleach is the only thing to get whites clean and can't believe I've banned it from the house. I'd like to get them interested in what and why I'm doing the things I'm doing.
kikisu picture
I would share it with my neighbor who I am slowly trying to show that pesticides and chemicals are harmful to the environment and to her and her families health.
Diana82 picture
We both love natural products and it would be awesome to share this with her!
katlivin picture
My Mom has COPD and Enphysema and I am having a hard time getting her to switch to healthy cleaning products that would be better for her breathing. Maybe a kit of all your great products would finally do the trick!
MsMegan picture
We're always trying to help each other find good alternatives to regular products, and I'd love to be able to give her a chance to try Seventh Generation.
shously picture
I would share with my stepson and his girlfriend. They are expecting a baby in October. This would be a great opportunity to share the benefits of using safe, non-toxic products.
adswain picture
I would share with my mom. She is a wonderful cleaner and actually cleans my house too sometimes. I definitely did not inherant any of her cleaning ability. She does an ecellent job but doesn't use eco-friendly products.
marjolein0721 picture
God bless them...I have tried so hard to help them both become better environmentalists! My mom has become much better but my sister still wants to buck the system so to speak. She really needs a swift kick to get going. Thank you for all you do for the environment!
jkubemt1 picture
Her and her family live off the grid and are becoming more organic every day. They want to change their ways and are a great family.
jmclaurin picture
My aunt uses good quality things for her home and body but the home products are not green. She is open minded though, so I think she would try 7th generation products happily.
pdebi picture
I'd share the kit with the custodian at our church and the daycare center in our education wing. Our United Methodist denomination just passed resolutions to stop using styrofoam (image all the covered dish dinners!). We need to take the next step for green, nontoxic cleaning that benefits our church family, the daycare children, and the custodian!
flower191 picture
I would love to receive a kit to give to my mom to make the change to a greener home. She still uses whatever is the cheapest and what she knows and will not open herself up to new things, but she might if it was a gift :-)
tlvervel picture
Would probably share with my workplace....might be able to influence next product choice of my co-workers and maybe the purchaser for the workplace...
m2grls picture
I would share the kit with my step-mom. She has been doing a wonderful job caring for my dad who has cancer and I know that these products would continue to encourage chemical free cleaning which is extremely important to her right now.
smartshopper picture
I would share a kit with my sister whose life has been a tremendous challenge since birth. She weighed less than 2 lbs at birth, had a cerebral aneurysm at 18, survived spinal meningitis, and now suffers with COPD. She is a valiant warrior and works every day unles she is hospitalized with breathing difficulties. Her medication is so expensive she's unable to afford everything the doctor pescribes. She is always excited when I share green ideas and products with her. She is a joy to know and love and gives so much in spite of her personal struggles.
alaina.sigler picture
To help share my passion for sustainable cleaning products, I'd share the kit with friends and family who have already made the switch or are still using cleaners that do not have naturally based ingredients.
Linda Hagedorn picture
Linda Hagedorn
I would share my starter kit with my church, Northshore UCC in Woodinville, WA. We are a greening community that strives to "embrace protecting, preserving, and celebrating God's creation by providing educaitonal and community project opportunities and by modeling good stewardship of our resources and our facilty". I think that by sharing the Seventhgeneration starter with my church community we would be taking that next step in living out modeling good stewardship practices, and continuing to practice walking humbly on this planet.
makeitupgreen picture
she is having major problems with allergies that are in her house. I do believe the chemical cleaners that she uses is playing a huge role in her continuous coughing and sneezing every time she is in her house.
bythe12 picture
I'd love to share the extra kit with a girlfriend who about to give birth to her little girl. The last thing she needs to worry about are the chemicals in her regulare cleaners AND the new baby.
bythe12 picture
I'd share my kit with a girlfriend who is about to give birth to her little girl. The last thing she needs to be worrying about is all the chemicals in her cleaners AND a new baby.
