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Why I Buy Seventh Generation

Author: kristen.marie

I bought my first bottle of Seventh Generation bathroom cleaner a few weeks ago. My tub was dirty, and now that my son is big enough to be in the bathtub, I wanted a cleaner that is safe for my family and for the environment. A friend of mine had some Seventh Generation dishwashing liquid at her house and I decided to give the brand a try.

I've since bought many of Seventh Generation’s other cleaners and have swapped my conventional brand disinfecting wipes for theirs.

The transition to green cleaning seemed natural in my house, because I'm also strict about the kind of foods we eat and where they come from. If you eat natural and healthy, it makes sense that you should be cleaning your kitchen with products that follow the same guidelines.

So thanks again, Seventh Generation, for helping me take care of my family!


ourhometeam picture
People who are health-conscious generally care about the cleaners in their homes, too. It is a congruent concept: healthy food - safe cleaners. I have used Shaklee products for more than 3 decades and they are def in the top tier. Now, I have to do the math. Load for load, floor-cleaning to next cleaning - which product is most cost effective? 7th Gen or Shaklee or Method? Has anyone done the math already? Also, I have to admit - after soaking clothes in 7th Generation - they came out brighter than I've ever seen with other eco-friendly cleaners. Now, I can do away with oxi-clean, clorox pen, AND softeners, too. How this chemically occurs, I don't know yet. Any chemists out there who can explain how my VERY HARD FLORIDA water (loaded with Ca, Fe,Na and so forth)becomes softer with 7th Gen? Or is it my imagination? I will check back for feedback to these regards: cost-efficiency; softening qualities and brightening of fabrics. PS: BTW, even pediatricians (see American Academy of Pediatrics) warn AGAINST use of Lysol products. They do more harm than good to the human.
PierinaM picture
I use BON AMI along with the Tub and Tile cleaner when it really needs a good scrub.. The LYSOL cleaner would subject your children to much more harm then build up I would think... I spray and let it sit then scrub away.... it shines like new every time and no harsh chemicals are used... Lysol is one of the more common household cleaners available on the market. The company's products range from aerosol and non-aerosol sprays to solvents and wipes. According to toxicologist Shawn Ellis, Lysol products have up to 1,000 times more chemicals than their competitors, recorded at around 1,200 parts per million. Cleaning products such as Lysol are not required to list their ingredients, which raises concerns about the potential hazards associated with using them too often. Read more: Lysol Hazards | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/list_7444498_lysol-hazards.html#ixzz1GERuyPPZ
katie4386 picture
I did the same thing, and feel the same way. Except, when I used the bathroom cleaner on my tub, after a week I noticed build up. I clean my tub literally every other day because I always clean it before I do bathtime for our daughter. We don't have a dirty condo by any means, and we are not dirty people, and have no pets or other children. As much as I want to go green and have a home free of harsh chemicals, I had to switch back to lysol 4 in 1 because I don't want her to be bathing in a dirty, build up infested tub. My tub now sparkles like you wouldn't believe.