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Win a Healthy Home Starter Kit For Voting Us the #1 Greenest Brand in the U.S.

Author: Seventh Generation

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION! Winners have been chosen and will be notified by e-mail. Comments are now closed.

THANK YOU for helping Seventh Generation be named the #1 Green Brand by the ImagePower® Global Green Brands Study, one of the largest global consumer surveys of green brands and corporate environmental responsibility.

We're celebrating by giving away Healthy Home Starter kits filled with our products. Tell us in the comments section below who you'd share a kit with and we'll pick 10 commenters at random to get a kit for themselves and one to give away.


knkmoran picture
I have been using your products for awhile & I love them! I have also been trying to get my mother-in-law to use them, but she is not convinced they would clean and sanitize like her current chemical & bleach-filled products. And now, she is battling breast cancer and should be avoiding as many toxins as possible. Please help me convince her that clean does not have to mean caustic & harsh ingredients! Thank you for making such great products!
ladynearfar picture
My neighbors are not the greenest family and I welcome small opportunities to share the green lifestyle with them.
misao24601 picture
She doesn't realize how easy it could be to switch and i would love to show her that your products are just as easy and effective as what she is used to.
jalbus picture
I absolutely love 7th Generation Products, and use them religiously in my home. As a Holistic Lifestyle Coach trying to educate my clients, friends and family about the importance of reducing toxins in our lives, I truly appreciate your products. My parents have been my biggest supporters in leaving my former profession as an attorney to following my passion in holistic health and fitness. My parents already shop at Whole Foods, but they have not yet made the switch to environmentally safe cleaning products in their home -- old habits die hard! I would really love for them to be able to try these products, because I know once they get to see how they work and what this company stands for, they will make the switch! Since my mom is the one who makes the purchases, I would love for her to win the free products from you. Thank you!
asknreceive picture
My Godsister is currently preganant and preparing for the expansion of her family. She just recently purchased a home and is quite a neat freek. I want to show her that bleack and lysol are not effective cleaners for both the environment and the health of her family members.
vapor13 picture
I would share the Healthy Home Starter Kit with my mom and dad. I hope to steer them away from using so many chemicals in their home. The kit would help them realize the alternatives they have and would also save them the trouble of having to go out and figure out what to buy on their own.
misskim72 picture
My sister has recently become a new mom and is a very earth friendly gal. A few years back she was diagnosed with melanoma and since then has made every effort to change her lifestyle both personally and environmentally. She is also a teacher which means she comes in contact with 25 little ones on a daily basis. She could definately benefit from the starter package to help her home stay safe and clean for her new little one and to teach others about the 7th Generation Products.
tinaworships picture
I would share the home kit with my brother and sister-in-law. My sister-in-law is a cleaning freak. She loves using LYSOL products to disinfect her home, and as we know, using the chemicals in these products can be harmful to our health. She recently had a baby, and so she would like to keep the house extra clean for her child. It would be great to be able to give her a kit so that she can see how great your products are, and keep her family healthy and safe from bacteria, infections, and other sicknesses like H1N1. I love using your disinfectant spray, I use it for spring cleaning, cleaning counter-tops daily, and cleaning door knobs and such after the family has been sick. I would love to share the gift of healthy cleaning with my brother, sister-in-law and new niece. Thank you!
clyoung picture
I have used 7th Generation Products for years and have shared them will my closest family members. Sharing the Healthy Home Starter Kit with my mother would be the ultimate surprise for her and would be greatly appreciated by us both.
stravis11 picture
We have been slowly going green together. This would be a great boost to our plan!
harrka picture
He makes fun of me in a fairly-good natured way about my passion for the environment, but he's got a big family and they could benefit from learning how to tread more softly on this earth!
xhopelessgirlx picture
I would share with my mother in law. She has 5 grandchildren, 2 dogs, and 1 cat. So, she's always looking for products that are safe to use around everyone!
jamnsfld picture
I have been trying to encourage my sister to live greener and healthier so I would love to give her a goodie basked of Seventh Gen stuff!
sarakate25 picture
with my dad! His house needs a good cleaning and your items would be safe for him and his dog.
karen picture
I'd most certainly share a 7th Generation Kit with my brother because he has allergies and these are such green friendly cleaning products.
candice_moretti picture
mom's waiting for her toxic products to run out so she can "go-green". great watt t o jump start that process! thank you!
rbhkerns picture
When I win a healthy home starter kit I will share it with my sister-in-law!
LoriCairnes picture
I would share with our school - It is a small school - we feel like family - we all want the safest products for our children - and at the same time we want to know their learning environment is clean. Our custodian would be thrilled with this gift.
lexysmom4 picture
I would share a kit with my sister. She cleans houses and this would help her out a lot. Love your products :)
ggadiel picture
I would share if with friends of ours who are having their first child.
emilyhoyler picture
I would share the kit with my children's daycare provider, so that all the children could enjoy a less toxic yet clean space!
stucker21 picture
I would give the other kit to my mom because she is trying to not use chemicals in her home (or her yard:)).
biscrandi picture
I have a friend who is going through some health issues right now and I have been trying to talk to her about switching to organic as well as the cleaning products she uses. Maybe trying it for free would help her change her mind.
mrswoodzi picture
Oops...I meant to add that since we're living with her I would give the other one to our neighbors.
mrswoodzi picture
My husband, children, and I are currently living with his mother -- I would give it to her.
momoftwotots33 picture
