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Win a Healthy Home Starter Kit For Voting Us the #1 Greenest Brand in the U.S.

Author: Seventh Generation

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION! Winners have been chosen and will be notified by e-mail. Comments are now closed.

THANK YOU for helping Seventh Generation be named the #1 Green Brand by the ImagePower® Global Green Brands Study, one of the largest global consumer surveys of green brands and corporate environmental responsibility.

We're celebrating by giving away Healthy Home Starter kits filled with our products. Tell us in the comments section below who you'd share a kit with and we'll pick 10 commenters at random to get a kit for themselves and one to give away.


emrs picture
I have been getting more and more involved in "going green." I think this has rubbed off on my mom, as she recently told me she bought one of your products (and loved it). I would love to share more with her!
jessminda picture
She is just getting into greener cleaning and I want her to love Seventh Generation products as much as I do!
ala0550 picture
Because he is currently in remission from leukemia and recovering from a stem cell transplant. Since his diagnosis, we have made dramatic changes in the food we buy and the personal care/cleaning products we use. Greener products for the environment and for our home is extremely important to us. What better way to promote a healthy home than with a Seventh Generation Home Starter Kit!
sassy susie picture
sassy susie
I would share the kit with my sister as we are both trying extra hard to use only environmentally safe products for our families.
grimmefest picture
I would share this with my family. My parents work as property managers and are always in need of new green cleaning products, as they get stolen when people find out how great they can be.
handelan picture
My husband and I have used many of the 7th Gen products, and have been working at our family members to move toward the 'green' side with their own product use. Since our kids (1 and 3) visit family often, it's important to us that what they use is safe for the kids post cleaning. I'd definitely share this with my mom and the in-laws. They both have taken small steps toward living green, but think the kit would point them down the right path moving forward. And since the products are readily available at our local stores, there's no reason why they couldn't continue with 7th Gen. Thanks for your great products!!
Morgan picture
Now that I'm a mom I have been trying to create a healthy environment for my family. I am interested in trying 7th Generation Products and hopefully making the switch. I would share the extra kit with one of my girl friends who has 3 kids and has never tried 7th Generation or any "green" products because they're more expensive. I think if she tried them she would like them and hopefully see they are worth it!
tigergrrlau picture
...and would be thrilled to share the Healthy Home Starter Kit with my house cleaners. The first time they showed up to my house, they brought their conventional cleaners [Windex, Tilex, bleach, etc]. I quickly offered my personal collection of non-toxic cleaners for them to use. I believe they would greatly benefit by using natural cleaners at all their jobs since they are ingesting the ingredients on a daily basis.
aredwar picture
I would share it with my mom who is always cleaning something>
mary martin holt picture
mary martin holt
I have recently started my own eco-friendly home cleaning company "Eco Maid" and am using 7th generation products as well as my own homemade, all natural cleaners to save on expenses. I would share your delightful products with my clients as I green-clean their homes and care for my body and our environment simultaneously.
acourtney09 picture
I would share it with my parents.
yendra picture
Sharing the kit with a friend who is a single mom and cannot afford green products most of the time.
colebrja picture
I would share a kit with the school I teach at in hopes of getting them to use green products around our elementary school children.
Rene Evans picture
Rene Evans
I'd love a kit and would share one with my mom. I love to see her get excited about "greening".
mytrot picture
I'd share with my friend. She's on a budget and can't afford to switch until the old stuff runs out.
Karen B picture
Karen B
I would love a kit and would share one with my friend Jesse.
lampshade picture
I'd share this with my sister as she has two young children, one being a toddler, and I'd like her to experience how great 7th Gen is.
littlepurplefoot picture
I'd share a kit with my sister. We both have small children at home and are trying to use less toxic products and protect the Earth for future generations.
nancym46 picture
My daughter has two young daughters (our first grandchildren) and both girls have allergies. Plus the 10 month old was recently given an inhaler to help her breathe. Our whole family is riddled with allergies, asthma, and eczema and using 7th generation products help to keep it all in check.
GoGreen0111 picture
I would share with my sister. We are both trying to help do our part to be green.
mebeam12 picture
I would share this kit with several of my friends who are thinking that these green products don't clean as well to prove them wrong. ;-) I'm hoping a free sample would get them to make the switch to 7th Generations great line up of products! I have fun telling them all the other benefits too, but there's nothing like trying it out for yourself. Thanks, Elizabeth
lisadonne40 picture
I would share this with my family. They deserve a healthy, clean environment to call home!
rexthex picture
I would share the start up kit with my husband who is currently deployed in Afghanistan. One of our biggest concerns for his deployment was how he could remain "green and organic" while deployed. I mail him a care package of food every week so he can stick as close as possible to our restricted diet of organic food. The packages also include organic hygiene products as well as earth friendly cleaning products so while he protects our freedoms, he can help protect our earth!
kaman picture
I have found that it is hard to find a cleaning product that really stands up to its promise. Seventh generation is the only that I found that does what it states it will do. The dish soap with it's wonderful lavendar fragrance is my all time favorite. I even put it in my bathroom soap bottles. I never have irritaion on my skin and the suds are amazing. My sons have VERY sensitive skin and require natural products. Seventh Generation puts them in seventh heaven. I know that my family will use it for "generations" to come
boss3462 picture
My mom and I both love the products. She has allergies and started using them, then I tried them and now we are hooked! I would definitely share it with her, as she shared hers with me to try.