kari ann picture
kari ann
I'd love to share a kit with my best friend who is a stay at home mom with a 4yr old and a 3yr old. She just moved into a new house and is always looking for great new ways to keep the house and kids clean with out using harsh chemicals and being as Green as she can! She has been working really hard to coordinate their move; take care of the kids, her husband, her pets and the house all at the same time. This kit would be a huge help to her with one less thing to stress about.
jessha716 picture
I would share with my grandmother. She is having complications from a recent cataract surgery and will be undergoing yet another one next month. I will be doing some cleaning for her during her recovery. This would be the perfect time to introduce her to my 7th Generation products that I've been raving about!
jb02 picture
I would share with my little sister and her 18 month baby boy. We try to keep our homes as safe as possible and she hates chemicals as much as I do.
july1903 picture
...My brother, who is a first-time father. He quit smoking when he found out she would be born, and I'd love to share green cleaning products with them!
knitted lamb picture
knitted lamb
I would share the other starter kit with either my neighbor who has a son with several health issues or my son's teacher. Thanks for the giveaway and making such great products!
maryjaco1 picture
I would give this to my friend Matt & his daughtter Katie.He is a single dad and really does a good job with keeping his house clean.
zazuos picture
I would share a kit with my roommates because one of them is pregnant and we have 5 dogs between us. We always try and buy as natural as possible but,sometimes it gets expensive. Now with the baby on the way every dollar counts.
courtneylives picture
Id share it with my sister Kate cause she's a green-bean like me! ( =
alcils1704 picture
I would share the products with my sister. She has made it one of her main goals in life to protect the environment and help save this planet. I know she would appreciate me sharing these "green" products with her!
Krista picture
I would share the products with my mom who has allergies and chemicals really bother her.
dsoto1122 picture
I would share with my mom so I can teach her about green cleaning like she has taught me so many things! She is starting to take baby steps but still uses way too many chemicals to clean her house.
Nlauermann picture
I would share a kit with my sister who has "cleaned up" her act after having breast cancer.
j1man1r66 picture
I would share the Green Kit with my oldest daughter. She has three small children. With Seventh Generation we have no worries of chemical problems or allergy sensitivity! Plus , we have discovered the dish liquid will remove just about any stain a child can create from anything, even red Koolaid!
Michelle picture
I love natural, non-chemical products and have taught my mom a little something about your products so that she is more aware of what to use and avoid in order to keep her health up as well as help our interior home environment more eco-friendly. She'd love (as much as I would) to have these products to help her clean the home with the happy feeling that she knows natural ingredients get the job done and she's helping the environment all at the same time =D More power to your co. who has stepped up their game with doing good and helping the environment as well as our wallets! ;)
jenchillla picture
Suffice it to say that my 91-yr. old Grandma is a little "set in her ways." She is a wonderful treasure to my family and I hate to see her breathing in yucky toxins from the major cleaning brands that she "has come to trust." I'd love to see her live a lot longer using 7th Gen. cleaners instead!
Shannon picture
I'd share mine with my best friend, she just had a baby!
cindydarden picture
Unfortunately, making better choices often costs more. My mom is on a limited income but she likes to eat healthy foods and use environmentally friendly products.
jerylt picture
I would share it with my Mom she is much more of clean freak than I am so she would get even more use out of it than I would
prissychrissy picture
I would share it with my boyfriend to help him keep his dorm apartment clean and green
cheatahpanther picture
Wow what a great contest!! I would love to share with my friend Laurie. I have been trying to get her to "green up her life" for years. Her house is always full of pets and kids that should not be exposed to toxic cleaning chemicals. It would be great to get her hooked on such a great company. What got me hooked,before I ever even tried any of your wonderful products. was the quote on the packaging, "In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations"...... Thank you
Berng79 picture
I'd love to receive more Seventh Generation products (I'm already a big fan), but I'd also love to share a kit with my siblings who also have children of their own. All are at different stages of "going green", and I would like to encourage the continuation and/or initiation of using cleaning/household/baby products that are safe for people and safe for the environment. Thanks for this offer, and thanks for making virtuous products that work great!