As a parent of a child with an ASD, I find it very important to rid my house of anything toxic. Not only that, we recently found out we are expecting again and want this child to grow up in a "clean" toxic free environment. I've switched to mostly Seventh Generation products for cleaning and LOVE them! They work just as well if not better than typical products and they smell fabulous! My in-laws adopted two children, one of which has Type 1 diabetes, and she is currently switching out her household with all natural products and I have already had the pleasure of sharing Seventh Generation products with her. I would love to continue to rid my house of anything toxic as well has hers!
sambush4 picture
I have found your products to be great! I love also that they are non-toxic, a great benefit to me. I would love to share these products with a friend who is raising three young children. I think in addition to her serving healthy foods, it would be great if she could clean in a healthy way. Thanks for all you do for the earth, Samantha
Irishwonder picture
I would share it with my church. Too often people buy the industrial size cleaners and not realize what it is doing to not only the environment but to people who have allergies to the harsh chemicals. I am hoping to sway our church with using healthier products that do just as good of a job as the other stuff and will also be safe for the people who attend our church.
rodel picture
Ever since my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago, they totally became health freaks like myself and I absolutely love that I do not have to worry about them as i used to. And now the kit can introduce them to an even wider range of freakness! lol.
gabby7 picture
I would share it with my boyfriend. We are buying our first home and want to start it off right. Not only do we want to clean right but we also will purchase: rain barrel, composter,plant our own vegetables, try to eat local and organic (budget pending), and someday solar panels. We feel if we are good examples to our neighbors, then our neighbors will also follow in our foot steps.
fqueen picture
she loves for things to be clean without that "fake" lemon smell!! We have enjoyed getting to know the 7th Generation family of products with 2 children with asthma and having a peace of mind that these products are safe with everyone in your household AND they REALLY clean!
hugs and bugs picture
hugs and bugs
I would share the products with my parents, in hopes of converting them to a healthier way of cleaning!! More people should know that oyu do not need chemicals and artificial ingredients to sanitize a home. :)
Melanie picture
I would share with my Mother because she is always sharing with me and I would love for her to give green products a try. I think she would be pleasantly surprised at the results!
savita picture
Hi, I love your products, makes m feel happy that I am doing something to make the world a greener place to live. I learnt about your product from a friend when I went to her house, and since then I love your poducts, so I would like to share these with my other friends whom I want them to try you products and feel good about using your products and I want them to buy only seventh generation for most of their needs. - savita
smac73 picture
I would love to share a kit with my Mom. I know that she would love the chance to use these products. She has asked me about mine and I would love it if I could give her some of her own.
holly621 picture
I would love to share these products with my office coworkers at the hospital where I work. We use such strong products like CaviWipes & Lysol that are very strong and totally unnecessary. They really need to be introduced to safer 7th Generation products so we can protect ourselves from all these allergies we started getting since working here. I believe Seventh Generation is the way to go in creating a healthier environment!
zard4life picture
I would share my kit with my wife. She introduce me to your products and we have tried our best to incorporate them into our lives and the lives of our two children.
sultansmom picture
I would share a kit with my mom who taught me about green living
Missypup1 picture
He loves using the clorox wipes & lots & lot of papertowels & keep telling him 7th generation is so much better for him & the planet. I think if he got a free kits with all of the 7th generation products to try he would be hooked on it likeI am.
farren picture
I would share with my mother-in-law,i help give her suggestions to be more green. : )
lreilly picture
My brother and sister-in-law have four beautiful children. I would love to share this healthy gift with them! My brother was also so very caring and supportive for me when I was diagnosed with cancer and went through treatment and surgery. Thankfully I am now a survivor! Using these products make me feel like I am contributing to my continued good health!
Angie Anderson picture
Angie Anderson
My husband and his business associate own a small coffee company here in Mpls. While I choose to use 7th gen products in our household, they have not yet chosen to spend the extra money to utilize the personal and cleaning products in their office. I think if they could give it a try, they would be hooked!
Jennifer picture
I would share with my friend who lives near Pittsburgh - we are both moms of young kids, working on making our homes safer, less toxic, trying to make smart choices about the products we use in our homes and on our bodies. It's hard but 7th Generation makes it easier!
Christina picture
She is very green in other ways, but not with laundry or cleaning products. This would be a wonderful way to get her acquainted with 7th gen products.
kitty88 picture
I would share with my mother. She is used to buying products that are not very natural, so these would be great for her to try!
blankcanvas1228 picture
If I could I would give one to everyone I know! It makes me sad to see so many people around me who are unaware of or don't care about all the chemicals that surround them each day.
kara12 picture
He is a hard working firefighter with 2 young children and a third on the way. It has been so exciting to see him start to relaize the effects of toxins on their health and the environment. They are trying hard to live cleaner and I am so proud of him in so many ways!
melissa mc picture
melissa mc
my hubby who I'm trying to get to use more environmentally-safe products -- ty for the chance!
VeggieKids picture
My mom and I have been long-time fans of 7th Generation products so I know she would LOVE to receive your wonderful products.
kristine.tunnell picture
This last year my eyes were opened to why taking care of this plant is so important and that what companies we support show the world what is important to us. When we support environmentally and socially responsible companies like 7th Generation we are promoting social justice in the world. My roommate and I are really trying to live according to what we believe and in supporting seventh generation we have the ability to do just that!
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