flea21 picture
I would share with my Mom as she has taught and shared with me so much. My parents have been somewhat green as they have reused a lot of their waste since I was younger & taught me how to make things last longer. She does not use very many green products today but I would love to share them with her. I recently picked up your Lavender & Mint dish detergent today & love the scent!
tysteben picture
I would share with my mom. She loves cleaning and even though I didn't like to clean the house with her at 7 am on a Saturday morning when I was younger, she has instilled in me all of her great values!
laurel picture
All of my peers seem to be giving birth these days... so I have recently discovered the joys of Seventh Generation baby products. My best friend is due to deliver her first child, Elijah, in August - she hasn't really been a big 'green' supporter in the past, but I am hoping to use her concern for the health of her growing family to sway her opinions. A Seventh Gen starter kit would be perfect for that. Even if I don't win I'll put one together for her. I don't want her to have to worry about poisoning baby E with her laundry soap. So thanks for the opportunity, but also thanks for the idea. This is great!
Ripley13 picture
I have been using Seventh Generation products for years but now I believe in them more than ever. I am the proud new mother of a beautiful 6 month baby boy who puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. It is now more important then ever that my our house is not only clean, but also safe for my little one. I love the fact that your cleaners are non-toxic, and work great. They also smell great! :) I woud share this kit with my cousin who is also my best friend and is due for her second child next month. I really want to get her more involved with less toxic, greener cleaning agents. Your products are the best!
kfungi picture
I would share with my go to best friend who is willing to pretty much try anything with me. She buys her cleaning products at the $1 store and I'd love for her to experience what a difference the 7th Generation products can make while also being environmental.
hadleymom picture
..with my family. With two little ones, keeping a safe environment (at home and on a global level), is one of the best gifts I can give them.
roruru picture
Because she now has a little one of her own and I believe that using "green" products will be healthier for my nephew as well as their pets.
esoday picture
I work in a kid's store (toys, strollers, carseats) and there are lots of kids that come in (obviously) and pregnant moms! It would be great if I could get this small, family owned store to be even greener! (our main color for the store is green!) I think it would have a great impact because then we could tell our customers what we used to clean something (when of course they remark at how nice and clean our store is...)
phishfreakzgirl picture
I would use it and stock the vacation rental homes I clean! I want everyone to use and appreciate your products as much as I do ( ;
jakilyn picture
I will share with my dear friend, who I wish would buy products like these.
jotatray picture
I would share the products with the director of the childcare center I work at. For myself, the children, and the environment, I believe all childcare facilities/schools should use non-toxic, biodegradable products in recyclable containers. I would also share them with my coworkers, friends, and family.
channeltool picture
Since I have a whole closet full of your products I would give one of my baskets to my sister who has four kids and uses cleaning products that are loaded with harmful chemicals. I tell her I use Seventh Generation and it cleans and smells better than the caustic cleaners she buys. The other basket I would give to my parents, my mother has a small cleaning business and hopefully this will start her using a Greener alternative to harmful products she is now using. Thank you so much for developing all your products to keep us and the enviroment safe.
Shergi picture
I would share with my friend. We are both working on greening our homes, and starting to eat more local, less processed foods.
marytdavis84 picture
I would share it with my friend Ajay, who I am currently living with and who also loves Seventh Generation!
squeezestone picture
My partner and I are midway through a documentary film about chemicals, pregnancy and infant health. We've been cleaning up our act in terms of home cleaners and trying to convince both sets of our parents (who babysit often) to phase out their toxic cleaners and move to non-harmful products. We'd love to give them the gift of the products in this kit... on film! My mother-in-law is half onboard in terms of green cleaners, i.e. she'll use one if i pass it along to her, but won't seek them out on her own. I'd love to give her a complete set and film her as she discovers that Seventh Generation products are not only equally effective but so much healthier for her and my father-in-law.
sheltol picture
My mom has allergies and asthma. I would love to share with her to remove all the chemicals she currently uses to clean.
heights91 picture
I'd share with my sister who does her part for a healthy environment but doesn't make much money in her chosen career. She works with adults with MRDD. I love her
rec_therapist picture
I would give it to my parents because I want them to healthier. My mom is conscious about using more natural products because they are better for them and the environment. We also go up there with our children so I would like for them not to be exposed to harmful chemicals.
pigwhiffle picture
Since both my wife and my son are particularly sensitive to caustic cleaning products, I'd share a gift pack with my mother-in-law so that when she has the family to her home I can have the same peace of mind that I do when we have her to our home.
alisono28 picture
because like me, she likes to use environmentally friendly and natural products!
miraclemets picture
I would share the kit with my good friend Becky, who has severe chemical sensitivities and has not worked for several years.
keera picture
She has a 2 year old & a 3 year old. She is recently on her own and is struggling financially but was raised with and uses natural products when she can afford them.
kaydekat picture
i would share it with my family! we are moving into our first home!
harmony822 picture
She has always been eco-conscious and tries to use natural products. Unfortunately, finances have become an issue and she isn't always able to invest in better, alternative products like those made by Seventh Generation.
sarahjoy4him picture
I would definitely want to share the kit with my parents! I've been telling them all about the changes we've been making at our home, and would love for them to be a part of the changes too!