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Why Does the Lorax Love Our 4X Detergent?

Author: Seventh Generation

Could it be our triple-enzyme, stain-fighting power?
Or our revolutionary, earth-friendly bottle?

Actually, it's both! And the more you know about our friend The Lorax and his message of environmental truth and ecological hope, the more you can see why all sorts of things about our Natural 4X Laundry Detergent might make him smile. 

Take the compostable (or recyclable) bottle that holds our new formula. For someone who speaks for the trees, knowing our powerful 4X formula is packaged in an innovative recyclable (even compostable) shell made entirely from recycled fiber is pretty exciting.

We're guessing the biggest reason The Lorax approves of our stain-fighting, 4X formula is because it shows how hard Seventh Generation is working to design effective products that help consumers lessen their impact on the planet.

Our biodegradable 4X formula uses a multiple enzyme system to fight the toughest stains and is designed to work well in both warm and cold water. The entire 4X packaging system (fiber bottle, pouch, spout and cap) system uses 66% less plastic than a typical 100 oz. 2X laundry bottle -- while delivering the same number of loads. Even the #4 plastic pouch and #5 cap can be recycled where facilities exist. And because our natural 4X Laundry Detergent is highly concentrated, we use far fewer resources to manufacture and ship it.

Maybe it's time to discover for yourself why the Lorax loves our 4X Detergent -- and our other products, too.



MotherLodeBeth picture
(laughing) With ALL due respect Seventh Generation paid like fast food places and others do to tie in their product with a movie. At least that is what our walk the talk literate family teaches.
dewey_decimal picture
The Lorax also loves the new Mazda5 SUV, which isn't even a hybrid, and doesn't have great fuel efficiency. He also likes disposable diapers, which, even if they're from 7th Generation, aren't a very earth-friendly choice (do you guys make them from truffula trees, or some other kind?).
wig4usc picture
I was excited and interested in the cardboard packaging and bought a bottle. Unfortunately for me, I have two young dogs who like cardboard! A word to the wise, it will tear apart, a little more caution is needed when using!!!!! :)