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A Whole Night's Sleep Without a Peep!

Author: Seventh Generation

Help us celebrate the launch of our NEW super-absorbent Free & Clear Overnight Diapers and our partnership with Dr. Seuss' The Lorax movie.

Tell us, in the style of Dr. Seuss, what a peaceful night would be like for you. We'll pick 50 randomly selected submissions to receive a free pack of Overnights in size 4, 5, or 6 (you choose the size, of course)!

Just remember to submit your "Seuss-style" poem in the comments section below no later than 2/10/2012.

The movie Dr. Seuss' The Lorax © 2012 Universal Studios. Based on The Lorax book and characters ™ & © 1971 Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P.  All Rights Reserved.


tvantol picture
Up the stair, down the stair. Oh, how a child can wear. Out of bed and up again. Please child we can't win. Your parents NEED sleep. Please don't make a peep. Tomorrow is a big new day. But without sleep we can't shout hooray! Momma finally lays her weary head. And look at you your out of bed! Go to sleep my little peep. For we all need some restful sleep.
eeb picture
Sleep my friend, sleep little one. Close your eyes. The day is done. What's that I hear on the monitor? A cough? A sneeze? Baby's awake, all atwitter? His end is wet. The sheet's a mess. Because the diaper's no good I confess. I need something more to keep his butt dry. Perhaps I will win some at least I'll try. If I am lucky I'll sleep so sound. Knowing my baby is dreamland bound.
Cshaferx6 picture
I am the mom, I speak for the washer, Stop wetting your bed if you please! We wake in the night, "my bed is wet!", Another load the washer must clean. I speak for the washer, It is so dreary, for these daily washings make it oh so weary!
alisonrebecca picture
Tick tock, It's 8 o'clock. Time for you to go to sleep. You've had all day To play And now it's time for you go to to sleep. Maybe I'll cook, Maybe I'll clean, but we'll never know until you go to sleep. Good night sweet boy I'll fill your crib with toys and you can play yourself to sleep.
cococomey picture
The chirping of crickets would be such a treat If only the little's would drift off to their sleep. But I contest they just refuse to conform Laughing & singing and wrecking their dorm. I wish to see moonlight with stars all aglow Bats flapping their wings and a dewdrop on my nose. Then off to my bed to sink far into my slumber Fluffy pillows, soft blankets & counting down the sheep's number. Everyone's quiet and there's no noise to be found I'm relaxing, settling in & wearing my mind way down. Thanks to those training pants no one is up to go pee Now all this rest & relaxation is really something to me.
h3ath3r2 picture
Mommy follow me These are the words I see I see them in my sleep I really wish I wouldn't hear a peep Not a peep in my sleep I see them in my sleep The letters spelled out with sheep Those sheep should help me rest At last, I detest those spelling sheep Mommy follow me I hear him say with glee Follow me to my room ” Not Daddy!” He shouts with gloom Back to sleep I see those sheep Those spelling sheep Oh sheep, please help me sleep Help me sleep by counting to three 1....2...3.... Zzzzzzz...Zzzzzzz Mommy, follow me!
lilbumpkin4 picture
No pee, no goop, No leaks, no poop! One night, 2 nights, Ten nights, whoop! Miss Mazz was laxed, Mommy Me was taxed, But for nights now on, Sleep will be maxed!
brenjuarez picture
"Agua, agua," the baby boy cries every night. Water brings mommy, but the little one won't drink. "Mana, mana" he cries next. Mama brings a banana and this time he eats. His hunger satisfied, now all can sleep.
jpowers13 picture
PJs, a story, a kiss, and a hug, but first a fresh diaper that fit nice and snug. Some were too itchy, some were too rough, but 7th generation had the right stuff. No latex, no chlorine, and less earthly onus. Plus, now no big blowouts? My! What a bonus! With 7th generation fitting just right, we could confidently say, "Good night and sleep tight".
adidget picture
Oh baby, dear baby Whatever are you doing? You used to sleep so nicely Now mommy's sleep you are ruining! You'd sleep and wake and be nice and dry Your diaper would last from 7 to 7 Not so much anymore, not at all Now, sleeping until 5:30am is like heaven We need a new diaper! We need one fast! Perhaps Seventh Generation is the way to go Mommy can't function getting up so early Please help us Seventh Generation! Please help us so!
