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Will You Sign a Petition to Install a Clothesline at The White House

Author: Seventh Generation VT

According to the US Energy Information Administration, six percent of residential electricity consumption is due to the tumble dryer.*

President Obama, early in his first term, installed a kitchen garden on the White House lawn. Jimmy Carter installed solar panels and asked us to turn down the thermostat and wear a sweater. There is reason to believe that there is a clothesline at The White House already, but the First Family is not public about it.

We are facing devastating climate change impacts, largely brought on by consumption habits in the developed world. This symbolic act by the Obamas -- installing a clothesline -- could provide an example to the world of a way that families can save energy and money, especially dryer-using Americans.

Please sign this petition to put a visible clothesline on The White House premises to set an example for the world about personal responsibility for saving energy and reducing climate change.


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barbara docs picture
barbara docs
Just think how environmentally good it would be if the people in the white house stopped multiple uses of Air Force One strictly for pleasure trips.
michelelyl picture
I agree. I want to see the Obamas hanging out their undies like me in the back yard breeze! That being said, we have relentless smoke in our area for most of the warm weather due to fires from thunderstorms- I'd rather use the dryer than smell smoke in my clothes. Clear days, yay! Smoky days, not so much. And in the winter, I'd rather have dry clothes than frozen clothes....in Oregon. Oh well. We do hang stuff inside, too.
Jude113 picture
FYI, some of us choose NOT to belong to Facebook. In the future please consider making petitions that EVERYONE can sign. Thanks!
CatcatCat picture
Sunlight obliterates unwanted microbes from laundry in a way that a machine dryer can't. Please install a clothesline at the whitehouse!
maryg-h picture
I love hanging out my laundry. It smells great, bleaches whites without using harsh chemicals and saves on my energy bill. I think the Whitehouse should set at example and install a clothesline. Unless the first family suffers with allergies, the bedsheets and towels should be hung outside to dry naturally.
mngl1415 picture
People look to the President and family to set an example for our people. I think putting up a clothes line would be a great step in sustaining our energy. This is something that our grandparents and greats used to do, why did it all of a sudden vanish?