DexterandAvasMom picture
It's 2am, not time to play. We can do that during the day. Mommy says its time to sleep, and she's about ready to weep. We cuddle and rock. We snuggle and talk. Mommies says to close your eyes. You think mommy's telling lies. So here it is, the middle of the night. We've done this much that I don't need a light. I can't move because you'll giggle. I can't speak because you'll wiggle. Goodnight sweetheart its time to rest. Mommy thinks you are the best. I love you sweat heart, good night my baby. Tomorrow I'll sleep... Please, maybe?
hubbalance picture
All night long I would sleep, When I would hear not a peep. Waking in the morning would not be alarming Fully rested would I be, And see a sweet baby boy smiling up at me. "You slept clear through the night!" I would exclaim. "Those Seventh Generation overnight diapers were a delight!" No more reason to complain. Well rested mommy, well rested baby, We will never use another brand of overnight diapers again, not even maybe!!
emily_katherine picture
A whole nights sleep without a peep? Mama would jump, she'd dance, she'd leap! A full nights sleep has not been mine, since the year two thousand and nine! A full nights rest would be the very best!
tcgirl11 picture
A peaceful night's sleep, Oh what a dream! But it can become a reality - And this we do mean! Seventh Generation Can keep a dry booty for your baby. We're certain - we've tried it. And we don't mean maybe. Try them out if you're looking for sleep And some rest Because Seventh Generation diapers Are truly the best.
candabar picture
There once was a very sleepy bear Who slept in his crib without a care Until that one night He woke with a fright To his diaper he grabbed with all his might Because it was not too dry but instead made him sigh And he thought "seventh generation" is what I most like!
Fritzsc4 picture
sleepy time for my littles Means hugs and tickles Then we say our prayers And hope for no nightmares Then its time to snuggle up Till the sun come up
happinessis picture
Sleepy head went to bed with new diapers on... No tears,no fears hoped his Mom, until the morning light. HIgh and low, we search and search...a diaper that keeps us dry... OH me oh my! OH me oH my...wouldn't that be nice! It's here and there its everywhere oh what a sight! We found Seventh Generation diapers that REALLY keep us dry at night! Turn right, Turn left and what do you see? A happy Mommy and Baby smiling endlessly! (Size 6) =) Thank you!
shouck01 picture
Oh what a wonderful night it would be, not to wake for feedings and pee. Eight hours of sleep, and nary a peep! What a wonderful night it would be!
RCMMom picture
No leaks at night? What a delight! No wet sheets? Now that would be neat! Jammies intact? Now that’s a fact! Dry little boy? Oh what a joy!
jlouise77 picture
Sleep without a Peep? Without a Peep? A Peep? Mommy would weep, She would cry in disbelief!
lnanthony picture
Oh my bed, my lovely bed How I miss this place for my head If I ran and fled To a place to lie as if I were dead I would love to spend a whole night in my bed! Size 4 please! :-)
royaltymom picture
I want to dream Instead you scream Because your diaper's wet. A full nights rest Would be the best. New diaper we will buy Because we have to try! Happy baby, all is right just because you slept all night!
Wonkyeye picture
Oliver Q. West, maker of the mess Never needed rest He'd climb and wiggle Bounce and giggle Jump and jiggle And his parents he did test One day, a fortuitous day, it seems His mother dreamed a dream That young Oliver would sleep A sleep so deep That she could creep And make a peep And Oliver ne'er would scream Her dream came true one day As Oliver hit the hay She smiled a smile Just for a while But soon exclaimed, "Oh nay!" "what about the leaks? When his sleep begins to peak- He'll wet the bed!" She smacked her head And thunk a thought of sheiks. Sheiks, you ask? Yes, sheiks of power and influence With resources and might to make her night A success with seventh generation's best Such a creation must exist!